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Interview With Mauricio Pastorini CEO & Co-Founder of Somnio Software

Question about CEO Interviews:

Give us a brief introduction about your company.

Somnio Software is a Flutter Development Company dedicated to creating top-notch Mobile and Web Applications. We are a great team of professionals integrated by Systems Engineers, Developers, Designers, QA Testers, and specialists in Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, and Administration. We provide custom software services through Full Product Development and Staff Augmentation services.

We are the first & only 100% Flutter-focused Software Development Company in LATAM. We have been Flutter’s early adopters since 2019. Thus, Somnio & Flutter were born almost simultaneously and have grown hand in hand. Creating a team of Flutter experts was our main goal so that we could design, build and scale apps in record time with native performance.

We are proud to have helped +40 companies, from startups to large organizations, to grow their business through technology. Our mission is to help our clients grow by transforming ideas into high-quality software products. We achieve this by applying the appropriate software engineering process, with great development practices, using agile methodologies and modern technologies.

➢ Respondent: Mauricio Pastorini
➢ Designation: CEO & Co-Founder
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➢ Company: Somnio Software
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We do not perceive ourselves only as developers and designers who develop a project, we like to become strategic and technological partners of our clients. Furthermore, we have a team prepared to put the needs of the project as a priority and actively seek the best solutions. In this way, we put a special focus on providing suggestions and making frequent comments that encourage feedback to be able to deeply understand the project and achieve the best result.

 What are the services you offer to your clients?

Our team provides full-service app development and accompanies our partners during the whole process. We become partners of our clients in every step of the way, from Product Discovery and UX/UI Design to the development and launch of the app.

To put it in a simpler way, our services are:
– Product Development: We design & build apps for any screen – mobile, web & desktop simultaneously from the same source code.

– Staff Augmentation: Our experienced Flutter Developers are ready to join your in-house team to help you complete your projects and meet the deadlines effectively.
– IT Consultancy: We offer our experience and knowledge of the application industry to guide our clients and help them with the business, market, and technology analysis for their digital products.

In this intensely competitive era, what technologies, services, and project models can give you an edge over your competitors?

Applications, in all its platforms, are part of our daily lives and routines. Furthermore, customers expect and demand an omnipresence of brands in every channel and platform. As a consequence, companies need to present their offer of value on every platform, and that is very expensive and time demanding.

For this, we help our clients build their digital presence for any screen simultaneously to reach the market faster and at fewer costs.

However, achieving app downloads and user retention is a challenge in this saturated market. In this sense, our IT consultancy helps them not only design and develop their products, but creating a successful strategy to penetrate and dominate the market.

In a world saturated with information and companies offering different services, being a specialist in one area is a great differential. It is in this way that we can take things to the next level, and instead of offering superficial knowledge of many areas, offer expertise in one in particular.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family & Social life?

 As every major life decision has a big impact and demands great sacrifices, this was no exception. My family has always been supportive of my choices and caring every step of the way.

Something I’ve learned over the years is to value my family and friendships, they have been an essential part of my journey as an entrepreneur and I cherish them for their unconditional support.

As a result of my career choices, I have also made many new friends and strengthened relationships I already had, with people that showed me their support and appreciation, as I did with them.

I believe that how much your job affects your personal life depends on your choices. Your family and social lives must not be adversely affected by entrepreneurship or other life decisions. It has not only helped my career, but also my health to never lose control.

  Who do you consider your idol or biggest motivator?

 Although I find motivation and inspiration from many people, such as coworkers, industry leaders, and fellow technology devotees, my biggest motivators are, with great certainty, my parents.

My father has always worked hard and gone the extra mile for my family and me. His energy and commitment are unbreakable and have been that way long before I was born. My mother is, undoubtedly, one of my biggest supporters. She taught me to value my performance, but to never set limitations on my own work, to always aim high, and to want to outperform myself.

Share the Best 3 applications that your company has created for your client with the app Stor link.

To this date we have built +40 successful Flutter applications for several industries, such as Healthcare, Entertainment, News, Fintech, Hospitality, Gastronomy, Social Networks, Fashion & e-commerce, among others.

Between them is interesting, mentioning a few that have achieved a before and after in their industry.

CrimeDoor (News – Entertainment) reached #4 on App Store and is a crime database for the most notorious unsolved mysteries built with Flutter. The app provides case information in several ways, such as podcasts, images, police reports, recreated crime scenes through augmented reality, and so much more.

Developer: CrimeDoor
Price: Free

Jaac (Gastronomy) is a Mobile Flutter Application for the Gastronomy Industry that has digitalized and simplified the experience of both eating at a restaurant and managing it. Includes two apps, one for the customers of the restaurant and one for its staff members. It is used by +100 restaurants using Jaac successfully, including Applebee’s.

Meet (Entertainment) is an out-of-the-ordinary dating app dedicated to organizing speed dating events and managing the whole process of the occasion. Its purpose is to promote making connections in person rather than online and using technology to facilitate it.

After-service is a necessary part of development. How do you provide customer support to your client?

We take care of the maintenance of the product after its launch. This stage is of utmost importance to maintain user retention since it’s crucial to adequate maintenance services to improve the app’s performance and scale its features and possibilities.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

 I believe having a balance between things you love in your life and things you need to do to maintain healthy and active are essential. I try to create spaces to do other activities that I really enjoy and are good for my wellbeing. Likewise, I try to maintain my body healthy by doing sports and eating healthy, because it is the engine for my brain and what allows you to live every day.

Since a very young age, I’ve played many instruments. Even though playing the guitar and signing are my favorite ones, I also play the piano, saxophone, and bass. I also have a band, and we get together and play on the weekends.

I have always connected music to my passion of being an entrepreneur. Furthermore, I believe leading a band has been my first project, and it taught me a lot about how to create a value proposition, deal with your partners, do marketing of your band, sell tickets to your concert, pitch to organizers to allow you to play in a theater, etc. And at the end of the day, doing music is creating a complex product out of basic things like notes and rhythms, the same way we create complex digital products from 0s and 1s of the computer and programming.

What are the challenges you see in the outsourcing industry?

Many business executives have dealt with the conundrum of whether it’s worth outsourcing software development or completing projects in-house. The quick answer to this question is that it depends on your context, and it’s important to balance the pros and cons of each.

We offer nearshore outsourcing solutions because it’s pros outreach their cons and result as a smart solution for many companies. Talented professionals, reasonable time zone, cost-effective, high-quality work, similar work cultures, and great English communication skills, are just some benefits.

However, outsourcing a software project is not always easy since you must take several things into consideration when choosing your service provider. For instance, finding a Software Development Partner that you trust will handle the process and management successfully, will reach the quality expected, and has the experience required for your needs.

The soft skills of the outsourcing team in order to make the distance feel small is just as important as the quality of the product. In addition, expertise on technology or industry makes the difference and makes outsourcing an ideal choice to achieve business goals fast and with quality.

What’s your step to enter into the wearable tech & IOT revolution?

 We are specialized in cross-platform development, with a technology that focuses on simplifying the creation of digital products for several platforms. In this sense, we are already able to create wearable & IOT products. That’s the good thing about cross-platform, you don’t rely on a specific platform, or you have to learn many technologies to give a 360 solution. At Somnio Software, we know the importance of having a multiplatform digital presence for brands and businesses, and Flutter enables us to do it simultaneously.

We have created numerous apps that included wearable tech. One of our success cases had wearable technology synchronized with the user’s device for heart rate measuring with the phone’s camera lens.

 What are the various technologies you used to make this app a reality?

 Our selected technology stack for the previous app included Flutter, Firebase, Codemagic, Google Cloud, AWS, Polar (wearables), Spren, GitHub, Figma, Hasura, GraphQL, among others.

Anything, you would like to say to our readers, upcoming entrepreneurs or Startup Companies?

 Be passionate, entrepreneurship is demanding but also gratifying. Be agile, learn to be constantly analyzing and quickly adapting. Hire wisely, your company is your team. Set goals, and work toward that path.

It is important to do what makes you happy and find the professional path that achieves it. Entrepreneurship involves many sacrifices, for example, in my case, it involved stopping directly doing things that I loved, such as programming on a day-to-day basis. My role in the company consists of managing, articulating and promoting all areas and contributing to the entire organization transversally. I take all the tools and learnings that he gave me, which are many, and integrate them into my current role.

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