Top best Productivity and tools for iPhone and iPad apps in 2017

Top best Productivity and tools for iPhone and iPad apps of 2017


SpaceHub uses real-time video feeds and GPS to keep amateur space-watchers up-to-date with astronauts and asteroids. It also aggregates tweets from industry insiders into a single feed. [Android, free]


The beloved writing software, which splits manuscripts into multiple blocks, is finally available for iPhone and iPad. All the desktop features cherished by writers – scriptwriting, different trash cans for different documents, etc – are there. It’s not cheap, but serious wordsmiths will love it. [iOS, £14.99]

Amateur podcasters rejoice: ZCast makes it possible to broadcast straight from your smartphone. The app harnesses existing messaging software at parent company Zula and links to Twitter to help would-be Sarah Koenigs reach new audiences. Handily, co-hosts can join the show live while on location. iOS, free

This calendar app uses animations and a circular design to let you see your day, week and year in a single swipe. It’s probably easier to set a date using your normal calendar, but Rolo is still a worthwhile accessory, especially if you’re interested in seeing how life divides into work and play. [iOS, free]

This note-taking tool ensures total concentration from writers by deleting every word they’ve written if their fingers leave the keyboard for more than seven seconds. With this looming threat, Flowstate helps people get in the “flow”, and resist the distractions popping up elsewhere. [iOS, £7.99]

Mimicker Alarm
Snoozing is impossible with this sadistic alarm clock, which makes you play games to prove you are awake. The default puzzle is to take a selfie while pulling a face. Built by Microsoft’s Garage Team – using APIs from UK-based Project Oxford – the app’s facial recognition software detects your expression. [Android, free]


Slash replaces the QWERTY keyboard on your smartphone and turns it into a search engine, removing the need to jump between apps when searching for videos, maps, photos and music-streaming services. It works with apps such asTwitter, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. [iOS, free]

Design your next 3D-printed car using this sketching app. Draft an outline on uMake, then manipulate the design to create a 3D model. Ideal for designers who want to prototype and amateurs who want to play around. [iOS, free]


Easing the transition between email and workplace IM, this Microsoft app puts an SMS skin over Outlook’s email infrastructure for communications without switching services. [iOS, Android, free]


This smart contacts manager keeps itself up to date by tracking changes to your friends, family and co-workers’ contact details – as long as they’re addappt users.[iOS, Android, free]


Collaborate Kanban-style with this task app from the creators of Mindmeister. Share checklists, attachments and progress updates across unlimited projects. [iOS, free]


This is a visual to-do list for people who want to use their cameras to create reminders. Attached to each snap is a tag such as “Buy”, “Watch” and “Go”, giving you a distinct list of actions to take. The app also geotags the pictures, allowing you to remember where you were when you captured the photo. [iOS, free]

If you’re already familiar with WeTransfer, then you’ll know how useful this file-sending service is. This smartphone version is perfect for those who operate across multiple devices. [iOS, Android, free]

Khan Academy
Online education organisation Khan Academy already had an app, but this iPad version bundles all of its 150,000-plus lessons and videos together for the first time. The series is just as accessible in interactive app form as it is on the web. [iOS, free]

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