Things To Consider Before Creating A Successful E-commerce Mobile App

Having an E-commerce mobile app is not a big deal but creating a successful E-commerce mobile app is tough. As we know social commerce and eCommerce industry are booming, every stakeholder wants to jump on the bandwagon. Meanwhile, Shopping apps are increasing in numbers. So it’s tough to sustain in the crowded app store and deal with such competition.

There are many blogs and news that curate enough information about making a winsome shopping mobile application. But still, there are immense needs of practical content that brings real value for the newbie app owners. Being a leading mobile application development company USA, we are well acquainted with the secrets feature for making winsome E-commerce app.

This article also curates the depth insight about the things to consider before creating a successful E-commerce mobile app. Also, this article describes the revenue states for most popular shopping apps and the most common E-commerce app design mistakes.

Why Stakeholders Are Marching For The Ecommerce Application

The last couple of years owing to E-commerce, and this year will be the same. 2019 is a floating year for E-commerce, M-commerce, and Social commerce. Don’t get confused about the new terms, it is just an update form of eCommerce.

M-commerce is all about mobile devices, a shopping or E-commerce system that leverages from the mass use of smartphones. An eCommerce application that especially design for mobile users called for M-commerce. On the contrary, Social Commerce belongs to social media platforms that allow users to shop directly via social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Meanwhile, Social Commerce and M-commerce are parts of the e-commerce system but diverse from the process. According to Statista, the revenue in the eCommerce market amounts in 2019 exceed US$1,797,645m. Also, the expected growth rate in the revenue until 2023 will be US$ 2,664,705m.

The depth statics from Statista shows the fashion and lifestyle apparel is the largest segment with a market volume of US$577,415m in 2019. User’s penetration is 52.3% in 2019 which expected to boost in 2023 for 61.1%. Also, it shows the average revenue per user currently amounts to US$466.59.

The E-commerce Market Revenue, Popular Segment, and ARPU By Statista

  • Revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to US$1,797,645m in 2019.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 10.3%, resulting in a market volume of US$2,664,705m by 2023.
  • The market’s largest segment is Fashion with a market volume of US$577,415m in 2019.
  • User penetration is 52.3% in 2019 and is expected to hit 61.1% by 2023.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US$466.59.

Things To Consider Before Creating A Successful E-commerce Mobile App

The above statistics clearly mention about the importance of E-commerce mobile application for the business owners. However, the mobile application is the only future for E-commerce growth because users love to scroll the internet via smartphones. Here we are sharing the things to consider before creating a successful E-commerce mobile app.

To dive into the depth, first, we have to identify the most popular USA shopping apps ranked by reach. The statics by the Statista recites a clear picture of the shopping apps. Undoubtedly, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay cracked the top rank in the list. 77.3 percent of mobile users accessed the Amazon app. Walmart had a mobile audience reach of 40.7 percent among the mobile U.S.

This is frequently questioned in business people’s minds, they know the worth and fate of app-based business yet at the same time, they can’t settle on a solid choice towards productive Ecommerce application composition and E-store development. More often than not entrepreneurs have an absence of specialized information yet by one way or another they need to know some essential standard of advancement.

Simple & Secure Payment Method

To make a reliable E-commerce app design interface, you need to give a safe installment strategy for users. On the off chance that the installment strategy isn’t verified or hindered or not bolster all installment mode at that point, it’s a higher opportunity to expand the bounce rate for your web-based interface.

The secure installment strategy makes positive means in the audience’s psyche. So remember that build up an ideal and secure installment strategy. Attempt to make a simple checkout process as much as you can, typically purchasers feel disturbing with complex checkout.

Compatible App Design for All Size

For fruitful e-store or we can say gainful E-business application appealing and responsive mobile app UI design is a need factor. User interface(UI) and User experience(UX) assume a noteworthy job in gainful E-business. Better app design can appeal to target the audience and give a perfectly clean appearance for all sizes.

As we all are acquainted with the booming sector of smartphones, there are multiple features and sizes upgrading every day. The foldable phones are the latest trend in the market. Therefore, Your E-commerce should fit in all possible sizes. To do that perfectly, hire a renowned Android mobile app development company.

Engaging Landing Page

The Best route for the aggressive application and lift ROI is an ideal landing page. It is a sort of promoting devices for land all lead produced from the advertising on the one page. Landing pages are exceptionally intended for advertising reasons, it tends to be your custom administration page, about us or contact page. Create greeting pages with business need and bring engaging content, copywriting in it.

Every popular eCommerce mobile apps are taking leverage from the Landing pages, so it time create yours. For the first time while anybody heard about the landing pages, either he lost in the thought by placing a parallel landing page and mobile app. But landing page can elevate any application growth by including CTA(call to action), Infographic, Appealing text, and important links.

Appealing Content & Copywriting

The content ought to pull in your client or users, Copywriting is the best apparatus to do this task. Copywriting is a one-liner content that exceptionally written to connect with the client. Application content additionally plays out a noteworthy job in a fruitful mobile app. Appropriate Font style and Rich content consistently bring you on top of things to the contenders.

Compose Killer item depiction and attractive headings with the utilization of copywriting. Attempt to compose engaging line in copywriting as opposed to exhausting lines like purchase now or much obliged for shopping.

How To Avoid Common Ecommerce App Design Mistakes

This is all the time questioned in business people’s minds, they know the worth and eventual fate of eCommerce business yet at the same time, they can’t settle on a solid choice towards gainful Ecommerce application composition and Responsive app design. More often than not entrepreneurs have an absence of specialized learning yet by one way or another they figure out how to grow free eCommerce application with app designers format.

For mistake-free E-commerce app development and design, all you need to do examine some famous shopping application in your business category. By comparing popular shopping apps you can get the real thought of building up the best E-business plan.

  • Checkout Design must be easy, convenient, and brings less content.
  • White spaces and the simple color palette is the key for an attractive design.
  • Basic Home Pages are outdated, create a Landing page for lead captured.
  • Try to use color-coding, icon, elements according to the business category.
  • Video content, copywriting, motion & animated graphics are helpful.

Final Thought

While wrapping up the article, we can concordant on a point that there are lots to consider apart from the just coding and app promotion. The ideation and brainstorming while choosing the right tools is the deciding factor for a winsome E-commerce application. We discussed the most common shopping app design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Also, this piece of content described the statics for the importance of eCommerce application. For crafting an E-commerce application, having a renowned mobile application development company USA. Hope this tiny information will content your queries regarding creating a successful mobile e-Commerce application.

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