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How to build NFT games? A guide to basics and cost estimation of NFT game Development

An informational tour of the world of NFTs

NFTs are fascinating, don’t you think? All the tech masses are scaffolding NFTs for their service or product. Have you wondered why these giants are incorporating NFTs into their systems? Well, read this article and you will know the craziness that NFT bears.

NFT gaming on the other hand is raging among game enthusiasts for obvious reasons. Many gaming industrialists have reckoned their name in the NFT gaming by launching in-game NFTs prior to the release of the game. One such name is Pete Molyneux OBE, whose in-game NFTs are sold prior to its launch. Moreover, for diehard FIFA fans, EA sports are culminating NFTs with a “play to earn” feature to add spice to their gaming module. Now you know how far NFTs are taking their course of action.

Reality check: Axie Infinity, a leading gaming industry, marks $40 million NFTs for its gaming endeavour!

Why should you consider incorporating NFTs in the gaming world?

Now you might wonder, why is the introduction of NFTs a milestone for the gaming world? Given the fact that NFTs can be a fabulous revenue model for the game developers that in turn benefits players. The in-game NFTs are yet another leap in the investment sector that attracts huge player traffic across the world. Let us brainstorm the facts about NFT gaming:

  • Transforming the gaming world

Before NFTs, several games depicted the notion of trading in-game features that allowed players to mimic the lives of characters with real money. However, with NFTs, the gaming concept has taken a step ahead of in-app purchases. NFTs, ensure the authenticity of digital articles like skin and weapons with exclusive ownership that can be traded for real money.

  • Improved authenticity 

The fact that Blockchain game development technology is a universal platform for executing versatile applications that are unified over the world. Being an open-source yet secured platform, players’ retention rate is improvised and developers are inclined to create games that possess reduced piracy.

  • Play-to-earn

NFTs traded with cryptocurrency are a supreme attraction for the investors that shift the attention of gamers to trade for tokens with real-time money.

  • Spectrum of investment

Did you know? A recent analysis of statistics implies an estimated investment in the Blockchain space of UDS 52 billion for the term 2021 and 2022. This massive investment capacity holds a venture capital position among the investors and developers.

NFT are undoubtedly enchanting digital tokens for players and developers that are taking the world by storm with impeccable advantages.

After knowing these facts, don’t you desire to structure NFT based gaming? Let us now run through the tutorial on NFT game structuring!

  1. Design Roadmap

A perfect design defining a perfect genre is the building block of the NFT-based games. The first step of NFT game development is all about strategizing the niche of game-like puzzles, battle games, sports games, adventure games, or roleplaying games.

If you are not sure about which genre you wish to focus on for a lucrative outcome, you can consult the NFT game Development company for expert consultation. With their guidance, you can propel your investment in NFT gaming to the most fruitful destination.

Moreover, designs are pre-fabricated to ideate an exceptional outlook for your gaming application. Software such as “Design Thinking” is a framed platform wherein the idea generation could be rendered possible to follow a multidisciplinary approach.

  1. Developing the masterpiece

The development of the NFT game is a crucial part of the entire process. Dapps- Decentralized applications- are applications based on the Blockchain network for web and mobile platforms. However, the mobile and web versions differ slightly in the developmental process. Moreover, options for the hybrid model could be framed named” PWAs Progressive Web Apps” are the recent advancement in the field of mobile development.

Select the right technology stack 

The right technology stack is the vital step for the advanced and smooth functioning of the NFT game. One of the open-source platforms is GitHub where you could fork your gaming template. Another tool to set up the NFT game refers to Truffle Suite which offers smart contract development embedded with frontend, deployment, and testing features.

Next comes frontend development that could be developed in JavaScript or TypeScript. For frameworks, you can select React and Vue or Angular to eliminate the complexity of web designing.

Moreover, the backend should be crafted on Node.js which resembles JavaScript that utilizes the KOA framework for scalable web applications.

Decide on the wallet

The subsequent step is choosing the secured wallet for efficient transactions. For higher functionality wallet development, MetaMask is the mainstay of non-custodial wallet development that impart private key features with the interruption of third parties. MetaMask can moreover withstand the storage of NFTs through easily accessible plugins.

Smart contact 

For a centralized gaming experience, smart contracts define rules and functionalities to impart augmented security. For this reason, a Web3js library is an efficient tool. Furthermore, the languages that craft robust smart contracts are Solidity, Vyper, and Yul.

For curating extravagant smart contracts, Openzepplin ensures the best ever secured decentralized application.


Testing of the pre-fabricated NFT gaming applications should be precisely conducted for glitch-free operations. For this, you can incorporate Rinkeby or Ropsten Testnet.

For experiment purposes, Truffle provides a tool named Ganache that imparts mock Blockchain to improvise the efficiency of Dapps.

  1. Deployment 

Finally, it is time to spread the NFTs on a gaming platform to the world. Before deployment, one should thoroughly check the security barriers and functionalities for error-free deployment.

How much does it cost to avail of Blockchain game development services?

 In a world of opportunities, it becomes difficult to gauge an excellent NFT development company with budget-friendly options. However, NFT game development services come with customizable options to avail of specific NFT gaming development.

Moreover, as the NFT gaming modules are vivid, the precise service charge is unpredictable. The cost factor is widely dependent on the gaming niche selected and other functionalities incorporated with the gaming. Moreover, the structure of the wallet differs from the technology stack chosen for efficient trading. You can hire NFT game developers as per the hiring model put forward by companies.

If you are actively searching for an NFT game development company to build a revolutionary NFT game development, Webllisto is your search destination for exceptional NFT game development. Hire Blockchain game developers from Webllisto technologies who possess ingenious skills for NFT game development. A leading crypto game development company like Webllisto technologies is a one-stop destination for all your crypto needs. Reach us for amazing Blockchain game development services!

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