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7 Design Pickle Alternatives That Offer Better Designs

Design pickle is arguably the go-to unlimited graphic design service for many businesses. They provide affordable and practical designs for their clients. But for other clients, this is not enough. They require a different alternative that will cater to their taste and budget.

This post will discuss other unlimited graphic design services that serve as an alternative to design pickle. First, we need to know the design pickle before we can compare their prices, process, and turnaround time.

Design Pickle Overview

Design Pickle is one of the most established brands in the world. They present themselves as reliable, flexible, yet simple. They have experienced immense growth and continue to advance their enterprise to the next level.

Price: Design Pickle offers its essential services for the cost of $399 per month. However, you may be charged extra to get custom illustrations.

Process: You can request designs in two ways. Either by email or the Design Pickle Dashboard. They also have Zapier integrations in their arsenal, which allows you to connect with programs such as Trello.

You will be first asked to name your design request on their dashboard. Then add dimensions and file size. The choice of uploading photos is optional. In the final step, you can request for additional resources to be incorporated in your design.

To submit a design request, you’ll be first asked to name your request, add file size and dimensions, add some references in the inspiration box, give a short description of what you’re looking for, and what file type you need.

Then you’ll get the option to either upload your demo photos or select one from their collection of stock photos. In the last step, you’ll be asked to upload any additional assets you wish to include in your design.

Turnaround Time: Design Pickle has a turnaround time of 1-2 business days.


  • Design Pickle vs. Designster


Designster has become a lightning rod in the sector of unlimited graphic design service. It boasts a wide range of 200+ designers who oversee every construction, editing, and design request corrections. Designster caters to a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketers. Its emergence has been met with acclamation from critics and clients alike.

Price: Designster offers essential services with its $299 package. What differentiates it from Design Pickle is that instead of providing it on a monthly basis, Designster’s basic services are provided for two months. 

Process: Much like Design Pickle, you can submit your design requests through a dashboard, which will allow you to convey accurate information about your design to your team. After submitting your design’s content, the dashboard will showcase the turnaround time of when your design will be completed and delivered. You can also request for unlimited revisions and secure direct contact with the manager and your designer.

Turnaround Time: The turnaround time for Designster takes about 1-2 business days.


  • Design Pickle vs. Flocksy


Flocksy has established itself as a viable competitor against Design Pickle. They are renowned for the wide variety of serves they offer, ranging from copywriting services to email temples. They have everything in their arsenal to take on every project that comes their way.

Price: The basic pricing of Flocksy is offered at $420, which is slightly higher than Design Pickle.

Process: Flocksy features of the intuitive project management board, much like Design Pickle. Each type of project consists of their briefs that ensure that you convey the accurate and correct information to their team. Once you submit your design’s details, your dashboard will display a time that will show the turnaround time.

Turn Around Time: Flocksy’s turnaround time is within 24 hours. This can vary if the design project is much more complicated.


  • Design Pickle vs. Penji


Penji is known to be the biggest competitor of Design Pickle. They have collaborated with brands such as Lyft and Express. Their unlimited graphic design services pertain to illustrations, logos, website designs, and infographics similar to Design Pickle.

Price: You can avail of the basic services of Penji at $399 per month. It comes with unlimited requests and revisions.

Process: Penji’s mechanism is similar to that of Design Pickle. Penji has its distinctive portal where you can submit requests, designs, and communicate with your designer. You can utilize the portal to submit revisions.

Turn Around Time: The turnaround time for Penji’s projects take about 24-48 hours.


  • Design Pickle vs. Kapa99


Another well-known alternative to Design Pickle is Kapa99. They boast of being a customer-oriented graphic design service and are catered towards a diverse demographic. Their services include illustrations, book covers, logo designs, and brochures.

Price: Kapa99 offers unlimited requests and revisions for a simple plan of $399 per month.

Process: With Kapa99, you can either use Trello or email to submit your work. If you opt for Trello, then your tasks will be stored in the Trello board. You will be able to witness your design task from “doing” to the “Done” list. If you want more revisions, you can place your design on the revisions list.

Turnaround Time: Kapa99 delivers its tasks within the 24-48-hour period. However, if the project is much more complicated, they will give you more flexibility in timing.


  • Design Pickle vs. ManyPixels


ManyPixels has become the most sought-after solution for acquiring innovative graphic design services. They have a team of 30+ to oversee your projects until it reaches perfection.

Price: ManyPixels offers its services for a cost-effective rate of $399 per month. You can make your request to your designer ranging from flyers, banners to illustrations.

Process: A dashboard will be presented to you when you sign up for ManyPixels. There you can make your request for your design. You can submit the details by choosing the type of design you prefer and then give a concise description to your designer pertaining to your design’s size and inspiration. You can maintain contact with your designer via this dashboard. If you have extra work, you can avail more than one designer for your work. But it will not be without additional charges.

Turn Around Time: If the design is conventional, they can provide the first draft of revision within one or two days. However, if the project demands more work with illustrations and websites, it will take more time, of which you will be updated.


  • Design Pickle vs. Kimp


Kimp is an outstanding unlimited graphic design service that offers its services with blog images, social media images, infographics, and logos. Their services are geared towards agencies, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 

Price: Kimp offers its services for $389 per month. Through this package, you will be available to gain unlimited revisions, requests, and brands.

Process: Kimp, much like other design pickle alternatives, offers two options for design submissions, which are either email or Trello. Once you submit your requests, your team will update you when your process undergoes materialization to finalization. If the final product is not to your liking, you can submit another revision.


Turn Around Time: Kimp will provide you with two or three designs to review in one or two business days, respectively. However, if your task is more complicated like a brochure, they will update you on how long its completion will take.


  • Design Pickle vs. DigiFloat


Digifloat has aided businesses with their basic graphic design requirements. It has been operating as a solution to a multitude of bloggers and agencies. 

Price: You can obtain the services of Digifloat for $349 per month. The plan gives you the expertise of a designer, account manager with unlimited designs and revisions.

Process: Concerning submitting design work, you can use either Trello or email. It is preferable to select Trello because it gives you the platform to store your design requests on the Trello board. You can follow your design updates from ‘To Do’ to ‘Doing’ and finally ‘Done.’

Turn Around Time: Digifloat has a 24-48 turnaround time. Digifloat also provides different time frames for every design request that is either complexed or complicated. For example, its UI and UX design may take four to ten days.

So, which is the Better Alternative?

Designster by a mile.

Their process and turnaround time are similar to that of their alternative options; however, they dominate the field when it comes to their pricing range. With a cost-effective rate of $299 for a two-month period, this is the best choice you as a business owner can make.


Irtiza Nadeem

Irtiza Nadeem Digital Content Producer for Designster. He develops and implements content strategies for Designster, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.


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