How Blockchain and IoT Development Can Secure Our Data?


IoT is all about smart devices that are tailored towards making life easy and comfortable for one and all. It involves the interconnection of several devices that are self-managed and the rapid explosion in the number of these devices has brought about some challenges. The internet is wide and there are concerns about the safety of the data that are there because of the increasing acts of the online rogues whose business is to reap unscrupulous advantage out of these. 

The whole idea of Blockchain has to do with the solutions to getting a Secure IoT Development Services that will give real-time protection to the data that is on the webspace. Blockchains are distributed archives where information is stored. The potential solutions to this mirage of problems are delivered through the perfect combination of Blockchain with IoT. 

Preventing Malicious Attempts

The big issue that many captains of industry have on their hands is how to prevent people from getting unauthorized access to their data online. There is increasing worry over the malicious attack online on data. While companies are exploiting the benefits derivable from IoT, the data is been exposed to attacks by the hawks that are online, the fear of data been breached is the beginning of wisdom for the majority of the entrepreneurs.

This is where the beauty in the combination of IoT and Blockchain comes in. Blockchain is not all about concurrency alone (they launched and are managing the platform); they are into the act of providing the cover that data needs against the hackers online. The most potent force today to protect personal data online is Blockchain; their mobile app is enough to assist IoT in protecting confidential data & information.


One of the main issues of IoT is the decentralization of the data and it is in this regard that Blockchain has come in real handy to say the least. The process of streaming any request that requires simultaneous function has been an issue for concern in IoT but this is no longer the case with the app of Blockchain.

When system failure or system crash occurs, there will be loss of valuable data; this is one big challenge that will no longer be the case because it will be technically prevented in the first place with the involvement of blockchain. Crucial data will, therefore, be saved in the wake of this.

Illustration of smart devices network

The Interface

The majority of the issues that lead to loss of valuable data is due to human error. This will be the case where there is a missing link between the user and the software. The Blockchain technology is seen to come to the party with a better user interface that makes each user to naturally flow with the system.

The involvement of a blockchain-IoT based partnership has raised the bars of putting in place a better human-centric interface. This perfect interface will help in reducing the main issues because there is in place a perfect understanding that makes the handling of the system easy.

It makes it Impregnable

The Blockchain is seen to have exploited to maximum benefits the technology that is being used in giving adequate cover to registered members on its cryptocurrency platform. The online hackers are increasingly getting advanced in their dubious acts of getting access into the data online and they are making away with millions of legitimate earnings of people; but with the coming on board of IoT-Blockchain partnership, an impregnable system has been put in place.

The centralized distribution of IoT has several defects which are now corrected by the decentralized app of Blockchain. When the hacker targets a block with limited information coupled with tight security in place, it will take a hell of a time for any hacker to gain access into such.

Hacking attempts will be resisted through the technology of identifying the device that takes part in violating the Blockchain process and thereby blocking such from the system. When such is noticed and dealt with, more pre-emptive measures can be taken.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of the involvement of Blockchain in partnership with IoT

  • When we take a look at the cryptographic algorithms and based on the facts gotten through it, it can be seen that this app has brought in more security for private data. You can be assured and go to sleep with both eyes closed on issues that have to do with your private data.
  • A single junction of failure is an issue with the IoT system but this has been taken out of the worries with the decentralized approach that is now in place. 
  • You are going to get a record of all the IoT devices at any point in time because such records will be kept by the system. When we talk about data, we all know the importance of it in any organization, the storage, and retrieval of such when required is a beauty to any system; it will make coordination easy. 
  • IoT devices lack the needed robust interface that will make it integrate into the ecosystem and other applications which will deliver smooth operation. Blockchain can confer this on IoT and it will lead to a robust delivery.
  • When it comes to online transactions, the operation will be taken to an incredible automation level without any risks to the data that is involved in the mix. What businesses will get from the system is an excellent peer to peer decentralized delivery.
  • IoT on its own lacks the administrator that will effectively manage the network of servers, apps, devices, and software. Centralized operations come with a lot of risks to valuable data. The administration is part of what Blockchain brings to bear on the IoT system. 
  • Another great contribution of Blockchain in the partnership with IoT is the prevention of the physical theft of smart devices. Once the device is registered on the blockchain, the theft of it will be immediately reported in case of that.

The security of data online is a serious concern because of the porous nature of the web page. Online hackers are getting increasingly smarter in their antics as they make away with millions through hacking into the data of people. What we see of the delivery of Blockchain brings some cheerful news and it is the solution that the world needs to have perfect security over the data that is online. IoT-Blockchain partnership might well be the ultimate solution in securing data online.

Jayaram Bhat


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