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A practical guide on when you should redesign your mobile app

Are you aware, hundreds of mobile apps are launched each day? This is making it very difficult for businesses to cope with the increasing competition. The competition is rising at a rapid rate, which is why organizations feel that it is quite a challenging task. Anyone can effortlessly develop, test, and launch an app easily. But it takes real effort to satisfy the new demands of users and meet regular challenges at the same time.


Whenever a new mobile app is launched, there are possibilities that the entrepreneur earns huge during the initial days, but its success may not stay in the long run. People may lose interest, and the charm is lost within a few days of usage. The app store may have several apps introduced with modern features, and your application may appear old to more tech-savvy people. They will not take much time to switch and use some other application that interests them more.

It is crucial to stay updated with the latest trends, even if your app is performing better in the industry. You should also keep an eye and know the right time to redesign your mobile app. Mobile application development keeps meeting new updates, and developers should not ignore them. Redesign of your app is crucial to prevent the patrons from making a switch. Try consulting mobile application development companies​ so that you get a good idea of​ what is trending.

You should know when is the right time to redesign your app. There are a few signs that will help you determine that it is high time to get your app redesigned for good.

Less Traffic

You see something strange with the amount of traffic you are getting for your mobile app? It has reduced a lot recently. If you experience that the amount of traffic on your app is reducing slowly, then you should conclude that your prospects are either not using it or deleting it. Consider these things and come up with a solution. With limited traffic, you cannot outbid your competition, and also it will not give ROI.

Multiple Changes

If you try to make several changes to your existing app, there are chances that things get messed up, and users find it challenging to use your app. When you do many changes in its UI, a user may find it difficult to separate your app. Things may get misplaced, and there are likelihood that they abandon it completely because of changing interfaces. This is the right time when you should plan about revamping your app and launching it all over again after incorporating advanced and modern features.

With time, people learn new things and become advanced with technology. They look for improvement, and if you keep your mobile application the same, then prospects may lose interest in using it. While redesigning, keep a few things in mind, keep the UI simple and easy to use, and do it carefully. Make it more appealing than what it was before.

Evolution of your Mobile App

Your product development team can find it out when it is time to get your mobile app redesigned. During the mobile application development​, they played a crucial role in setting​  the product up. After getting a hint from the team about redesigning, try to collect more information in terms of the redesign procedure. Know if only a few aspects need redesigning or the entire application. For best results, determine the recent changes in your industry, so that you can incorporate them in your app too. Also, ensure that your users are going to accept the new features open-heartedly, and all modern additions are welcomed. Seek the best results by revamping your app.

There is no denying the fact; consumers look for something new every time. Hence, it is crucial to satisfy their needs.

Dated Product

Maybe do research, and see if your prospects are satisfied after using the functionalities offered in your app. After receiving responses from your customers, scrutinize them well, and conclude whether your application requires just a few changes or a total revamp? Also, ensure that the content you have on your app is dated, and software is not outdated as well. Spend a good amount of time to strategize the entire redesigning process, and also look for an efficient team of mobile application developers so that you can save your app before it stops working.

It is just a matter of seconds for your prospects to delete an app and download one from your rival if yours lacks adequate functions.

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Online Presence

You want your prospects to feel that your brand exists online. While redesigning, keep in mind that you may need to do alterations in your app, since you are not planning to perish in the coming 3-4 years. Rather, you want to outbid your competitors and stay on top for as long as possible.

Strategize to promote your exciting new app offline and online as well. This way, your users will know about it, and the ones who made a switch can start using the application again; they have been faithful to all this while.

The struggle of the Users

When Users are confused while using an app regarding where they should head next, which section they should navigate to, or are unable to understand the user interface, it means that the life of that app is in danger. This is just the correct time that you should think of redesign and consider bringing in changes to the older version. Before adding something, make sure you know the things your patrons are looking for. Remove all outdated features and also the ones that people don’t use anymore.

Make your prospects feel that they are using an advanced mobile application with all modern features contained. Your app has many features; some may work well while others don’t. Exclude the ones that are not useful anymore. This will help you maintain a simple app with decent features. Keep the home screen of your app informative, and do not include too many tabs and icons. Make sure that you test even the slightest bit and notice even a small error it may have.

If you are planning to redesign your app, don’t consider the proposal without carrying out proper research. It is advised since you may not be required to redesign your app, and without research, you may spend huge on the process. There are times when some functionalities are getting blocked from the usage, or it needs a slight modification. In such cases, redesigning is not needed. Just fixing the required things will get your app going.

We have seen many instances when you may need to redesign your mobile application in the article. Redesigning is still better than just letting it go. One of the primary reasons is​ the introduction of new apps almost every minute. New mobile apps may bury the older ones. Know that your mobile app is demanding a massive overhaul, and work towards getting things right. Earn maximum value from your app by redesigning with blockbuster features.


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