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Here’s How People Will Stick to Your Mobile App

Acquiring long lasting users is indeed a challenging task for your business mobile app. If you own a mobile app development company and you want to retain more and more users, then you need high levels of dedication, efforts and of course an amazing idea.

One of the most effective ways for your mobile app idea is to design and develop in a way so that users will find it difficult to put it down. Remember, successful mobile apps are addictive.

But the question is how you can predict your mobile app will be a huge success.

To create a more successful mobile app, here are some amazing ideas that will get users hooked on your app.

Make it Useful

People won’t bother downloading or installing a copycat app. Keep in mind, uniqueness is the key that can only be achieved with an innovative feature. Take an example of Snapchat, it’s self-deleting feature make it stand out from similar group of apps and gain massive followers.

Carefully figure out what feature is missing out in apps available in app stores and then use your creative flair to provide it. A professional mobile app development company is able to use the latest technology to help you come up with a unique idea.

Make it Easy

If you need a lengthy description to explain features of your app, then your app is complicated. Simplicity in design and functionality are the hallmarks of successful mobile apps.

But achieving simplicity is an intricate task. To meet users’ needs, mobile app developers need to understand what they actually want. If you know what your target market wants, test you understanding with a particular demographic group.

Once you have a better understanding of users’ requirements, you can develop your app around unique features. Remove all those features that can make your app complex. The major reason a useful app is flopped, is that it is too complicated.

First Few Screens are Engaging

Keep in mind, the first impression of your app may be the last impression. Mobile apps must be engaging and outstanding especially in the first two to three screens. As these screens decides whether the app is engaging or not.

It is advised to use clear and eye-catching designs in your first few screens that communicate things clearly to make it easier for users to explore the app. Your dashboard should be user-friendly and educate users with engaging features.

Engage Users Even When They are not Using it

It is advised to engage your users even when they are not using your app. You can simply use push notifications that remind users of your app and encourage them to use it.

Push notifications can drive user engagement, send new content, updates, surveys and ask feedback on certain issues. But if your notifications are too forceful, they may make users to uninstall your app. Send push notifications only when you have a design update and any important piece of information.

Make it Fast

Users want mobile apps that respond fast and function well. Your mobile app should download and install quickly and must be fast enough so that people can use it at the speed of a swipe. Users relate speed with quality and mobile apps that work slowly are considered poor performing apps.

If your app performs slowly, its unique features are simply wasted. It is recommended to make content and design completely optimized for speed.

Make Your Monetization Strategy User-Friendly

There are many ways to make your app user-friendly, choose the way that best suits for your users. Users want to use the app for free, so the freemium model that has an in-app purchase option is the best option. Adding multiple in-app purchase options can make your users confused. In addition, avoid in-app advertising as ads distracts users and can affect your app speed and performance.

Make sure to follow all these important points while building your next mobile app. This will surely help you come up with a perfect app that works well and keep users engaged.

Kenneth Garza

She is an Editor of App Story and. For the last seven years, she has been contributing to leading On Demand app development company and online publications, including, App Story & CEO Interview Platform, Dataflow, Dzone, B2C etc. At the workplace, she is admired for her team management skill. She leads a team of 20-something creative writers and designers. Submit your Next Guest Post for mobile app here.


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