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Interview With Assim Gupta CEO of Closeloop Technologies

Q1. Give Us A Brief Introduction To Your Company?

Closeloop is a forward-thinking software development company with creative brains dedicated to creating smart IT solutions for a better tomorrow. We help clients discover new business opportunities online and assist start-ups to grow from seed to fully grown enterprises. We provide long-term growth consulting to organizations and focus on establishing a client-customer relationship based on honesty and integrity. We strategize and innovate to create apps and software that don’t bite the dust of time – we evolve and grow together!

Respondent: Assim Gupta
Designation: CEO
Email Id:
Company: Closeloop Technologies
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Q2. What Are The Services You Offer To Your Clients?

We serve clients looking for the following services:

  • Native mobile app development
  • Hybrid mobile app development
  • Web app development
  • Custom software development
  • Cloud solutions
  • eCommerce and CMS development
  • ERP / CRM solution development
  • AI-powered app development
  • Wearable app development
  • Chatbot app development
  • IoT app development
  • AR/VR application development
  • Data analytics

Q3. In This Intensely Competitive Era, What Technologies, Services And Project Model Can Give You An Edge Over Your Competitors?

I believe in simplicity. Simple things work more than anything else in this world. The technology industry is no exception. Users like simple things that get the job done in the blink of an eye. Our main focus at Closeloop is to simplify and streamline business processes for enhanced functioning and ultimate user satisfaction, whether by building apps or custom software. Though with the use of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT), we strive for business automation, strategic growth, and greater efficiency. I believe simplicity combined with innovation will rule the future.

Q4. After Service Is A Necessary Part Of Development. How Do You Provide Customer Support To Your Client?

Post-development assistance is an essential component of any development service. We accomplish this by remaining accessible to our clients even after the app has been published or delivered software. More importantly, we make it a point to keep in touch with our clients for long-term business relationships.

Q5. What Latest Technologies and Tools You’re Planning to Implement for Mobile App Development?

As discussed above, innovation is the key to making businesses simpler and gaining that much-needed competitive edge in the market. We use emerging technologies like AR/VR, Blockchain, cloud computing, machine learning, data science, and AI to innovate and improve business processes.

Q6. What’s Your Approach To Creating Interactive And Addictive UX/UI Of Mobile Apps And Websites?

We create clean and pleasing designs with minimal distractions and spruce up the game with eye-catchy and interactive elements. We pay special attention to response time, content and element placement, navigation controls, etc.

Q8. How Has Being An Entrepreneur Affected Your Family And Social Life?

Well, entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be on your toes all the time. You need to sacrifice sleep and other important personal programmes and functions. You can only succeed as an entrepreneur if you are passionate about it and go to every possible extent to make your business successful. I have done my part to the best of my ability, balancing work and personal life. And yes, I socialize at times too.

Q.9. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

Learn new methods and technologies.

Q10. Share Best 3 Applications Which Your Company Created Or Used For Business.

We’ve worked on numerous software development projects in the past years that have had a significant impact on society. This covers initiatives such as:

HomeRun is a fully tailor-made FinTech web app solution for home loan processing.

Ajna is a new-age recruitment software built as per clients’ distinguishing requirements that boasts features like unbiased hiring, appropriate candidate matching, and automated interview scheduling.

Omnidian is a data-gathering and analytics software for real-time determining and managing solar panel readings.

Q11. What Are Your Hobbies? What Do You Do In Your Non-Work Time?

I like to spend time with my family, go on trips with them, and travel to different countries in my spare time. I like to read, so books consume a lot of my time too.

Q12. Have You Raised Any Funding? Or Have Any Plans For The Funding?

No, we haven’t raised any money yet, but we are open to it, considering what the investor brings to the table.

Q13. Give Your Opinions On How Far This App Revolution Can Make A Difference In The Technology World?

The app market is inevitably bound to grow. People are accustomed to smartphones and gadgets, and with time, we will only see growth not be limited to a single industry but to multiple beneficiaries.

Q14. What Are The Challenges You See In The Outsourcing Industry?

I want to list three – transparency, trust & reputation, and hidden charges.

Q15. Mention The Ways You Use To Introduce New Updates To Your Team.

It totally depends on the updates and information we need to pass. At times conveying via an internal communication system does the job, whereas in other cases, we need to conduct workshops for proper understanding and clarity.

Q16. What’s Your Step To Enter Into Wearable Tech And IoT Revolution?

We encourage businesses to incorporate these technologies into businesses to elevate user experience and target a specific set of audiences. By doing so, we can optimize growth, transform SMBs into enterprises and grow like never before.

Q17. Anything, You Would Like To Say To Our Readers, Upcoming Entrepreneurs Or Start-up Companies?

Focus on solving a problem rather than making money. Money will follow if you build a solution that solves a real-world problem. Go after your dreams and make incredible and innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

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