How much does it cost to make medical apps for healthcare professionals

When it comes to health evolution, the healthcare industry has seen a kind of total turnaround from the methods that were used decades ago to treat medical patients to the last decade where there have been many striking changes including the healthcare applications. The perpetually increasing medical needs have been one of the leading reasons for the development of mobile-based solutions in the healthcare industry. Basically, the medical app users are increasing day by day and every year the statistics are showing rapidly increasing numbers.

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The above-given chart shares a forecast about the economic worth of the worldwide mHealth or mobile health industry from 2012 to 2020. For 2018 the mobile health market is expected to reach the value of about 33.59 billion U.S. dollars.

In the earlier times, the professionals or companies working in the medical industry were mainly focused on creating custom-made medical equipment and gadgets for healthcare professionals.

Nonetheless, in the present times, they have begun to direct their focus on to customized medical applications that are becoming more and more smarter with each development, have improved considerably in their functionality and are packed with many user-friendly features. The main objective of making medical applications for healthcare professionals is to bring down the health care expenditures, reduce the time it takes to diagnose the problems, and deliver the best results for the patients all over the world, especially rural areas.

While it does sounds good to develop a medical app to help healthcare professionals providing better facilities and services for their patients, there are many factors that must be considered when you are developing a medical app, for example, how to develop a health app, how much would it cost, what kind of features must be part of the health app, and who should be the target users. Given below are a few characteristics a good medical app must have:

  • The app must be easy to use and navigate
  • It must have a smart and smooth interface
  • Must be easy to install without any technical complications
  • Must be compatible with various devices like iOS app development platform
  • App developer must keep safe any sensitive or confidential provided by the app users.

Before going any further with the app development procedure, the first thing to consider is how much would it cost you to make a medical app. The cost usually depends on the complexity and magnitude of the app, and o the number of platforms where you want your app to run smoothly and successfully. The extent of preparation which is needed to build a healthcare app cannot be stated in definite terms, nonetheless, there are many kinds of factors with their own level of complexities which you should analyze and evaluate individually before you begin your medical app development project. Let’s have a look at some of the factors for mobile healthcare industry:

  • Workflow automation

The workflow automation is usually integrated with activities handled by a medical facility on daily basis. The usual activities of a medical facility like keeping track of medication inventory, managing staff rotation, and so on. Then there are medical records of the patients. Here, the time and money needed are based on the range of activities pertaining to patients are occurring in a medical facility on the everyday basis. Activities like patient information and their health conditions, their diagnosis, medicines, and test details, surgery records, and so on.

  • Implementation of medical standards

The medical regulations are different for every country and the app developers must keep them in mind when developing the medical apps. Based on standards and regulations, a medical mobile app must have a structure that has been appropriately designed and should comply with the safety and privacy standards set by the governing bodies of the concerned country. It must be done to make sure that the app developers are not looking at possible financial liability in the future and that can be in the millions of dollars.

  • Communication between doctors and patients

Health mobile apps also provide the communication facility between doctors and their patients. Usually, the app is used for scheduling appointments, keeping track of visits and patients’ health and other similar tasks. Most of these kinds of medical apps have lots of graphic designs and thus it can affect the time and money required to make the app.

  • Compatibility with other medical devices 

The medical app must be compatible with all the devices that are used in a medical facility. The amount of work which is needed on the app will depend on the kind of devices used in a medical facility and the main purpose of developing the app.

  • Back-end programming

Before estimating the time and cost of developing an app, it is important to understand if the app needs a back-end programming. If the app will be used by the users to communicate or if they would need to sign to get access to their medical care app, a back-end would be needed. Depending on how the app would be engaging its users and whether it needs a back-end or not, the time and money needed for the app will be decided.

Worldwide Medical App Development Rates of Developers

Given below are the medical app development rates of developers worldwide, varying  from one country to country:

  1. Eastern Europe – $20 to $100 per hour
  2. Western Europe – $50 to $200 per hour
  3. Asia – $10 to $50 per hour
  4. Australia – $40 to $170 per hour
  5. Southern America – $15 to $75 per hour

Nevertheless, these worldwide rates are the estimated rates for app developers and can change based on the type and size of the application.

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