What Are the Effects of 5G on Mobile App Development in 2020?

Millions of MB data getting transmitted in just a blink of an eye! Sounds impressive, right? With the introduction of 5G network, this is now possible. 

As per the study report by GSMA, by 2025, approximately 1.4 billion devices will run on this high-speed 5G network. Another report by IHS Economics shows that by 2035, the 5G network is expected to contribute almost $12.3 trillion of global economic output. 

An app development company can gain a clear insight into the bright future  the Fifth Generation wireless cellular network has from these stats.

5G is not just a modified version of its predecessor 4G. It is a whole new network architecture. This is why its impact is going to be more than just changing the landscape of wireless communication. It is going to leave a deeper impact on the app development as well. But how? Well, that is what you will find in this blog. 

Why is 5G Getting This Much Attention? 

The killer speed offered by 5G is the main reason why it is gaining this much importance in the market. The applications that you now download in a minute, will take only seconds to be downloaded. 

Recent market research reports indicate that by 2020, cellular networks and Wi-Fi will satisfy only 81% of the mobile and content traffic demands. So, to deal with the consequences, companies like Samsung, Ericsson, Vodafone, Cisco, Nokia, and other mobile companies are working hard for 5G development.

Now, speed is not the only benefit brought by 5G. It has to offer more.

Trusted Wireless Interactivity

The present-day wireless technology development revolves around such practices where the developers have to deal with the slow nature! Of course, LTE and 4G are fast but still, they are not above the setbacks. Even in many cases, you will witness recommendations like download only on the availability of Wi-Fi connection. 

With 5G coming into the scene, this will no longer be an issue. 

Zero Latency

Suppose that you are using a mobile app and it is taking ages to respond to just one action. Feeling frustrated in this situation is quite obvious. 

Latency is one of the most common issues in the economy of mobile app development in NYC these days. With 5G being present in the scene, latency will no longer be an issue. Especially, for the AR/VR enabled mobile applications, this network will be like a blessing. 

Enhanced Use Experience

Another perk of using the 5G network is clarity. Suppose you have a 2G connection and you are trying to watch a video or listen to some music. The experience you will have with a 2G connection is never the same with an LTE network. The latter will obviously give you a better experience. Similarly, with 5G, everything will be advanced. 

While using or streaming an app on the 5G network will automatically enhance the user experience as the app’s UI will get elevated to some large extent. 

Well, other than all these, 5G will provide with

  • Greater connectivity experience
  • Advanced cloud technology support
  • Ambient computing, and more.

Industry Verticals to Benefit Most by 5G 

Every mobile app development company in New York will agree to this point that the introduction of 5G will bring revolution to diverse industry verticals. It will change the way different industries think about app development. Here is a list of some industries that are expected to get the most benefits offered by 5G networks. 

Manufacturing Industry

Today, almost half of the processes in the flex manufacturing industry is fully automated. Automated processes ensure higher productivity along with top-notch accuracy. Now, with 5G, all these automated processes will become faster! 

Healthcare Industry

To ensure better patient care at reduced cost, the medicine and healthcare industries are embracing advanced technologies. Also, adopting the latest technologies in healthcare makes sure to give improved control over assets, relieve the pressure on the hospital resources along with a lot of other things. With 5G, people can access all the services faster. 

AR/VR Industry

AR/VR is one of the hottest topics in today’s market. However, it is still not have been adopted widely across the globe. It is expected that with 5G being widely available, the AR/VR technology services can finally go mainstream. 

Smart Cities

Smart homes and smart cities are no more fiction. With 5G, it is possible now. Millions of sensors can work together in real-time in the 5G network with zero latency. 

Thus, 5G is going to leave a deeper impact on industry-specific app development. And this is why any mobile app development company in NJ should pay the utmost attention to understand this network architecture on a priority basis. By leveraging its full power, businesses can take their app development standards further. 

Olivia Taylor

A techno-geek, Olivia started working as a writer back in early 2000's and then has worked in various editorial capacities at a number of national technology publications. Currently a professional business and technology writer, she is also passionate about green issues. She has a unique perspective on environment, having actively engaged in nationwide campaigns and a number of research projects. She always has her finger on the pulse as far as tech innovations are concerned.


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