The Ten Best Android Wearable Apps

Android wear, the torch bearer and the very first platform for wearable tech may have had a rocky start, but with many bugs and upgrades later, the applications, the code and the software in the platform are definitely improving and is well on its way to give Apple’s iWatch a run for its money. The UI and UX of the android platform is hands down the best wearable platform currently in the market.The platform is picking up pace as the watches that run the android platform improve day by day.

The wearable gear is practically useless without apps to run on it; so exactly what are the best android apps to have on your wrist at all times? Let’s find out!

  • Strava

If you’re a fitness freak and like to keep track of your routine and the calories you burn during each workout, Strava is the app to have on your watch. Don’t worry about having to lug around your big bulky phone when going for a run or cycling, simply download the Strava app and record your fitness progress.

  • Uber

One of the most popular ride-hailing services in America, Uber is your go-to app for the times when you need to get somewhere but don’t have a car. Downloading Uber on your device is like having a cab on your wrist at all times. It is a standalone app and allows you to order a ride, check the status of the ride and the ETA.

  • Tinder

Find the one you have been looking for – On your Wrist! Tinder the popular dating app is now also available on the android wearable platform 2.0 so you can now swipe right or left on people in your area, check your notifications and talk to your matches.

  • Telegram

An Instant Messaging app, the Telegram application lets you send and receive voice and text messages, go through your chat history, and chat within your group(s). The Telegram instant messaging app is available for Android Wear 2.0 and also supports stickers and emojis.

  • Water Drink Reminder

We all know the many benefits of staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water every day, but how many of us actually do it? And how many of us are unable to drink the required amount simply because we forgot? Well, with the Water Drink Reminder app on your wrist, you don’t have to worry about anything. The app calculates your daily water intake based on your weight,the length of day and cup size. The app will send you a gentle reminder whenever it’s time for you to drink water.

  • Eat24

The Eat24 app is your local restaurant guide. The app allows you to locate places near you that offer pick-up or delivery. The app allows you to place your order, track your order, view recent orders and more.

  • MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder

Who doesn’t like help when it comes to reminders? Especially when you’re down or are taking care of someone that is sick. The Medisafe app allows you to input the information of the patient, their daily schedule, and the app reminds you whenever it’s time for the patient to take their medication.

  • Stocard

Do you have too many loyalty and discount cards attached to your keychain? Well, now you don’t have to carry them around everywhere, thanks to Stocard. The app digitizes all of your cards into one app, which means that your watch will carry all your cards for you.

  • Lifesum

A fitness app on our list for the fitness fanatics, Lifesum is an application that tracks your daily food and water intake in order to help you attain that right balance. The app allows you to set personal goals and the app guides you every step of the way through personalized meal plans and exercise tips to help you reach your goals.

  • Shazam

The app that we all have known and loved is now available on Android Wear. That’s right, Shazam, the app that allows you to find out the name of any song or tune you are listening to is now on your wrist. Never miss a beat again with Shazam on Android Wear.

Seeing how wearable apps are the emerging trend in the world of applications, more and more app development companies are rigorously testing new and improved apps, ideas and technologies in hopes of becoming the next WhatsApp, Instagram or SnapChat. Although the world of applications will continue to evolve, adapt and develop, the applications and the capabilities will also likely change, however, even with that in mind, the aforementioned apps in some form will always be a necessity.

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