How to Make a Successful Food Delivery App for Restaurant

The food industry is one of the fastest growing industry. The rapid growth of the food industry in the past few years can’t be neglected. The emergence of technology has made it really accessible for the food industry to reach to people and provide with doorstep service. What is better than sitting in the comfort of your home and getting food from your favorite restaurant in just a few clicks? The progressive growth of the food industry depends on management. It gives you the opportunity to beat your competitors and build a successful food delivery app. It may seem a bit complicated, but just by considering a few things you can overcome all the challenges and get the excellent food delivery app for the restaurant.

According to Statista, food industry revenue is expected to grow by 9.1% in market volume of US $11,569 Million by 2023.

The food industry has broadened the horizon of new opportunity for many entrepreneurs. The new trend of ordering food online has given the opportunity to many people who would like to explore this industry. To make a successful food delivery app for restaurant one should consider these two major food delivery startup modules to rule the market.

The Aggregator Model

Food Delivery Platform with Logistics Support

These are the two main categories that food delivery services come in. Both the platform provides with successful food delivery app for the restaurant. Approx 25 % of smartphone users have at least one food delivery app on their phone.

Without further ado, let’s have a brief look at both the food delivery app categories for the restaurant.


The Aggregator Model

The aggregator business model is a network model where a lot of business collects information about a particular good/service provider and make providers their partner to sell their service under its own brand. In the e-commerce industry, this model is used by various enterprises.

How Does Aggregator Model Work?

The aggregator business model accepts the order and connects all the orders to respective restaurants that offer delivery service themselves. By using this module you can deliver your customer with the secure, reliable, and convenient option to satisfy their hunger and allow them to help you grow your business.

By using aggregator app users can compare food price, menu, and reviews for multiple restaurants and place their order through an aggregator app. Once you make the order, the app automatically will send the order to the appropriate restaurant where the food gets made and then delivered. Aggregator module covers a great market and spread over a massive area. Their focus is on connecting customers with a maximum number of restaurants.

How Does Food Delivery Platform with Logistics Support Works?

Food delivery platform with logistic support came into existence in 2013 with the emergence of technology. This delivery platform helps the partnering restaurant with its logistics support. It’s opening new doors for food delivery startups to have their own food delivery system. The focus of this concept is to deliver the food to the customer so that they can enjoy the meal without restrictions.

New delivery apps allow customers to compare different prices, restaurant offerings, and multiple options. These new delivery platforms take the order, send them to appropriate restaurants, and then pick up the order to deliver it to the customer address. New apps target customers restaurants that can’t afford to have delivery services. It addresses a different part of the food delivery market of the which aggregator model can’t cover.
Features of a Successful Food Delivery App for Restaurant

Online Food Ordering Application helps people who want to explore the food options and deliver their favorite food to them in just a few clicks. Here we have listed some of the best features a food delivery app must have in order to get beneficial results and generate revenue. You can hire App developer to customize your food delivery app for more features

Connect With Various Restaurants:

Food delivery app for restaurant works as a bridge between user and restaurant. It helps the customer to connect with various restaurants and allow them to enjoy their favorite meal.

Online Payment:

The food delivery app for restaurants integrates a payment gateway for user benefit. It allows the users to make payment in advance while ordering the food and get the food delivered with ease without having to worry about the payment.


A successful food delivery app must have membership features. The membership plan boosts up the business and opens the opportunity to build long term relationships with customers.

Save Guest Information:

The food app, restaurant table booking app must allow the restaurants to manage and preview the historical records, of the customers and save all changes and information updated by the customer automatically.

Push Notification:

Get the best restaurant reservation software which enables restaurants to send the reminder in the form of notification to the restaurant and user both. It helps in getting the up to date information to user and restaurant while keeping the customer informed about their order status.


The food delivery app must be user-friendly. The user-friendly app helps the customer to use the app with ease and make a one-time customer convert into a regular customer. User-friendly interface allows the customers to visit your app again and again.


Support is essential for any business to run smoothly hence, one must add a supportive feature in the app to get the beneficial result. It helps the customers and allows them to contact the restaurant regarding any query.

One Tap-Reorder:

This is one of the amazing features which one must add in the app. This feature allows the customers to directly re-order with one tap while viewing the order history. It increases customer satisfaction and helps in greater customer experience.

Promotional Offers:

Promotional offers help the restaurants to grab the customers attention and allow them to bring new customers. By providing your customer with the promotional offers, you get and promo codes you can increase the revenue and generate more profits.


While using online food delivery app one must be sure about the restaurant food quality and ratings, hence, it must add review option in the app to help the customer see the review and make the decision to order food from the listed restaurant.

Final Thought

The food industry is growing rapidly and providing many opportunities for people with incredible growth opportunities. BR Softech provides with incredible food delivery app enabling establishments to use and grow their business successfully. If you are thinking of developing a food delivery app or Mobile App Development, you can contact us and get in touch with our team of expert developers for Food Delivery App Development. The current trend of the food delivery app makes it much more promising for people to use it and allow establishments to take their business to another level.

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