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Interview With Shahid Mansuri CEO Of Digipay Guru

Give us a brief introduction to your company?

Digipay is the fastest growing digital wallet solution provider delivering cutting edge digital FinTech solutions to FinTech startups and banks.

In an era of high-tech digital wallets and FinTech solutions, Digipay is providing its robust solutions to many industry verticals such as mobile companies, FMCGs, banks, retailers, mobile payment providers, eCommerce businesses, etc.

Digipay has a team of highly skilled professionals whose only aim is to provide top-notch FinTech solutions to customers across the globe.


Respondent: Shahid Mansuri

Designation: CEO

Email Id: ***



Address: B/703, Siddhi Vinayak Towers, Off S.G.Road, Makarba, Ahmedabad-380051

LinkedIn CEO :

Which services do you offer to your clients?

 We are providing our robust FinTech solutions in multiple fields of digital finance such as mobile money, international remittance, wallet management, cryptocurrency wallet, agency banking solutions and many more. Also, we are providing a 24*7 support to our customers via calls, e-mails, chats and other media tools.

In this highly competitive business scenario, what technologies, services and project model can give you an extra advantage over your competitors?

 Digipay offers high flexibility to its users for setting up an effective and secure payment platform. Our payment solution ensures a fluid payout system and proper execution of payment requests. Also, our FinTech solutions are easy to integrate into the business due to its developer-friendly UI.

Security becomes important when it comes to digital payments. We ensure the security of user’s payment data by using GDPR, PSD2 and PCI DSS compliances in our solution.

How your entrepreneurship has affected your family & social life?

 Nowadays, it has become difficult for me to strike a balance between my family and my business as our responsibilities have increased. But it is a part and parcel of being a startup owner so I embrace it peacefully.

Who is your idol or biggest motivator?

 I consider Prophet Muhammad as my biggest motivator. He is my biggest idol.

Share Best 2 application which your company have created or used for business

We have provided an efficient digital FinTech solution to our South Africa based client, Senda Lula. Also, we have created an effective loyalty-based digital payment solution for  Fortune Pay, a Philippines based startup.

 After service is a necessary part of development. What are the ways that you use to provide better customer support?

 We understand the importance of the after-sales service in today’s cut-throat competitive world. We generate a token for every complaint we receive and then allocate it to our customer support executive. Our executives will get back to customers within a short time.

We are not only providing customer support on just calls but also we use e-mail, chat, SMS, Skype, etc. Our support executive tries to resolve queries on his own or he can transfer that query to the concerned department. We aim to provide the best query resolution in minimal time.

What are your hobbies? What are the activities that you do in your spare time?

Mostly, I love to spend my spare time with my family. Sometimes I play table-tennis in my backyard with my friends or family.  Also, I enjoy travelling to new places.

Have you raised any funding? Or have any plans for the funding?

 As of now, I have not planned to raise any funding. But I am not sure as this decision may change or may not change in the future because we prefer to do it on our own. We have never raised any funding till now.

 Share your views on how far this app revolution can create a difference in the technology world?

Today apps gave the freedom to the people to access every service on their smartphones within a few clicks. Take the example of digital payments. Now people can pay for their needs by using digital wallets. It has enabled them to make seamless payments to anyone in the world at any time. Thus business transactions become hassle-free as there is no restriction of time and place on the payments. This payment freedom is bringing a great revolution in the tech world.

Which are innovative tools and technologies that you’re planning to implement for mobile app development?

 Well according to me innovative technologies IoT, Artificial Intelligence, AR and VR technologies are the future of best mobile app development. Also, there are many robust technologies which are used by many software companies for app development such as Angular, Node, Vue, Python, React, etc.

How do you create interactive and addictive UX/UI of mobile apps and websites?

I firmly believe that UI/UX plays a vital role in enhancing the user’s app experience. Earlier, there was a trend to add maximum features into the app to make it more popular. But today, user experience is all about delivering only those features in your app that makes the app more attractive and secure. Integrating unnecessary features can make you lose out your customer.

How do you introduce new updates to your development team?

Before starting any project, we gather all our team members for discussing every single detail about the project. Mostly, every project has a unique technical aspect. If some developer is new to the project, we will introduce the latest technology to the whole team. We elaborate on every aspect of the update to our team by using, case studies, examples, lectures and various informative videos.

What is a bit of advice that you want to share with our readers, budding entrepreneurs or Startup Companies?

Being a startup owner, you don’t have any predefined solution or roadmap for doing business. You have to figure it on your own what is best for you and your startup. As per my view, you need to keep a few things in your mind to be a successful entrepreneur and the first is you have to think out of the box.

Always keep a big picture in your mind. Don’t stick to your plan, keep it flexible to grab the profitable market opportunities. Remember one thing, you don’t have all the time in this world, so just make an early start at some point.

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