Top-Rated Watches for iPhone, Android

Best smartwatch 2018: Top-Rated Watches for iPhone, Android

It seems quite natural that computers are getting smaller day by day. From desk to lap to pocket to wrist. Yes, we are going into that territory today. Smartwatches have been around for quite some time now and though their initial performance wasn’t impressive they have been upgraded considerably.

They are much more capable than merely showing notifications. The following will prove it. Their capabilities in various fields of your daily use will be showcased. For Android and Apple alike. TIZEN apps should have been mentioned too.

Acknowledged. But it is a whole different story worthy of its own separate post.


Yes, it does sound fishy when someone claims to make good games for a screen that small but that is where creativity comes into action.

PAPERCRAFT is one such pioneer.

It is open source and dedicated for your smartwatch. It is what Galega should be like in the 21st century. Make your own high score and compete with the world.

Blast out those paper monsters.

  • Next, there is 2048. it makes sense.
  • Remember that infinite loop game that busts the stress out of you? Yeah, that is now on your smartwatch too. Name of this game is Infinity Loop.

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  • If you don’t already know then FYI, POKEMON GO is available on the Apple watch for quite some time.
  • Text-based RPGs are a great choice for these devices. Doesn’t blow up your battery. LIFELINE series by 3-minute-games on wear OS and apple watch is taking the market by storm.

It is a fully narrative based game series in which you are given transmissions from someone in trouble and your goal is to make the right decisions so that you get to the end of the story without killing the NPCs. Download Link: Android | Apple

Price: $1.99


  • The smartwatch version for GOOGLE MAPS is quite neat. It works independently of your phone if your watch has an inbuilt GPS (it most probably does) and navigates you to your destination without any hassle.

The CITYMAPPER app is available too if it is your first choice. Both apps are available on both platforms. Download Link: Apple | Android

  • TRIPIT and APP IN THE AIR have the same story. Everyone loves them.

They are available for your smartwatch for both platforms and work the best part is that now they can sync to one another. So you are all sorted with your ticket and reminders for travel. Download Link: Android | Apple

‎TripIt: Travel Planner
‎TripIt: Travel Planner
Developer: TripIt
Price: Free+
  • New to the place? Don’t know what nice nearby you? TRIP ADVISOR got you covered. It got your back and now your wrist too. Its smartwatch version feature all the and only the essential details listed in an easy format.

The list starts from places near to you. It’s designed to get you the relevant info on-the-go. Download Link: Android

CIRCA the meeting planner and time manager tells you what time is it where you are and of other places where you will be going for a meeting or maybe just for a skype call. Features like

↻ Circa - World Time and Meeting Planner for Travelers

  • Visually comparing time across multiple locations.
  • Receiving notifications when they become available.
  • Quickly see working hour overlaps.
  • Personal, organize in your own way.
  • Creating one-touch meeting invitations are just what one needs to keep their team in sync and thus functional. Also available on both platforms.
  • Download Link: Android | Apple
  • I was blown away by knowing that UBER has its independent apps for the smartwatches. This alone could be the selling point for smartwatches. Obviously on both platforms. Download Link: Android | Apple


One thing that these watches can be better at than our phones is listing, telling us our notes.

GOOGLE KEEP, EVERNOTE etc. were already aware of this and have their versions optimized for you smartwatch. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

The fun part is that there are new players too. FANTASTICAL 2 is a calendar cum listing app that made sure its notifications get to the user but making them so easy to access. Download Link: Apple

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