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What Are the Best Cleaning Apps in the Android World?

Are you currently using an Android phone? In case, you’re then you know how important it gets to make sure your mobile storage is appropriately cleaned. Even though, when you delete an app, there are some residual files that still remain in the background and no matter what you do, they eat up a good amount of your storage.

Are you wondering what are the best apps to clean such unwanted data? Here are the best Android data cleaning apps that will help you ensure your phone works at optimal efficiency. Here are some apps that any web design company will always ask you to download if you want to keep your smartphone working on optimal efficiency without any issues?

So are you interested to learn about these cleaning apps in the Android World?

Buckle up! Here we begin.

Droid Optimizer

The first app on our list for the day is none other but Droid Optimizer which is quite an interactive app. Here’s an app that is downloaded by more than a million people through the Play Store. The app is very simple to use and if you’re a newbie and don’t know much about cleaning residual files, this app can be of great help. The interface is very interactive and guides you through the features accordingly.

An interesting thing about the app is the ranking system which keeps the user motivated to keep the device in top shape. Phone cleaning with the Droid Optimizer becomes a single tap function. Not a fan of manually cleaning the files on your own, how about you automate cleaning with the Droid Optimizer.

It also offers a goodnight scheduler that can conserve energy on your smartphone disabling battery-draining features while you peacefully sleep in the lands of your dreams.

Maybe it’s not quite the attraction when it comes to user experience, but it sure packs a lot of interesting features to clean your phone offering you the most stable performance.


The last time I checked CCleaner was a popular app for cleaning desktops; however, now this app is also available for Android users. The Piriform has taken the step of bringing CCleaner to mobile for cleaning residual files that are burdening up the smart device.

The app is very multifunctional. It helps analyze unwanted files and clean them up from your mobile storage to save a good precious space.

One of the best things about CCleaner is you can clear all cached data from apps through purge. You can also quickly empty folders, delete history files, and perform an advanced search on what is making your phone heavy. By analyzing the files that are taking quite a lot of space, you can delete them and free up a good amount on your smartphone.

Now, your smartphone will not only become healthy but it will also have enough space to store new data without having any concerns.

If you haven’t tried this app yet, you can always download it from the Play Store and test it out.

All in One ToolBox

Removing unwanted files from your phone is one thing, but what about unwanted mobile ads that keep becoming a nuisance every now and then? What about power consumption and shutting down apps that are draining battery life? What about high CPU temperature and effective ways to manage it? Guess what! With the All in One ToolBox, you can do that and much more thanks to this great app.

The app is great for cleaning cached files, clearing folders, deleting unwanted heavy files, and orphaned files/folders. With a single tap, you can analyze the entire device, and then with another tap, you can wipe the memory from scratch making it free of all unwanted files and folders. There’s also a battery saver feature on the app which allows you to conserve battery so it doesn’t run out! It helps you kill all unnecessary background tasks and save you some battery juice so you can do tasks easily.

If you haven’t downloaded any of the above-suggested cleaners, All in One ToolBox is your best bet.

SD Maid

Do you have a maid at your home to do your home biddings? Isn’t having a maid at home a great thing? She washes your clothes, wipes your floors clean, fix your rooms, iron your clothes, clean the dishes, and do whatnot. Now how about if I tell you that you can also keep a maid for your Android? SD Maid is a perfect application that provides you with excellent cleaning making your phone free!

It comes with a corpse finder feature that helps you identify all orphaned files and folders. With just a single click you can erase these unwanted files and folders. There’s also a system cleaner that also performs a detailed search of all common files and folders that are making your system heavy. Then the SD maid provides you with all the necessary details so you can choose which files are best to be kept and which of them are needed to be removed. Alongside this, you also get tools for storage analysis, etc.

Do you wish to hire a maid that can perform cleaning jobs on your smartphone? SD Maid is here.

So there you go, here are some of the best android cleaning apps that every mobile app development company will recommend. Now how about making your phone a little healthier than it was before?

Download one of the chosen apps and get on with it 🙂

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