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CONTUS MirrorFly – Developer-friendly chat API & SDK integration suite

Idea behind the app: 

An all-in-one conversational API & SDK suite crafted exclusively for app developers to help build and govern future-proof in-app implementations.

Backed up by the deep-rooted conviction to enable next-level developer-friendly experiences, the app upholds flexible chat, voice and video interactions via bullet-proof integrations for an exceptional chat and calling experience on all fronts i.e Android, web and iOS.

With over 150+ core and nice-to-have features up its sleeve engineered upon a rigid messaging infrastructure, the app cashes into its cloud-hosting setup in view of easing adoption, convenience, and accentuated user experience across niches.

Building in-app communication made easy! 


Category: Software development

Platforms: Android, web, iOS

Tech stacks: React, Swift, Java, and Kotlin

Features supported: 150+

Hosting: Cloud-hosted

Concurrent users: 1M+

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  • Core value proposition(chat, voice, and video)

Irrespective of the spread and magnitude of apps, the solution bolsters seamless integration of its fundamentals – chat, voice and video offerings..

Besides the instant messaging and calling features (direct and  group included), the app also augments chat moderation, call recording, push notification, multimedia transfer, video mirroring, and much more for empowering native messaging incidences throughout.

  • Seamless user experience

The app accentuates the user experience quotient via simplistic design and an easy-to-use interface to deliver utmost value at each of the user touch points within the app.

Simply put, developers can download the app and get going with this straightforward interface for a seamless user experience.

  • Agile and responsive

Driven by fully-extensible messaging aids, the app is quite scalable to retrofit imminent demands on the lines of feature enrichment, security upgrade, database migration, etc. with ease.

Furthermore, the app fairs well on the responsiveness factor – it fits each device(web or mobile) like a glove and offers a befitting conversational experience for users nevertheless.

  • Platform agnostic

The application’s APIs & SDKs are well architected using varied tech stacks to aid cross-platform support and compatibility for orchestrating the best native communication experiences across platforms.

  • Ironclad security

Bound by rigid messaging infrastructure and security norms like encryption, network security, and token authentication, etc., the suite fortifies every in-app user conversation to ensure the highest level of confidentiality at all means.

  • HIPAA and GDPR compatible

Taking into account the growing data compliance and privacy needs, MirrorFly’s app now supports HIPAA and GDPR compatible in-app deployments, alleviating the compliance burdens of modern software teams.

  • Cutting-edge cloud infrastructure

In line with the vastly-popular hosting technology, the solution’s API & SDK setup comes readily available with a cloud-hosted infrastructure, which when paired with the right deployment composites, enables an exemplary conversational outlook for one’s brand and identity. 


  • Expedites in-app communication deployments
  • Reliable conversations fueled by robust infrastructure
  • Easy-to-integrate, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy chat APIs & SDKs
  • Rapidly creates a safe and on-topic messaging space via moderation 

Our Verdict: 

CONTUS MirrorFly is an enterprise-grade communication suite that embeds core in-app messaging capabilities within apps effortlessly.

Fuelled by multifaceted APIs & SDKs, the app rides high on its low-code conversational expertise and efficacy to spearhead developer-friendly implementations in a much leaner, faster, secure, and agile manner.

In the end, no matter the niche, the app is definitely a developer’s companion in building immersive and innovative chat experiences onto apps at one’s own pace and convenience.

Tanish Patel

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