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Top 10 Fast-Growing OTT Platforms in the World

Digitalization is soaring, so people’s movement towards entertainment is skyrocketing. And the reason behind it is the OTT platforms that are lurking. By providing live streaming and streaming services, such platforms keep the audience entertained anytime from anywhere. As a result, it is reported that the revenue generated via such a platform will rise to $124.6 billion by the year 2025. Hence, keeping an eye on the entertainment sector can help growing economies relish good profit margins. 

This is why several businesses globally are hopping to the OTT trend to offer value to their users. Likewise, many baby boomers and other entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to monetize by building an OTT broadcasting platform for their own.

However, with the number of OTT platforms, it is a must to know the leading players of the entertainment industry. Read the below post to look at the Top 10 Fast-Growing OTT Platforms in the World. 


Netflix is one of the top-notch OTT streaming platforms. Earlier, the platform started as an online DVD rental shop.  However, with time evolution took place, and the platform started to render video rendering services. 

Presently, the platform is amongst the most prominent video streaming platforms offering on-demand video streaming.  You will witness the platform in several languages featuring 15,000 titles. 

The best thing about Netflix is the high-quality content it offers to its users. On the other hand, amazing subscription plans let businesses make revenue. As a result, rising companies are out to generate revenue via Netflix Clone.


It is another OTT streaming platform offering access to films and TV series. Disney+ has come a long way in bringing together entertainment and audience interest. Beyond the exaggerated feature, the platform comprises top-notch programs for the audience. 

The platform covers top-rated shows and entertainment.  Furthermore, the platform offers the opportunity to businesses to bundle with another streaming platform. You will witness the Hulu-like platforms bundled, making it the best platform. 


Hulu is another popular OTT streaming platform offering a number of streaming services to users. Hulu is a bit different from other platforms like Netflix. The new episode of any show or web series is uploaded the day after they air on this platform. With around 30 million subscribers, Hulu is gaining extreme popularity among the audience.  The platform is entirely reasonable to provide high-quality content. 

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is the next leading player in the OTT industry.  It is a direct competitor to Netflix. With around 150 million subscribers, the platform is internationally famous. You will find the content on the platform in different subtitles. The platform covers both international as well local content for the audience.

Furthermore, original content like Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Homecoming, Forever, etc., is streamed over the platform.  In this way, the platform is becoming the favorite choice of the users. 

YouTube TV

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about this amazing platform YouTube Tv.  Being a Google product, this OTT platform is winning users’ hearts. The platform can be easily accessed on smart TVs, streaming boxes, computers, and mobile devices.  With this, the platform can cover the needs of a broad audience.

The popular channels of the platform include AMC, Bravo, FX, and the USA. It offers the pricing plans to stream unlimited or access the individual piece of content.  


Are you a sports lover? This amazing platform is just for you.  Featuring unique sports-related content, the platform is popular amongst young minds. You can witness live sports internationally.  The platform is easy to access on several devices ranging from mobile devices, desktop tablets to Xbox One. The platform majority focuses on live video streaming.  You can also find its pricing plans coupled with Disney+ plans. 


The platform is originally a television network. Moreover, the content available on the platform is entirely focused on OTT streaming services. The platform, along with online streaming, also offers offline streaming. With this, it allows users to watch the content anytime, anywhere. 

Starz is an easy-to-use platform bringing entertainment to the forefront. Earlier it was available with Amazon Prime Channels and Apple TV, but now it occupies its platform. Users can get a television subscription to use it on television. 


HBO Max is another OTT streaming platform that offers content based on Warner Media. Earlier, the platform was under Warner Media as it is the parent company.  The famous originals of the HBO Max that users like are Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

This original bought the platform to the limelight, increasing its demands to the peak.   Although there are only two pricing tiers thus is budget-friendly for the users.

Sling TV

Sling, an OTT platform earlier, emerged as a television network.  The platform offers both free and paid video streaming services to its users. The platform provides the audience access to more than 50 live channels.  

Some of the popular channels include CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. With more than 85000 movies, the platform covers a comprehensive entertainment source. Another critical aspect of the platform is it offers the users access to local stations. 

Apple TV+


The popularity of Apple devices is undeniable. With immense features, it is grabbing the attention of millions. To keep the audience more entertained, Apple came with Apple TV+. It is a video streaming platform where apple users can do many things right from listening to music, playing games, and streaming videos. It is a one-stop platform for entertainment.  Furthermore, it offers both premium and free packages for users to enjoy. 

Wrapping Up!

Hope you enjoy the walkthrough of the famous OTT platforms globally. Such platforms are the primary source of entertainment and create a win-to-win situation for young entrepreneurs.  By creating a clone of a platform, one can make a way to earn huge profits. There is a need to connect with the clone app development company to get started. Stay tuned for the more great information. 

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