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Everything You Need to Know about Marijuana — All in Apps

Here’s a neat thing you might like if you want to learn everything and anything about marijuana.  Go to the Google Play Store and type “marijuana” in the search bar. Surprise!  There are countless apps for marijuana available.  Just about anything you could ever need to know about cannabis can be found in a marijuana app.  Since there are so many, you’ll have to sort through them to get to the ones you want or need, but when you find them it’ll be like finding your stash.  To help you, here is a guide to the most popular apps for marijuana.  Be sure to have your best vaporizer with you, even your dry herb vaporizer if dry bud is your cup of tea.

Top 10 Marijuana Apps

If you’re constantly hopping from one state to another, also check out this help resource on where marijuana is legal in the US. It helps to be informed to avoid any conflict with the law.

Whether you are looking for information on medical marijuana, vaporizers (dry flower vaporizers or oil concentrates vaporizers), dispensaries, strains, games or the marijuana business, you can find everything you need to know.  And, these top five marijuana apps are the perfect place to start.  Check them out and explore the world of marijuana.

  • Leafly Marijuana Reviews

Leafly is the best know marijuana app on the market.  Here, you’ll find extensive information on all strains and dispensaries.

  • Hempire

Virtual reality meets the marijuana business.  Hempire is a game that explores the entire business of growing, selling, and buying cannabis.

  • Marijuana Doctors

Marijuana Doctors will help you find the perfect marijuana doctor in your location.  You can even make an appointment.

  • The National Marijuana News

If you want to stay up-to-date on the current marijuana news, The National Marijuana News app is just what you need.

  • Marijuana Cooking Calculator

If you love to cook, you’ll love cooking marijuana while using the Marijuana Cooking Calculator.  The app is specifically used to help you measure how much marijuana you need in recipes.

Types of Marijuana Apps


With medical marijuana coming into the forefront, medical marijuana apps are rising up to be a medical necessity.  You can look up things like marijuana doctors, which strains work for which ailments, and medical marijuana laws.  There’s so much to learn that the apps are a convenient way of finding out exactly how to get your license and, most importantly, feel better.  One of the most popular apps for medical marijuana is Marijuana Doctors.  Check out this important app for finding a marijuana doctor, and even making an appointment, in your legal medical marijuana state.

Marijuana Doctors
Marijuana Doctors


Marijuana vaporizers are another necessity for consuming cannabis.  You need the means to ingest cannabis and vaporizers like the Pax 3 are the thing of the present.  One popular marijuana vaporizer app is Virtual Vaporizer.  This marijuana app is a simulation of vaping marijuana so you can learn how to do it.  It’s the perfect app for marijuana beginners.


The most popular app for marijuana, which everyone is using these days, is Leafly.  Holding the top spot in the Google Play Store, Leafly helps you find dispensaries in your legal state by offering credible reviews.  You just can’t do without this marijuana app if you’re smoking or vaping.


Just like with dispensaries, Leafly offers extensive information on all marijuana strains.  You can look up how the strains are made, what the health benefits are, where you can find them, and more.  Check out leafly for all you need to know about marijuana strains.


If you looking for fun with marijuana, smoking and vaping is not your only answer.  Check out Hempire, a virtual reality game specifically about growing and selling cannabis.  When you start, the game takes you through the entire process of growing and selling marijuana with arrows for you to follow.  Then, you’re on your own.  Fun and exciting, this marijuana app is perfect for gamers.

Hempire - Plant Growing Game
Hempire - Plant Growing Game


When vaping marijuana, it’s hard to remember that marijuana is a growing business.  Marijuana Stocks offers all that you need to know about the marijuana industry.  Learn about the best marijuana stocks to buy, marijuana political news, trends, and articles within the cannabis industry, and more.  Marijuana Stocks is your go-to app if you’re considering going into the marijuana business.

Countless apps for marijuana in the Google Play Store are available for you to learn all you need to know about the herb.


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