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How to Find the Right App Developer Or Development Company in New York

Are you planning to hire app developers in New York? Meanwhile, you’re clueless about how to find the right mobile app development company. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We have compiled this article exclusively for you!

In this write-up, we’ll discover how to find app developers and the top methods that assist you in choosing the best mobile app developer in New York. How much cost involves in hiring them, and the best app development companies in New York.

Ready to begin the brass tacks? Let’s dig in!

Tips for Finding Top App Developers

  • Check testimonials on social pages, LinkedIn and Google Business listings.
  • Interview them for technical expertise. Ask about programming languages and frameworks they use.
  • Study their portfolio. Check the user experience of the apps they have already developed.

Ways to Hire an App Developer

Generally, 4 major categories are available to choose app developers, and every category has certain pros and cons.

Let’s explore one-by-one, and choose the one as per your needs.

1. Engage In-House App Developers

One ideal way to create your app is by hiring in-house developers on a full-time basis. They are versatile and perform their tasks efficiently, productively, and quickly. However, you can expect a massive expenditure increase to hire them. Plus, you’ll have to instruct them, allow leaves, and offer other additional perks. Hence, it is not suggested to go for in-house developers if you need their services for a shorter duration.


  • Keep tracking of the entire project details.
  • Ready to implement immediate changes as per your needs.
  • No communication gaps and time-zone barriers.


  • You need to invest a huge amount in hiring them.
  • Time-consuming and stressful hiring process.

2. Employ Remote Employees or A Full-Time Freelancer

One pocket-friendly option is that you go for remote employees on a part-time basis or hire a freelancer.

Technically, employing a freelancer is simple and straightforward. You only need to check their profiles and read their previous clients’ experiences. However, if you’re aiming to opt for remote employees, you can expect multiple challenges. Additionally, you’ll find them a little overpriced.

To summarize, if your project doesn’t involve any complexities, you can hire them. Conversely, if you have multiple tasks to perform, you can go for a professional app development company.


  • This is a budget-friendly option.
  • The hiring process is straightforward.


  • Not suitable to handle all your digital needs.
  • You can experience delays in your project.
  • Not familiar with all the technicalities and procedures.

3. Outsource App Development Services to An App Development Company

Have you finalized your app idea? Ready to outsource your idea to a reliable mobile app development company?

No wonder outsourcing is one of the most reliable and notable methods of creating apps. In this category, you decide the budget initially with the company, and then they give you a deadline for your project.

Usually, they have a dedicated team of experts to perform numerous tasks. These include coding, designing, product launching, management, and quality assurance. By choosing them, you can get all app development solutions in one place.

If you have a start-up or a large business to operate, hiring them to create mobile apps is a perfect decision. These professionals go above and beyond to turn your idea into something extraordinary.


  • These companies are certified and licensed.
  • They tackle multiple tasks resourcefully.


  • You can face challenges like time-zone barriers, cultural differences, and communication gaps.
  • You might need to break your bank accounts to hire them. But, every other company has a certain price range. So, it’s better to discuss them before employing them.

4. Staff Augmentation

Another outsourcing option is Staff Augmentation. Generally, in this category, you choose external resources from a trustworthy company on a temporary basis. They cater to your digital needs. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to hire them.

In fact, they reduce costs and save time without compromising the work’s quality.

Nowadays, many companies are offering staff augmentation services. They specialize in multiple areas. So, if your app involves major complexities and challenges, it will surely be a safe bet for you.

Staff augmentation hiring model works on subscriptions. You can ask the developers about hourly development charges. Then, pay them accordingly. In staff augmentation, you can assess the technical expertise of professionals.


  • Efficiently works on projects quickly and hassle-free.
  • This option involves less expenditure.


  • Staff augmentation is not recommended for full-time hiring.
  • Communication and management issues may occur due to working remotely.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in New York

With the sudden demand for apps, every other business wants to have a reputable mobile app development company.

Searching for the prestigious companies that provide value to your digital product? Check out our list of the top-notch, internationally recognized companies operating in New York.

    1. Tekrevol
    2. Cubix
    3. Protonshub Technologies
    4. Zazz
    5. Fueled
    6. Zco Corporation
    7. Zeelus System
    8. Rocketech
    9. Ideologic
    10. Net Guru

How Much do Mobile App Development Companies Charge?

The answer to this question varies based on numerous factors. For instance:

  • the idea of your app
  • the target audience
  • region/location
  • time duration
  • communication skills
  • level of competence
  • years of experience
  • credentials and licenses
  • technical and analytical expertise
  • and grip on programming languages and frameworks

Normally, the price range varies between freelancers, in-house developers, and remote employees. Technically, freelancers charge on an hourly basis, and their services are cost-efficient. However, they aren’t able to tackle all your app needs perfectly.

Consider outsourcing your project to an app development company or employing in-house developers. They usually charge between $50,000 to $70,000. Howver, this cost totally depends on the complexity and features of your app.

Final Thoughts

Having a mobile application has several benefits. A mobile app plays an integral role in everything we do. From ordering your favorite food to interacting with your customers, a mobile app helps with everything. Remember that the success of an app project depends on two factors. First is the idea and the second is execution. For the execution part, you need to find app developers in New York who can commit to your vision.


Linda Hartley is an SEO Specialist at Tekrevol, who loves to write content on the latest topics, including Blockchain, B2B business models, application development, and much more.

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