15 Tips and Tricks for Android App Developers

If you plan to build your career as an Android app developer, a few are the important things you must always keep in your mind if you plan to upturn your probability of success. It doesn’t matter if you want to make your project for a well-recognized company, there are a few essential phases that you should be aware of while developing an android app.

Know the latest trends

This is essential because that is how you will come to know what your users are expecting nowadays in the features of an app in use. As technology is progressing, you need to plan all your available options and should be sentient of the latest winning ideas for mobile app development.

Never underestimate design

Branagan stated “The app must influence users right at the moment they see it first on Google Play”. About 2.2 billion apps are placed in Google Play, just to be obvious for what you can strive a maleficent determination to construct a project or a product, the more visually appealing and eye-catching and Google delivers you the guidelines about how to create good design ideologies.

Participate in communities

Whatsoever possible doubt you can have at the time of development of your mobile app, you should be dead sure that someone has an answer for it. Palomar stated in his recent article, “Communities are impeccable places to learn about their common benefits. You can even find a good job opportunity or a business partner to start your very own project.”

Listen to your users

Listening to your users is the best way to earn their trust and loyalty, it can even make their base grow. Every time you will pay attention to what they say regarding your app, you can avail yourself the opportunity to create some adjustments and give them a much better product. Always remember that consumers appreciate being heard.

Believe in your idea

As an independent and brilliant developer, your idea could be completely ground-breaking, even the simplest one with some added value. After you are done with research, determine the out-of-the-box features your app is offering and give a thought about what are you willing to invest. Do not vacillate on the way to your success.   

Be your critic

Always have confidence in yourself but be the first one to critique your work too. As an Android developer, you should have such questions that why anyone will install your app. Pinpointing a niche will always be a good step toward that goal.

Build a portfolio

If you are working as a freelance or are willing to find a better job opportunity, it is important to have and create samples of your work and projects, particularly if you are a fresh Android developer. The prominence of constructing an influential portfolio is undisputable, as this is how you the practice and demonstrate all the things you have done so far.

Test easy solutions

Branagan has often reminded us of some cases of Flappy Bird and Instagram, as these are the perfect examples of app concepts that instead of all the odds found success. The lesson here could be to incorporate easy solutions and see how consumers are reacting to it keeping the features that have an affirmative response.

Understand the Android Market

Famous Android app development New Jersey-based company stated in their blog that as an Android developer you should have an idea that how the users normally behave. It is correct that Android has more users than any other Operating System (OS) in the IT world. However, they do not remunerate as many iOS users are remunerating, that is the reason they are much more likely to download apps that will have a freemium model and the top returns come more often from games.

Study your competition

If you want to obtain revenues for your app idea, you should know about apps that have already been released to the market. Learn from them: their unique features or business model. This could help you put a price on your app or think about the aspects you should work on.    

Continuous Testing

Take it as a general rule for your life that you should never launch your app without having it prior tested. Numerous tests for each segment in your development process are essential to make tweaks and changes, fix as many possible crashes, and improve UX and UI.

Never give up so easily

In many successful processes of application development, none of the cases have happened overnight. You should always learn from your faults and mistakes, and get some response or even try to attempt new things to resolve them. You always have room in learning a lesson from unsuccessful apps.

Find your passion

What is worth remembering is that it is always easy to work on a product if you have a strong belief in it. The time you have acknowledged a problem with a proper and easy solution, you must convince yourself that you can make it.

Think Big

You must give appropriate thought that your app is going to be downloaded by millions of users. Scalability is essential for the technical details but is also important for mindset reasons as well. Except you aim for a small group of mobile users and you are also conscious of what it is worth for your business, you need to think huge to have a strong belief in your success.

Build the best career out of all

MicroMasters program, the Expert Android Developer makes you ready to take the Associate Google Android Developer Certification exam. If you are willing to proceed as a professional, you should consider the better recognition that is coming from the business or company which created the product you wanted to use.

Attaining success as a fresh Android App developer is not that easy, but is also not impossible as well. With all the present success stories that are available out there, what lets you think that you just cannot be like one of them? All such guidelines and recommendations are useful to become a successful Android Developer.

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