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Amazing Mobile Apps Built with React Native

In the areas of mobile application and web development technology, a smooth, inexpensive, and simple software framework has become a demand and necessity, that could run on multiple platforms. While the Native JavaScript was faster and more complex; it wasn’t suitable for multiple platforms, low-budget for the investors, and user-friendly. That’s when React Native framework came into the picture.

A cross-platform approach that is not only faster, smooth and inexpensive, it is also compatible with iOS and Android. React Native has become the most streamlined, user-friendly, and interactive platform in the world of technology.

Here we have discussed some top apps that are built with React native.

Best Apps Built with React Native

Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook was the first company to use React Native to develop the Facebook Ad Manager. It was developed to support only iOS app developments. However, it later developed its library to support Android app developments too to reach out to more users globally.

That’s how Facebook became the first React Native app development company.

Since Facebook made it an open source and gave access to its library in 2015, many brands have built user-friendly app development for web and mobile-friendly applications.

Primarily they were keen on making their app development tool; specifically for in-house app development before its release in 2015. Since then, many React Native app development companies have come to the market.


With Instagram being just a photo and video-sharing social networking site in 2012, Instagram has since come a long way. React Native software has played a big role in not only making this platform a social interactive platform but also opening the doors for many opportunities for businesses all around the globe.

Instagram has now become a place for lifestyle, culture, and business integration opportunities. Over the time of development in React native libraries, not only you could save posts and videos but also promote businesses to reach a global audience in an instant.

Irrespective of the operating system, React Native framework could work with all whether it’s the web, iOS, or Android system; React Native software framework with native software established itself as an inspiration for many brands in the app development industry.

It has become a major inspiration for React Native apps with its smooth transitions, low startup time, fastest-growing content-based application, and user-friendly real-time features.

Uber Eats

Another React Native app development example is UberEats. With React Native and API integration in its software, UberEats has placed itself in a unique position in the mobile app development industry. With every request and cancellation; the API sends a notification to the represented business. They proceed further according to the interests of the customers.

UberEats had revamped the local restaurant businesses with a more secure and encrypted user experience. Uber is now not just a rental car service business; it has now entered into an “experience” business where consumers are its top priority.


In a fast-growing world, where news travels faster than the speed of light; It was imperative to come up with an application that resolves the delay information hindrance and reaches globally in no time.

Bloomberg has developed an app that auto updates the information in a fraction of a second. React Native made this faster, more effective, and simple for the Bloomberg app development team.

From live telecasts to updating real-time Sensex and trading data in a fraction of a second; Bloomberg is in the field of content-focused industry for the long run.

This new mobile software development network has strengthened Bloomberg’s position by delivering every bit of information accurately, and fastest, making it to possible cover information even in remote areas and delivering globally on time, and adding more consumers through subscriptions from all over the world.


It’s an ad-free platform that was solely built on the idea of giving users a personalized experience based on their choices and interests in various fields. React Native has made it possible by introducing features like automatic loading, customization of individual profiles, saving the posts, customization of sections as well as marketing products in the most creative way.

It also added the features of saving posts related to the same field in a single section called “Boards” and gave full access to privatization to its users. It offers stories, videos, and posts to upload, share on other social sites, and edit, delete, zoom, and save. It has already a massive following and a large number of daily active users.


For a content-based application focused on user experience, Walmart chose React Native as its best companion. React Native libraries with JavaScript offer all the features of native app development and more.

Walmart gives its users access to not only shop products that are available in the store but also it gives them access to items that are available online. The app services also offer geo-tracking of stores, delivering, choosing pickup location, personalized in-app wallet, the listing of items, and scanning of items to build the cart without physically moving anything.

It has been updating its system with electron native to accommodate with future and change the future of shopping.


Tesla has already changed the game in the automobile industry with its futuristic features like driverless cars, electric-powered automobiles, personalized Car horns sound system, and many other AI functions.

The other way it has upped the game on the app with delivering micro-level details about the needs of its consumer. Its user-focused technology has given people the taste of futuristic advancements in such a short period. The latest update in its app shows the details of the location of the supercharger and multiple options of location in a particular place, the vehicle data battery state of charge, range, open door/window information, non- tesla charging, and odometer reading.


It was built on a third-party framework; React Native which gives access to its library with JavaScript, style sheets, and markup. It has made it possible for businesses to function from any part of the world.

It is a powerful tool in cloud technology to connect with the team from anywhere. Real-time updates can be received in an instant. Managing business, communicating, and leading a team of experts at any time, storing and sharing information through this cloud system has made it the most sought-after CRM tool.


It is one of the first websites built on React Native from scratch. It is one of the best CMS or Content Management Systems for people with zero knowledge of coding. Even if you don’t know the ABC of code, Wix allows you to build a website and promote your business globally.

Wix offers the no-coding website option for small to large businesses and personal and commercial websites. This not only is cost-effective and faster for small businesses but also a time saver for large organizations.


Built on React Native framework, Gyroscope keeps the track of Real-time changes in your health. The real-time sensors in the app access data from your biometrics with much clarity and accuracy.

Like a personal doctor in the palm of your hand, a Gyroscope app collects data and analyzes your sugar, fiber, caffeine, fat intake, and fasting time. To navigate life mindfully and keep obesity, depression, and stress in check; Gyroscope has become a powerful health doctor that lives with you every second.

Rainbow wallet

For the last few years, there is a boom in blockchain technology. It is a mobile wallet app that allows users to interact with decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

The rainbow wallet has emerged for beginners who want to start investing in Etherum (a native cryptocurrency). This provides the best solution to beginners having smooth UI and easy navigation. The other feature it includes is swapping cryptocurrency, liquidity, and more.

A great initial source as a mobile wallet app built with React Native framework. Many other such blockchain applications include Hiro wallet, Coinbase, Metamask,, WalletLink etc.

Benefits of React Native framework- 

So far, we have learned the areas in which React Native has proved itself a powerful framework. Let’s discuss the major benefits it offers that make it the developers, designers, and businesses’ first choice-

  •  Developers don’t need to create separate code for different platforms (Android, and iOS)
  • Live Loading, No Recompiling
  • Community-driven, faster
  • Smooth visualization with minimum storage capacity on phone
  • Supports third-party plugins and cost-effective
  •  Code reusability for multiple platforms (cross-platform app)

Drawbacks of React Native framework-

React Native has indeed become developers’ first choice. However, it is not perfect either. There are some areas where React Native shows its limitations-

  • In computation-intensive apps, React Native cannot be used because it is JavaSCript based, which affects its speed and performance. Eg- Games, meteorology programs
  • Hard to debug as it becomes mind-numbing
  • Can not build scientific applications as it requires a lot of computation


Thus far, we have established the fact that React Native is the future of the Mobile app development industry. This cross-field platform has turned out to be a developer’s best friend, a blessing to the mobile app development industry, and hope for a promising future for the new generation of technology.

These days many companies provide React Native app development services to their users. This latest advancement in technology only promises more exciting unprecedented changes in technology.

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