How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-Demand House Cleaning App?

The main aim of an application is to identify the problem and provide a working solution.

House-cleaning apps are the emerging buzz in the market, with a significant CAGR of 5.3% from 2022-2028.

Are you a business looking to solve your users’ problems through a house-cleaning app? But, you are uncertain about the cost you have to incur.

We have highlighted the major stages in this blog that will clarify your doubts about the cost and guide you through the process of development.

The prime purpose of this comprehensive blog is to take the users through all the stages of the development process of an application.

We’ve divided the app creation into 6 essential stages, from discovery to deployment and customer support of your on-demand app development. Based on the features under the development stage, the cost of an app may vary.

This blog highlights the total cost of developing an on-demand house-cleaning app.

1.  Discovery

The first and foremost thing to do before creating an application is to discover what type of application you want. This step requires brainstorming by experts to collect information about your project’s vision, scope, and goal. It is one of the essential phases of your project’s success in the market.

In this step, the developers work on your raw on-demand app development idea and look out for the best possible availability to furnish your project. They rely on working per your business’s goal and trying to come up with the best possible solution. This step no doubt requires time to know more about your rivals, measure the purposes of your project and be fully aware of the necessities of your project.

1)   Prototype

After brainstorming a lot on the idea, the next stage is to make a prototype for your project.

In this stage, experts focus on creating an interactive mockup for your project. This works like you can visualize your project.

Experts have to do in-depth research on the prototype for your project by keeping designs that match your requirements. They have to focus on offering bug-free prototype development results, leveraging the power of advanced tools to create a fully functional prototype. This requires a lot of expertise and is considered the necessary stage after the discovery of an idea.

2.  Designing

Experts work on the design of a product by keeping in mind the current market scenario, defining the pain points of your users, and giving them the proper solution.

In simple terms, they work on an application’s user interface and user experience to prepare a final blueprint. Try to initiate with a simple and easy-to-go design of your app because a complex design can be tough for your users to understand about the app. A simple design could help you to also integrate the advanced functionalities in your app without making it complicated. This not only saves time but also is pocked friendly approach.

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3.  Development

The development stage of an application consists of essential components, such as what will be the technology stack used by the developers and its features, both simple and advanced.

1)   Technology Stack

With the forthcoming new technologies in the market, the technological stack has also transformed. This has led the market to be more competitive than ever before.

From designing an interactive user interface to a robust backend of an application, the technical proficiency of the developers is a must to consider factor.

It depends on the type of application you want for your users and also on other factors like the goal of an application, functionality, and compatibility.

It also depends on the choice of technology (such as using Java, Kotlin, and other programming languages), security, etc.

2)   User Panel Normal Features

The features are the building blocks of an application. Let’s explore some essential features of an application:

(a)  User Sign-up and Login

Sign-up and login is the first screen a user sees on an app. It is the user’s doorway to entering an application. This is the initial move of your application to grab the user’s attention and ease the process of their login or signup in an application via different available options such as Gmail, social media, mobile number, etc.

The cost you’ll incur in creating a login interface is between $500 and $1000.

(b)  Service Panel

This is a dedicated tab in your menu where all your services lie. This is an essential tab as your users will get to know more about the types of services you are providing to them.

The cost to create and set up the service panel ranging in between $1000 to $1500.

(c)  Search

There may be a variety of data stored in your mobile app based on its diverse categories. Users can search for various services and select the one that suits their requirements.

It might cost you around $450 to $600 to deploy this feature in your app.

(d)  Booking

Booking is one essential feature that you should add to your on-demand house-cleaning app. With the help of this feature, users can easily avail of the services and book a service provider for their respective work, and the company can see the booking status by “n” number of users. This will become helpful in amalgamating all the essential details about the services and the mode of payment.

To add this feature to your app, you have to incur somewhere around $1200 to $1800.

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(e)  Payment

After booking, users have to pay for the services they are availing of from the application. So, adding a payment option in the application becomes foremost essential. You can add multiple centralized payment modes such as internet banking, COD, etc.

This feature may cost you around $1100 to $1600 to deploy in your app.

3)   User Panel Advanced Features

Advanced features can help an app stand apart from others in the competition. Users generally show interest in applications with advanced features.

(a)  Subscription Packages

Users can include more services in their packages without giving an extra amount to avail of more than just one service. This means that they can avail of more than just one service for a certain amount.

This feature may cost you somewhere between $850 to $1400.

(b)  QR code

This feature offers the contactless and cashless approach of payment to the users via scanning a QR code. This is one of the trending features, as the users can make payments just by scanning a code.

If you deploy this feature in your application, this might cost you around $1000 to $1500.

(c)  Payments via blockchain

Blockchain is a new buzzword in this current era, and there are various applications in the market with this feature. Nowadays, most users insist on blockchain payments because they are fast, secure, and possess a certain amount of blockchain fees which is very low.

To deploy this advanced feature in your app, you might have to pay around $2500 to $3500.

(d)  GPS tracking

On-demand house cleaning apps can also use the GPS tracking feature to track the order’s booking status. Utilization of Google Maps can be a good initiative in this process.

The cost this feature carries must fall somewhere around $800 to $1200.

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(e)  Advanced Search

Users can search for the results by applying multiple filters in the search option. This is entirely different from the normal search option.

The work of the normal search option is to fetch the data per the keywords and deliver the output, but in advanced search, you can add multiple filters such as city, level of experience, and so on.

This feature can bring multiple things at once, and you have to incur costs between $1250 to $1600.

4.  Testing

Developers focus on mandatory testing of an application as this is one of the essential stages of development; the app developers come to know if there is any problem left in the programming of an app. So that they can resolve the queries in your on-demand application and make it ready for deployment.

5.  Deployment

This is the final phase, or you can say that this is the completion stage of your application’s development life cycle, where the company that is engaged in your on-demand mobile app development will deliver the furnished output to its user.

6.  Support and Maintenance

A good company majorly focuses on its backend support for its users. Tries to clear the arising doubts and help them in the ongoing process with an application.

As time rolls on, it becomes essential for a company to work with the market’s pace. Not just the support of an application but also the time-to-time updates in an app ensures good maintenance of an application.

The table below will highlight the cost of an on-demand app development according to the different stages of the development of an on-demand house cleaning app.

Stages of app development Cost to incur
Discover and Prototype $5000-$7000
Design $5000 – $13000
Development $30000 – $90000
Testing $10000 – $250000
Deployment $10000 -$40000
Support and Maintenance $5000 – $15000

This is an estimated cost of all the essential stages in app development. 

The total cost of an on-demand house-cleaning app

The on-demand development of a house cleaning app usually takes 3 to 6 months, depending on the type of application you want. The cost of an application depends on the locality of an app development service provider and its features. You will have to make more investments depending upon the complexities and the advanced functions of an application, or you have to invest a minimum if you want the basic functions in your app.

Based on the location of the developers, you have to invest a certain amount; the table below will clarify.


Region Charges
USA $50-$200/ hour
India $15 – $90/ hour
Europe $50 – $120/hour
Australia $90 – $180/ hour

(Note: The table is just an assumption of the cost)

An application’s development majorly relies on the locality of a developer and its features. Still, the necessary stages of the development must be focused on, i.e., from discovery to support and maintenance.

Keeping all that in mind, the estimated cost of an app might be somewhere between $18000 to $250000.


To make their house neat and clean, people look out for a house cleaning app that can offer them the services they want. The on-demand house cleaning app is undoubtedly an opportunity for users to help them clean their houses and for companies to grow their income and user base.

Finding an ideal app development service provider in a competitive market can be challenging, but effective market research would help you find the right company.


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