Transforming Video Industry

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Transforming Video Industry

With the advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence has evolved drastically as an essential technology from a simple academic concept. Phrases like unique viability, extreme progress, and unmatched success can be crafted on Artificial Intelligence.

AI is growing at a significantly higher rate for business across various industrial sectors. And, it has played an essential role in bringing more effective solutions & innovations to the video industry. 

This article will outline the role of AI in revolutionizing the video industry. But, before that, let’s get a brief idea about:

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool used to describe technology. It closely imitates cognitive processes such as learning, understanding, reasoning, and problem-solving. AI can process a limitless amount of data in quick time that is next to impossible for humans.

Artificial Intelligence has brought vast transformation across multiple industries worldwide, including the video industry. Now, we will explore:

How is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Video Industry?

Artificial intelligence has become an influential tool in recognizing individual content, optimizing video playback, aligning advertisements, generating autonomous clips, and content based on viewer interests.

Primarily, there are three ways in which AI is bringing in a change in the video industry. These are:

  1. Content Analysis: With AI, companies can analyze a video’s content to determine its topic and sentiment. It can also identify crucial elements such as the shooting location of a video, people featured in the video, objects that are shown, and any speech or text.
  2. Automatic Editing: Before using AI in the media industry, people had to use Online Video Trimmer or some video editing software for editing videos. But now, AI has lessened the burden of manual editing by automatically creating a summary and identifying the most essential parts of a video. Thus, saving time & money for the company’s businesses.
  3. Personalized Recommendations: AI also helps create customized recommendations for viewers by analyzing their viewing habits. Thus, ensuring more engagement & increased viewership.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming the Video Industry

Now, we will discuss some essential role of AI in revolutionizing the video industry. These important points are continuously helping businesses create better content, save time and money.

  • Video Editing

Editing video using online video editor  is crucial as it helps gain the viewer’s attention & prepares them to focus on important parts of the video. Editing of videos also ensures creating a video summary of your content, selecting the best photos, & creating albums from a set of images.

  • Video Summarizing

Another effective way to save time is by summarizing videos. And AI does the job pretty well. It efficiently helps in summarizing the videos for the viewers & also prepares the videos in such a way that it identifies the crucial sections of the video. By doing this, it saves time for the viewers as they will be interested to see the important segments of a video, thus improving viewership.

Video summarizing also saves the viewers’ time as it gives them a quick idea of the video and then decides whether or not to watch the entire video.

Several companies have adopted this AI technique because they think creating video summaries will increase viewership.

  • Video Curation

AI helps curate videos for the viewers by providing them with personalized recommendations. This AI technology of video curation plays a vital role in identifying and analyzing the viewers’ viewing habits.

By doing this, AI prepares a set of video recommendations of the viewer’s interest. Some specific features of many companies, such as ‘Top Picks For You,’ use this AI video curation technology and collect user data to get an idea about what viewers have watched and then recommend similar or related content to them.

  • Visual Recognition

An important functional area of AI is object recognition. It is basically concerned with AI implementations to identify objects from videos and recognize various things and entities such as people, places, things visible in one’s natural environment. Thus, visual recognition aims to detect and analyze everything and concludes such analysis.

With visual recognition, AI deals with the interpretation & identification of images through computer vision. Using this AI technology, companies tend to identify people in video & also determine context clues like what type of event is taking place.

  • Video Content Creation

AI plays an essential role in creating video content. Machine learning like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer vision are a crucial part of AI in content creation. With computer vision, AI identifies the objects & scenes in a video and then uses this information to produce metadata. This way, it helps enhance the searchability of videos and makes them easier to understand.

Also, NLP is used while making videos to add closed captions from the spoken words to make them more accessible to the viewers.

Future Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in the Video Industry

The videos contain plenty of rich data that compel AI-generated insights to be more valuable than other types of content. Also, AI produces metadata from videos that improve searchability and viewer engagement. 

Moreover, Al’s machine learning techniques are constantly thriving on providing personalized recommendations, summarizing videos, and creating customized thumbnails.

Thus, the impact that AI is creating on companies is exceptional. So, it is clearly visible that companies will continue to stick to AI for growing their businesses.


Therefore, Artificial intelligence will keep showing its impact in the video production industry with its intensifying technology, advancing rapidly.

In a nutshell, to conclude this article, AI has the capability to revolutionize the video industry by helping multiple companies’ businesses create better content, improve viewer engagement, and save money and time. These factors make AI a major technological asset for growing the popularity of video services.

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