Instagram app stories spin as 1 everyday use overshadow Snapchat

Instagram stories have floweret no time ever before. By chasing the Snapchat invention “Stories” Instagram has become a leading communication app since last five years of its launching. Almost half of its business has generated through story every end of the month. Finally, average users of Instagram are spending more than 32 minutes on the instant messaging application which is quite more than other social networking apps and it overshadows the mighty Snapchat.

Instagram app stories turning as 1 and its individual usage is up to 32 minutes compared to Snapchat it’s quite good. Therefore, Instagram has become one of the most popular social messaging apps globally. Since last five years, when it is been launched, almost half of revenue is been generated through the Instagram stories which are quite amazing and it seems more popular than the Snapchat.

If Facebook had its target to beat the Snapchat on its way of success, then through Instagram it’s been done through its “Stories”. The mighty Snap that’s monthly average use plunges from 17% per quarter to just 5% and on another hand, Snapchat shared price had decreased from 17$ to 13 $. But, Instagram stories has almost 250 million daily users all across the world, in spite of this Snap chat the founder of Stories has 166 million daily users of the stories. The user of Instagram spend almost 30 minutes each day and Snapchat users spend almost 25 seconds up to 20 minutes per day.

Now it is very simple to know that why users are turning towards Instagram. It has copied few of Snap’s basics use cases and other effective tricks. Instagram has very similar tools to the Snapchat such as augmented reality filter which is quite a copy of Snapchat and virtual puppy ears. If we look further deeply we would come to know that the five of the Instagram face filters such as bunny years, Koala years and few others are quite the same as Snap Chat’s meme-worth popularity of snap dog face. But Instagram not only took inspiration from Snapchat also introduced one of the best new features along with the Stickers packs, same as the below of Instagram stories’ first birthday.

Instagram not only copied the Snapchat also put its efforts wisely and efficiently. It also took three years to come up with the version of stories and only took three months to create its own stickers.

Instagram has copied the Snapchat stories but made Instagram one of Snapchat biggest private messaging rival. Since it allows its users to send instant visual messages that ultimately disappear, now it has largest fan following which is almost 375 million users in a single month. The Snap’s a really made difference and help out Instagram chat feature and enable the instant messaging app one of the greatest messaging app. Now, one out of 5 Instagram stories posted by business gets as direct message feedback, and enable the app to attract the advertisers which actually need private channels in order to connect with their customers.

It’s been a year ago; it looked like that Snapchat will rule the digital media. We had an idea that its screen sharing will not be comparable to anyone.  It seems impossible to think that a more massive window into friends would not possible. But Facebook and Instagram don’t have to outdo Snapchat. They just have to copy it and add some more interesting features and competing with Snapchat with sheer power.


Instagram has worked smarter, it may take some time but currently, it is competing with the Snapchat and it outdated Snapchat in stories by making its clone.

Kenneth Garza

She is an Editor of App Story and. For the last seven years, she has been contributing to leading On Demand app development company and online publications, including, App Story & CEO Interview Platform, Dataflow, Dzone, B2C etc. At the workplace, she is admired for her team management skill. She leads a team of 20-something creative writers and designers. Submit your Next Guest Post for mobile app here.


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