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Interview With Vivek Khatri CEO of Emizen Tech Pvt Ltd

Question about CEO Interviews:

Give Us A Brief Introduction To Your Company?

Emizentech, a well-recognized name among the top software development companies, provides top-notch Software Development Services. We hold a team of seasoned professionals, dedicated working processes, and chief business outlooks. Our proficient developers use the latest tools and advanced technologies to meet the business needs of our clients. We just move with a promise to deliver the best and required business solutions.

What Are The Services You Offer To Your Clients?

Well, at Emizentech, you will get all the solutions to all your business needs, but to be specific let you know that we are experts in offering the best solutions for Web Design & Development, Mobile App Development, eCommerce Development, Salesforce Development, and a lot more. We follow the systematic approach to meet the desired end be it simple or complex. We just make sure that our clients get the on-time delivery of the best-quality projects.

In This Intensely Competitive Era, What Technologies, Services, And Project Models Can Give You An Edge Over Your Competitors?

Well, being the roots of a leading Software Development Company, I believe in meeting the demands of our customers as per their expectations, in the best possible way. So, our team of professionals move with a target of making our clients satisfied by following the best strategy, advanced technologies, and the latest tools.

After Service Is A Necessary Part Of Development. How Do You Provide Customer Support To Your Client?

Our clients are above anything that comes our way. So, be it Post-Development services, or other, we just attempt hard to be at the service of our clients 24*7. Not only for them, but their business growth is important to us also. That’s why we ensure that our clients don’t get trapped with any of the issues or problems. We just address them and pluck them out of our clients’ way to success.

What Latest Technologies And Tools You’re Planning To Implement For Mobile App Development?

Today, mobile apps have become the easiest way of connecting between businesses and customers. At Emizentech, our expert Mobile App Developers emerge with standout and well-engaging business mobile applications that enhance the branding and retain customers faster. Depending on the customers’ business needs, required resources, and functions, we figure out the top mobile development tools, platforms, and technology that may serve their needs better.

What’s Your Approach To Creating Interactive And Addictive UX/UI Of Mobile Apps And Websites?

An engaging UX/UI creates a difference between a good app and a bad one. A successful mobile app demands to incorporate an imperative component of the product approach, UX/UI. At Emizentech, our team of artistic web designers comes out with a perfect blend of functionality and beauty, that is what one should target to build a mobile app to attain the best user experience.

What Are Various Technologies You Used To Make This App A Reality?

Well, the advancement of the technologies in recent years has influenced the landscape of mobile app development, like IoT technology, cloud-native apps, Artificial Intelligence, 5G connectivity, Virtual & Augmented reality, and more. We just need to use such technologies wisely, that’s what our team of professionals do.

How Has Being An Entrepreneur Affected Your Family And Social Life?

Obviously, entrepreneurship demands the time, efforts, and above all the dedication of a person. Being an entrepreneur I too have met all such demands to become a CEO of a successful and well-recognized Software Development Company. But, when it comes to Social Life and Family, I just maintain a perfect equilibrium between my professional and social life. Family is also equally important as what we are today is because of the committed support of our family.

Whom Do You Consider Your Idol Or Biggest Motivator?

A word that strikes my mind while making a thought about my inspiration or motivation is my ‘Family’. They were always with me holding me in my good and bad. Their constant motivation and support bestowed me the strength to survive and stand independently facing all the challenges coming in my way.

Share Best 3 Applications Which Your Company Created Or Used For Business.

Emizentech has delivered uncountable projects whether it’s for mobile app development, website development, or other. A few are:

1. Ego, A store to shop for She-Shoes online.
2. Rebellious, an eCommerce store where you can get an entire range of clothing, accessories, and more.
3. FunCorp, a place to find happiness for the kids, like toys, and more.

What Are Your Hobbies? What Do You Do In Your Non-Work Time?

There are a few unique fields that magnetize my attention, like skydiving – to explore the sky, under-water diving – to experience life underwater, bungee jumping – to fall fearlessly, and much more. Well, in my non-work time, I spend most of the time with my family to live every moment of my life to the fullest.

Have You Raised Any Funding? Or Have Any Plans For The Funding?

A well-established and successful brand, Emizentech was initially nothing. Our teamwork, dedication, and determination made it a renowned entity from scratch. We haven’t raised any funding before and will not either.

Give Your Opinions On How Far This App Revolution Can Make A Difference In The Technology World?

The mobile app revolution is completely flipping the way things are accomplished. Today, mobile phones have become smart, and so are known as Smartphones. Such smart devices have offered ease to most of the job. Whether it’s about shopping online, booking any ticket, ordering food, or finding a doctor, smartphones have made everything easy just on a single go. The invention of mobile apps at every moment has enhanced the power of mobile apps. Such apps just need a tap to put the desired outcome in front of your eyeballs.

What Are The Challenges You See In The Outsourcing Industry?

While seeking the best place for the outsourcing industry, various challenges come our way, like:

  •  It’s tough to find great resources.
  •  There are a lot of communication issues if your outsourcing company is not local.
  •  Lack of perfectly crafted documentation
  •  Tough to find the required proficiency
  • Post-development support, and more.

Mention The Ways You Use To Introduce New Updates To Your Team.

Not always easy, the changes keep the employees informed, involved, and empowered all through the process, and lead to a huge difference in the employee experience and the result of the change. At Emizentech, we are very serious when it’s time to introduce new updates to the team. We follow the ways like:

1. We convey everything relevant to the modification to be implemented, like why it’s important, the reason behind it, and more.

2. Let them know the benefits favoring them and what they can expect.

3. Also, we stay thankful to your employees for their cooperation, patience, and for being with you always.

4. Make them clear in the way they are ready to accept.

5. At the end of any communication, one always needs to know the step to be taken in the next step. So, we tell our team what is to be done and when.

6. Don’t forget to engage in direct conversations to permit our team to deliver messages privately or make their queries clear. Whatever modification you need to implement, just be sure that your team is feeling comfortable and relaxed, as the success doesn’t come from a single soul, it’s the result of the hard work of the whole team

Anything, You Would Like To Say To Our Readers, Upcoming Entrepreneurs Or Startup Companies?

Although we may be close to our objectives, we still need to walk miles to hold our position among the top Software Development Companies. Still, if you want to know, I would like to say, being a successful entrepreneur claims a lot of vision, work, and perseverance. There are a few points that you should keep in mind to reach your targets easily, like:

1. Challenge Yourself
2. Dare to Take Risks
3. Move with A Vision
4. Trust Yourself, You can!
5. Build a Perfect Team
6. Recognize Your Goals
7. Make Mistakes & Learn from them
8. Know Your Customers
9. Accept Complaints as Edges to Learn, and a lot more.


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