Grocery Shopping App development

Grocery Shopping List App Development: Things to Know

With lots of advancement in technology, the trend of online purchases has become very popular as it has become as easy as buying your favorite things with just a tap of a smartphone.

Whenever it comes to buying food or grocery from the supermarket we all know how boring it becomes at times. Sometimes we forget the things which we want to buy and end up being disappointed and going back again to the supermarket to buy the same.

According to the survey, In 2012 almost 90% of Americans used paper shopping lists to shop but due to the advancement in technology, a recent study states that 69% of users use smartphones for shopping and growing rapidly. Also, 68% of consumers use smartphones while discovering products online.

Benefits of Grocery Shopping List App

  • Eradicating the pen and paper system and implementing technology instead of that.
  • Users can share the Shopping list with your friends and family members.
  • Barcode scanning feature to know the full information of the product quickly within seconds.
  • Getting regular discounts and coupons over the grocery shopping with the app.
  • Built-in recipe book to add ingredients to your cart accordingly.

Basic Features of Grocery App

Here are some basic features of the grocery list app which will fascinate you about it.

  1. Easy sign-in process – Providing an easy sign-up process. This will help the user to enter his information like name, e-mail, phone, and zip-code which will help the developer to give the personalized information to the user and use the information accordingly.
  2. Search bar – This feature will show the customer information about what he is looking for and get the same quickly.
  3. Grocery Suggestions: You can give a list of the best on-demand things which are frequently bought together and give that product description to the users a quick list of new and popular products in the supermarket.
  4. Special categories – Featuring some unique and newly joined stores in your app that will help your customers to grab more attention and show more interest to your app.
  5. Filters – This feature will help the user to find a better and narrow list of his favorite products which he can choose according to his requirements.
  6. Voice search – This feature will help the user to search for his favorite products without typing and just by saying the thing he wants.
  7. Live GPS tracking – The live GPS tracking feature will show the user how much time will it take the delivery guy to reach the destination which will keep the user stay tuned about his product and a time estimate to reach there quickly so that he can be ready with spoons and forks.

Other important features are as follows

  • Feedback and reviews option.
  • 24/7 support to cure the user problems.
  • Online order assistants for better convenience.
  • Areas of service display.
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Discounts and offers for customer loyalty.

Cost to Create a Grocery App

The cost to create a grocery shopping list app for iOS and Android platforms depends on your requirements and budget although many other aspects like features, technology approach(native/hybrid), and platforms which you are planning to make on reflect a lot during the app development.

The app which is overloaded with many features will reap you very useful in the future and give a huge level of convenience to your customers. Although the cost of grocery app development that is making a basic version of it with rudimentary features will cost you around 10000 USD to 15000 USD roughly.

As many companies have reached a high level by just taking their business online, and with the increase in the popularity of the online grocery & food delivery services you can too receive its benefits by making the grocery shopping list app and create great problem-solving options for the customers.

If you are interested in grocery app development you should take guidance from a professional mobile app development company which will guide you to get the best results out of the minimum efforts.


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