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Best Evernote Alternatives You Should Try in 2021

Evernote facilitates to Sync & organize, web clipper, templates, PDF & doc search, scan, team up, handwriting search, and application integration of applications. It helps to manage your notes, docs, to-do lists, etc. There are some good Evernote alternatives available now.

However, the application is not perfect in every aspect such as; difficult to export files (it may require technical skills), and encrypted notes facility is not available. Furthermore, it has restricted formatting and long load time.

Here are some enormous Evernote alternatives available

  • Turtl

An application (Turtl) allows you to manage and keep notes, credentials, pictures and passwords. Share the stuff with your team and friends easily.


  • High security through high-end cryptography
  • Better organization and easy search
  • Sync on different devices
  • TeXmath rendering facility.
  • Share your data safely
  • Backup your data through import/export
  • Markdown format lets you write text with ease

Turtl has limited free version with 50MB storage data facility along with 3 collaborative persons. However, 10GB note data with 10 support personals come in $3/month and 50GB with 50 people charged at $8/month.

Turtl has some great features which are missing in Evernote. Such as; High-end security, TeXmath rendering, backup, writing formats, Multi translation, RTL text support, shortcut keys and open source server etc. Nevertheless, it does not provide offline access to data as Evernote provides. Also, you cannot add team members to collaborate. Turtle does not work appropriately in the Windows version.

  • Bear

It’s never been so easy to write superbly on Mac, iPhone and pad before Bear app. You can protect your notes, link notes and use hashtags to organize, use themes, dark mode, edit and export.


  • Stylish themes and typography
  • Rich preview
  • Export documents through multi options
  • Secure data through Face ID
  • Intelligent data recognition, Hashtags and linking notes
  • Sync your data easily

The basic version is free, $1.49 pm and $14.99 annually subscription.

Bear is more versatile as compared to Evernote; as it provides a verity of themes, typography and an affluent interface. It not provides better linking facilities across different notes but also provide high-end security along with data recognition feature. However, it does not facilitate bringing the team together, integration with other apps and scan of documents.

3)      Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is like an online word processor, enables you to collaborate with teams, share documents, file, assignment, agenda, edit, brainstorm t the same place. Real-time user experience gives you the freedom to handle the documents/content and layout.


  • Meeting Notes: Online collaborative meeting can be planned
  • Launch Plans: Manage timelines, set milestones, to-do list and approval management
  • Brainstorm: Real-time idea discussion, visual representation of data (YouTube, Pinterest)
  • Product Spec: Clear picture of products, objectives, customer feedback.
  • Creative Brief: You can administer work with clients, share deliverables and have a response

Dropbox has the following plans:

Free Version: Up to 2.5GB

Plus Version:  2TB (2000GB) at $9.99/month

Professional: 3TB (3000GB) at $16.58/month

Business: it has two plans (Standard and Advanced)

Standard package: 5TB at $12.50/month/3 users

Advanced package: Unlimited space at $20/ month/3 users

Enterprise: Customer are given special custom plans with admin support

If we compare it with Evernote, dropbox has somehow similar features but with great value addition. Dropbox provides immense space to customers as compared to Evernote (2.5 GB as compare to 60MB in free, 2 and 3TB as compare to 10GB in professional, and 5TB/3 users as compare to only 20 GB/ 2 users respectively).

Dropbox let their customers convert the notes automatically into the valued presentation. It also works like your project manager.

However, it does not works offline only on the web. But it works offline on the mobile app (you can edit, save documents)

  • Google Keep

Google has launched a very user-friendly application which is the best alternative to Evernote. It has a simple user interface with multiple options to keep the notes. As you can add images, colors, date, set reminders, put labels, voice memos, and many more options. Google keeps gives you the freedom to sync across your devices.  It is easy to search any of you note using filters and colors, images, or audio attributes.


  • It has a very simple interface
  • Quickly can search for notes
  • You can access your notes on your devices because of the sync facility.
  • You have the freedom to save your notes in multiple formats like images, text, audio, etc.
  • Most of all you can color your specific notes
  • Notes can fully be organized in a way you want
  • The handwritten facility is available with colorful brushes.
  • You can only set reminders and to-do list
  • Google keep is a free application
  • Rich text formatting supported

However, it does not have a variety of themes, less collaborative and no windows desktop & Mac application.


It is totally free application.

  • Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote app is the great interface featured note-taker that allows you to well organize your data through various sections and pages. Now you can navigate among various sections easily to search data. It provides you the facility to rewrite your notes, can highlight with color, and can use across your all devices through sync option. This application allows you to collaborate and share ideas together.


  • It allows adding sticky notes
  • Organize your data on different pages and folders
  • Data formats such as text, audio, memos, and to-do list
  • Encrypted data before sharing
  • Collaboration facilities (team members can collaborate, comment)
  • Theme customization on desktop
  • Handwritten prop up
  • Easy sharing through emails
  • Shortcut versatility available

However, as compared to desktop version, mobile version is not much interactive. Task administration is bit difficult because it does not sort notes automatically.


Right now it is free of cost. Previously it was only available to users of Microsoft Office 365.

Comparison of the first 3 applications with Evernote:

Features Evernote Alternatives
Evernote Turtl Bear Dropbox
High End Encryption No Yes Yes Yes
Data Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes
         Basic/Free Free 60MB Free 50MB Free Free 2.5GB
         Professional $7.99/M 10GB $3/M 10GB $1.49/M $16.58 3TB
         Business $14.99/M 20GB $8/M 50GB $14.99/p.a $12.5 5TB
Themes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offline (Edit, access) Yes No No No for web/Yes for mobile app

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