Top Best Social and messaging for iPhone and iPad apps of 2017

Top Best Social and messaging for iPhone and iPad apps of 2017

MoodCast Diary is an app that tracks your mood by allowing you to input diary entries throughout the day. Once it collects enough data on your day-to-day emotions, it can offer advice as to trends in your happiness or unhappiness. The ‘intelligent mood prediction’ might make it a bit easier to combat the bad-weather blues. Android, Free with in-app purchases.


Bumble has been lauded as the female-friendly version of Tinder, mainly due to the reason that once two people swipe right on the app, a conversation can’t begin unless the woman says something first. It’s been out on iPhone for a while but has recently been released on Android. If you’re looking for love in the run up to Valentines Day, this might be the app for you. iOS, Android, Free with in-app purchases.


In an age where we like to show affection through emoji and likes, sometimes a little contact is needed. Spoonr helps its network find nearby strangers to cuddle, no strings attached. [iOS, Android, free]


This app removes the legwork from dating. Swipe to find potential partners, then Whim will pick a night and suggest locations based on both daters’ calendars and preferences. [iOS, free]


Reply to email and IM without leaving the app you’re in using this handy floating bubble messaging system. It is compatible with 21 popular apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger. [Android, free]

Mood Chat

For when emojis just don’t cut it, artist Tom Galle has created an app to help you express yourself through cheesy background music. His audio keyboard lets you select from dozens of ditties to add emphasis to your chats. [iOS, free.]

Followers are the currency of social networks – but what if a stranger actually followed you around? This app grants you a real-life follower for the day, who watches you from afar. Successful applicants 
will be notified the morning they’re about to be stalked. [iOS, free]

“The Tinder of…” has become a well-worn phrase in tech circles, but Hey! VINA can lay claim to being the Tinder of female friendship. Peripatetic women swipe through potential friends’ profiles to find their perfect companion from people matched on similar personalities and hobbies. [iOS, free]


It’s hard to keep track of every new social-media app out there, but Peach is worth watching. The app, from Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann, features “magic words” that help you GIFs and images and share the music you’re listening to. Its news feed reads like a stream of teen consciousness. [iOS, free]


Messaging app Traces bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds by allowing you to leave digital surprises in real-world locations. Instead of sending a picture to a friend, you send it to a physical place, and the recipient then has to visit that location with their phone to collect it. [iOS, free]


There are lots of matchmaking tools for humans; now it’s dogs’ turn. Tindog lets you find other dogs (and their owners) around you, giving you and your canine the opportunity to make friends. Once you’ve matched with another owner you can chat and share photos with one another. [iOS, Android, free]


Bristlr’s tagline is “connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards”. Although it shies away from calling itself a dating app, Bristlr brings hipsters together to mutually appreciate facial fuzz. [iOS, Android, free]


When words aren’t enough to tell friends or family how you feel, there is now an app. Givvit lets you send goodies such as snacks or cinema tickets via Givvit’s “Treat Partners” to anyone capable of redeeming an on-screen gift voucher. [Android, iOS, free]


A simple way to aggregate all your friends’ social-network updates into one app. Starlike breaks little ground in terms of features, but does one useful thing very nicely indeed: stalking those you cherish the most a little more conveniently. [Android, iOS, free]

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