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A) Sponsored Articles

For authors who wish to submit original or previously published articles. Sponsored Articles are sold at a cost of $20 USD per article (a refund will be provided if the article not accepted). Sponsored Articles are given priority and receive the following benefits:

  1. Sponsored articles are posted to the Recent Articles section on the homepage for 3-4 days then are added to the SPN article archive.
  2. Posted to our Facebook Page and Twitter account.
  3. Up to 2 do-follow links in both the article body and author bio.

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  • A – 728 x 90 / 970 x 90 / 970 x 60; Homepage, Archive, Category, Tag and Search Pages
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  • C – 300 x 250; Sitewide Ad Banner
  • D – Sponsored post
  • E – 125 x 125 ad; Sitewide
  • F – 728 x 90 / 970 x 90 / 970 x 60; Sitewide
  • G – 468 x 60; Article Pages
  • H – 300 x 250 / 336 x 280; Article Pages
  • E – App Spotlight Interview  – – Paid Services
  • F – CEO interview and MD Interview – Paid Services

If you are interested in buying banner ads on Appstory then please fill out the form below or contact us at appstoryhouse at gmail dot com. We will reply within 24 hours.

Note: We do not sell advertising space through third-parties or advertising agencies except Google Adsense. If someone is trying to sell Appstory banner ads to you, it’s a SCAM. We take no responsibility for such actions.

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