How Mobile Apps Give A Winning Advantage To E-Commerce Portals


Would you like to know a simple way to increase your sales? Do you want to know an easy way to reinforce your client base using your top mobile app development in php? Do you wish to provide your brand a big boost? If your answer to all the above questions is a big YES, then you ought to read this article until the end.

A very popular statistical site called Statista had projected that the number of smartphone users worldwide will reach a figure of 2.32 billion by 2017. It further predicts that this number will reach 2.87 billion by 2020. Furthermore, it is expected that almost 2 billion people will conduct some form of e-commerce transaction using their mobiles.

How a mobile app gives a winning edge to an e-commerce business

This means, if we design new mobile apps, it will benefit our business. This article will tell you how mobile apps give e-commerce portals a winning edge. Mentioned below are eight advantages of mobile apps for e-commerce businesses.

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Shoppers prefer to engage with mobile apps as opposed to browsers

In a survey, 78% of mobile users said they would rather use a mobile app to access e-commerce portals as opposed to their respective responsive websites, on browsers. An app helps you remember the website URL instead of you having to type or remember it. Moreover, an app provides better security and speed while accessing an e-commerce portal.

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Mobile apps boost consumer loyalty

According to research carried out by Criteo, a mobile app user is two times more likely to come back to your e-commerce store within 30 days of having visited it once, as opposed to people who visit your portal through their mobile browsers. Customer loyalty can be further strengthened by personalization, push notifications, providing exclusive content, offering a reward system.

Reduced response time

A mobile app takes significantly less time to perform an activity as compared to its corresponding e-commerce website. This is because mobile apps partially store their data on mobile devices. Technically speaking, there is ten times less data transmitted between a server and a mobile app as compared to a server and its corresponding e-commerce website.

Enhanced UX

Mobile apps restrict your online activity due to their layout. This makes your visit to an online e-commerce store more focused. This, in turn, leads to more satisfying user experience. Lack of distractions will let your app user reach the checkout stage faster. This will also compel him to use your app for his shopping requirements, repeatedly.

Increased conversion rates

A combination of a satisfying UX, easy navigation and good usability can give you increased sales through your app. As reported in research by Criteo, the numbers of mobile app users who complete a transaction far outnumber those who use their desktops or mobile browsers to access a particular e-commerce portal.

Engagement with the phone’s inbuilt features

If your customer uses an app, the GPS feature of your phone will allow the app to pinpoint your location, your microphone will help him verbalize what he is looking for, on your e-commerce site and through a camera your user will be able to photograph his purchased items.


Thus, it is always better for an e-commerce store to enable his customer to access his portal through an app. The excellent design features of app UI design will enhance the user experience and entice him to come back. If the app is saved on his phone, there is every likelihood that he will visit your portal again and may even transact on it.

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