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Top best Entertainment iPhone and iPad apps of 2017


Have you always wanted an emoji of a sobbing Kim Kardashian to express your emotions? If so, the official Kimoji app gives you access to over 500 emoji’s, stickers and GIF’s all pertaining to Kim Kardashian West. A recent update includes a family pack to include other members of the Kardashian brood. Android, iOS, £1.99 with other packages available to purchase.


Athens-based artist Anastasis Germanidis wanted to raise questions about identity sharing, so made an app to let Twitter users assume another’s identity for 24 hours. [iOS, free]
Space explorer

Photographer Robin Mellor has taken over the streets of Hackney for this art exhibition with a twist. Use the app to track down billboard-sized photos of American desert dwellers and unlock audio interviews with the subjects. [iOS, Android, free.]

Pillow Play
This not-creepy sex app encourages physical and emotional intimacy with ten listen-and-follow audio guides. The “episodes” last five to 25 minutes. Pick narration by a British female or an American male, then set your phone to “do not disturb”. iOS, free 
(IAP £7.99, £39.99)

The Pickle Index
The ten-part story of a circus troupe attempting to break their ringmaster out of prison, The Pickle Index uses mini-games and a recipe network to tell a tale of life under a surreal, fermented-goods-based dictatorship. Clunky functionality and a difficult narrative are part of the (literary) point. [iOS, £3.99]


This list app with a twist means you’ll never be lacking things to do. Soon lets you curate the films, books and places you’ve been meaning to watch, read and visit. Its trending section is great for inspiration. [iOS, free]

Cosmic Watch

Explore the Earth, solar system and constellations in real time with the Cosmic Watch app. It includes an eclipse mapper and a tool for adjusting telescopes. [Android, £3.35, iOS, £2.99]


Dive into the meaning behind your favourite songs with Genius’s new app for Android, which allows you to access crowdsourced lyrics and annotations for more than 1.7 million tracks on the go. [Android, iOS, free]


VRSE offers an ever-expanding range of virtual-reality content, which can be viewed with or without Google Cardboard. If you want to see what all the virtual-reality fuss is about, this is your chance to do so without shelling out. [iOS, Android, free]


Jump the queue for tables at London’s most popular restaurants, including Yauatcha and the legendary Le Gavroche, with Uncover, which lets you grab last-minute reservations when they become available. [iOS, free]


Designed as a simple podcast-recording app, Opinion makes recording, editing and sharing your smartphone spoken-word project a breeze. It integrates with SoundCloud only, but hopefully this will be expanded in the near future. [iOS, free]

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