Sanjay Ghinaiya CEO Of World Web Technology Pvt Ltd

Interview With Sanjay Ghinaiya CEO Of World Web Technology Pvt Ltd

Give Us A Brief Introduction To Your Company?

World Web Technology since its inception in 2010 has been offering custom web and mobile app development services and solutions to global businesses. With a team of 50+ vetted engineers, World Web Technology has served over 900 plus clients globally.

Being the fastest-growing web development company, we provide software development services to businesses of all sizes, including startups and SMEs. Our main focus is to help Startups and enterprises leverage technology to excel in their industries at a reasonable cost. We partner with our clients across the world by offering quality software solutions for their specified business domains.

Respondent: Sanjay Ghinaiya
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Company: World Web Technology Pvt Ltd
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What Are The Services You Offer To Your Clients?

We’re a client-oriented software development company providing our clients with top-notch IT solutions for their specific requirements. We offer comprehensive software development services for all IT domains. Some of our top software development services include:

  • Web Development services
  • Mobile App Development services
  • Web Design (UI/UX) services
  • Hybrid app development services
  • Native app development services
  • Android app development services
  • iPhone app development services
  • Custom app development services
  • PHP Frameworks Development
  • Open Source Development
  • WordPress Development
  • WooCommerce Development
  • Theme development
  • SEO and Digital Marketing

Apart from the web and mobile app development services, we enable our clients to hire mobile app developers on an ad hoc basis, albeit we have a flexible range of hiring models to choose from. When our clients hire dedicated resources or teams, we also help them with internet Marketing & SEO, and Quality Analyst services so they get all services under one roof.

In This Intensely Competitive Era, What Technologies, Services, And Project Model Can Give You An Edge Over Your Competitors?

With increasing competition, it is important to adapt to a flexible business model rather than a traditional and that’s what World Web Technology does. We offer a flexible engagement model that suits the clients’ preferences. More than that we are a top mobile app development company working across traditional to trending technologies, including, Flutter, React Native, AR/VR, AI, ML, Big Data solutions, and more. We have a team of experts who are good learners. That means they learn any new advent in the market quickly and deliver the project based on desired technologies to the clients. And yes, paying attention to details is what makes us win over our competitors.

Besides, we offer transparent hiring policies. That means we do not have anything hidden from clients. Everything is made clear, right before we take over the project and everything we offer is fully conveyed to clients in writing and verbally.

After Service Is A Necessary Part Of Development. How Do You Provide Customer Support To Your Client?

  We, At world Web Technology consider ourselves to be a client-centric software development company, hence, make sure our clients get backed with satisfactory solutions ensured by additional post-development care. All our products come with post-development assistance so that the clients come across with no hassle once they’ve chosen us for their project.

Our team guides our clients at each step of the project and we have very strong after-service customer support. We make sure the project remains in stable condition once finished with our post-service support and periodic maintenance. We can proudly say that we provide world-class post-development care that’s rare in the tech industry.

What Latest Technologies and Tools You’re Planning to Implement for Mobile App Development?

  We consider that having an innovative approach toward new technology and trends is the best way to go. We strive to keep ourselves abreast with emerging tech trends and innovations so that we never miss any chance to grow. We have been using various app development tools like React Native and Ionic for mobile app development. Furthermore, we are also adding on to more resources which are experts with Flutter and Xamarin.

What’s Your Approach to Creating Interactive and Addictive UX/UI of Mobile Apps and Websites? 

  There are so many apps and websites that are created daily but users don’t use all of them. They use the unique one, offer good service, and are user-friendly. At World Web Technology we pride ourselves on having a team of professionals who are creative and passionate with their work and thus developing an out-of-the-box app concept is something we practice. We are always focused on offering innovative design with a classy front-end interface.

Moreover, we strive to create interactive designs with minimal distraction and keep the focus on content placement, response time, navigation control, and many more to ensure the website we develop is interactive and engaging.

What Are Various Technologies You Used To Make This App A Reality?

  We create apps of all kinds like Native apps, Hybrid Apps, Wearable tech app development, AR/VR app development, etc. We have experience working with all trending programming languages and so if you have a concept in your mind we can make that app a reality for you with our team of experts.

How Has Being An Entrepreneur Affected Your Family And Social Life?

  When you have a big company to handle it is natural you need to devote much time to your work and I’m not an exception. Being an entrepreneur comes with new affairs every day that change your vision and thinking as you start thinking creatively. Sometimes, you’re lost in thoughts and planning so deeply that you might forget your personal life, but I really make sure I give enough time to my family and socialize whenever needed. Ultimately we are social animals.

Whom Do You Consider Your Idol Or Biggest Motivator?

  My Dad is my biggest motivator and my idol too. He had always supported me to believe in my dreams and never give up in any situation. One of his teachings that I remember always is always trying to be on the giving side of something because a person who has abundance can only give and the Universe conspires to fill up that for a giver.

Share Best 3 Applications Which Your Company Created Or Used For Business.

  There is plenty of work we have done so far, though the three applications which we have done recently include;

  • Tap n’ Style

This is on-demand hairdressing, makeup, and beauty at your home or office application.

This app allows users to order a hair stylist, beautician, or make-up artist for their hairdressing needs. Once they book an appointment using the app, the beautician will visit their home and get the work done.

  • ViViRa

This is a health and fitness app that enables people to stay pain-free at home, office anywhere just by spending a few minutes daily. For example, the app suggests, some expertly proven exercises and users have to follow that. It is simple to use and a feature-rich application.

  • Priority Wine Pass

This app helps people with concierge services and personalized itineraries. Basically, it helps users find the wineries they would love to have. The comes with all the necessary features and functionalities combined with easy-to-use UI/UX.

What Are Your Hobbies? What Do You Do In Your Non-Work Time?

  So being an entrepreneur and working in multiple time zones I generally am not fortunate enough to have many hobbies but I like to travel to serene places that help me unwind my stress and get rejuvenated to serve better to my clients. Apart from traveling, I am also a foodie so you’ll definitely find me enjoying good food in one of the best restaurants.

Have You Raised Any Funding? Do or Have Any Plans For The Funding?

  We have never raised any funding till date as we have been very fortunate with our finances and I really plan to stay as it is till the time I don’t need any external funding.

Give Your Opinions On How Far This App Revolution Can Make A Difference In The Technology World?

  Today there is an app for everything from ordering food to vegetables, to machinery. Everything is available at a click of a button and thus we really feel that Apps have already made businesses think very seriously about having developed one.

What Are The Challenges You See In The Outsourcing Industry?

  There are many challenges in the Outsourcing industry like thin budgets, lack of expert teams, lack of skilled resources, poor management, etc. But one of the major challenges that it faces is a lack of trust and threat to intellectual property rights. Considering the concerns we at World Web Technology have made sure to maintain work transparency and offer security to their concepts by having legal requirements in place.

Mention The Ways You Use To Introduce New Updates To Your Team.

  Communication is the most important part of any project to be successful and we make sure that any new updates or information is provided to our team on a real-time basis. We have been following the practice of having daily stand-up meetings which are quick in nature and weekly project meetings to share any new updates. Apart from this we also provide video updates and circulate weekly news feeds across the team.

What’s Your Step to Enter into Wearable Tech and IoT Revolution?

  Wearable Tech and IOT have been capturing more and more space now with their dominance currently in healthcare, wellness, navigation systems, and advanced textile. Clients are looking to make their devices smaller but powerful and so we are really excited to connect these technologies to various app technologies.

Can You Name The Latest Technologies And Tools You’re Going to Implement For Mobile App Testing Needs?

  Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular day in and day out and to make the app performance better, app development companies need to have the next level of technologies and tools for app testing. Quality matters the most, hence, we follow automation for mobile app testing. It saves us precious time and reduces the possibilities for errors caused by humans.

Moreover, there are plenty of tools that enable the testors to automate the test script and some of them we use for mobile app testing are Robotium, Appium, and so on. We’re always on the lookout for trending tools and if there are any we implement them for mobile app testing strategy.

Anything, You Would Like To Say To Our Readers, Upcoming Entrepreneurs, Or Startup Companies?

  I have 3 pieces of advice here;

  1. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy, you have to be ready for the good and bad parts and so never get disheartened by immediate failures.
  2. Always make sure you have a good business and financial plan in your hand to support your Start-up for a healthy 6 to 9 months because this is the time when you’ll be learning to walk.
  3. Be humble and always learn from your mistakes.

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