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Voice of the Customer(VOC) technology is the new gateway to the improved healthcare industry. Know-how

The mobile health industry is evolving with the changing needs of 2020 and the disastrous situation created in the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As more emphasis is made on developing healthcare apps all around the world, there are equal chances of an increase in the competition and the challenges for the app to survive in the market.

For all those healthcare app developers and the healthcare service providers who are planning to launch their application or are already having a healthcare application launched on the Play Store or App store, here is an exceptional technology (VOC) that can help you understand your customers need better to upgrade your app functioning and ensure the success of the app in the industry.

So before we jump into the benefits and the working of the cutting edge technology in the Healthcare app lets first know what this technology is all about and its significance.

What is the voice of the customer technology?

VOC technology is a set of processes and a combination of tools used to capture and analyze the customer’s sentiments, their behavior with the app, likes, and dislikes to generate data that can further be used for the betterment of the app and to enhance the customer experience.

With the use of advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and analytics, Voice of the customers brings up such data about customers and their preferences to the business owners which helps them create new strategies based on the records thus acting as a basic source of market intelligence for their product and business.

To simplify the definition, VOC is used to collect customers’ data in terms of feedback, opinions, and preferences and is used to improve the product and services of the businesses.

Let’s look at some advantages of VOC for different business

●    Generate more customer-oriented plans

The generated data from VOC acts as a source of reference and a base for the business owners to make their future business plans. The AI technology helps to convert the insights generated by the customers into the product or service quality. It helps the business planners to create more customer-oriented business plans by understanding the queries that the customers are facing.

●    Analyse customer behavior and interaction

VOC enables business owners to track and monitor the way their customers interact with the app. Whether it’s a query they fill or the conversation they do with the customer support executives or by the way they navigate through the app by tracking their way of using it.

It also helps the owner to understand whether his audience is liking the app or what are the difficulties they are facing with the help of social media analytics or content analytics to collect customers sentimental data as well as interaction data with the app.

●    Improve product service and customer experience by pointing out glitches

The most important advantage of VOC technology is it helps the business owners know about the recurrent problems that their customers are facing while using the app by collecting valuable feedback from the customers through comments, group discussions, surveys, and interviews.

This helps the owners and developers note these issues to fix them and develop a more customer-friendly app keeping in mind the already mentioned errors by their direct customers. With this feedback, the customers can also generate some innovative solutions to make sure such loopholes don’t remain in any of their future apps.

So now when we are clear about the VOC technology and its benefits, it’s time we know how this technology does wonders for the healthcare industry with its service.

How can VoC be beneficial for healthcare app improvement?

VOC, here the C for a customer would be referred to as a patient for the healthcare industry. As here the patient is the end-users for the healthcare application, taking into account their likings, their views and their preferences of using an application becomes a must.

As in the end, if the patient is unable to use the healthcare app in his need or finds it difficult to navigate through its advanced features, there would be no meaning of having such an app and the probability that some new users will download the app reduces.

Here comes the role of VOC technology and its different processes. With the three-phase process that includes data collection, data analyses, and data implementation it helps the healthcare panel understand the needs of their patients.

How does the VOC process work for the Healthcare industry?

●    Data collection process

There are many ways in which the feedback data and user preferences of the patients (customers) are collected to be used for analysis.

  • Manual process: In the manual process the users are made to fill the feedback forms and are made to participate in the group discussions where all of them are given the freedom to share their experience and views on the app. Apart from these the surveys and interviews with the direct users based on their focus group are organized to help in the collection of right and authenticated data.
  • Data collection using Technology: The second way to collect the data is by using technology like Emotional intelligence tools, AI, and IoT to track the interaction of the user with the app to generate the data that capture the experience of the user with the app. With the Experience-Based Design technique which works on capturing emotions, it helps the owners know whether the user is interacting with the app with involvement or not.

●    Data analysis process

The next in the list is the data analysis process where the above-generated data in the tools are processed into a readable and understandable format with the analysis tool to help the healthcare developers identify the glitches and make improvements in their healthcare app to give a better app experience to their patients.


●    Data implementation process:

Finally coming to the last phase of the VOC process is mapping each identified loophole with its possible solution, whether it’s in the form of app design, feature, user-friendliness, or app functioning. This final step is all about filling the gaps and meeting the expectations and desires of patients and stakeholders and measuring the baseline before and after the change.

Putting it to nutshell

Customer experience is the basic and the most important factor for any business, app, or service to work in the market. The VOC technology is designed and worked out to help the applications and its owners understand the way people feel while using their app and improve the app experience for the users.


Talking about the healthcare industry, this VOC technology can play a vital role by helping the owners get data about the sentimental analysis of the user with emotional intelligence tools and also collect data about the different customer attributes like healthcare app design and usability to enhance the customer experience.


To all the healthcare app professionals and developers, hold on and take note of embedding such VOC technology in your apps before you plan to deploy and launch it in the market.

Parth Patel

Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations – Managed IT service provider in Ontario. He has been serving in Canadian healthcare industry for more than 7 years. Along with his team, Parth Patel has earned expertise in customized app development and even developed a virtual healthcare solution for long-term care homes.


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