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Technology has changed everything day by day. But, just like other forms, tech has contributed a lot of things to the animation industry. 

If you go back to Walt Disney classic cartoons, for instance, the world-famous Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), you may understand the difference in the picturization between MOANA (2016). 

Classic animation, known as anime in Japan, is a pretty simple animation model due to its less computer-aided computer-aided technology and graphics. Now graphics have developed and made animation movies more visualized. It elevates the audience’s experience. 

Animators use developed software to produce mind-blowing animation films, for instance : Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops (1986) and more. We can say that technology has shifted the way of animation. 

History Of Animation Technology

Technological Threat is a short film, and this film has come up with the idea that the animation industry needs to carry on traditional animation and computer animation simultaneously. 

In the history of animation, there was a concept that the audience of animation movies was kids. But now, it has changed due to technology. The animation industry is targeting all age groups. Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, and Amazon have distributed animation movies around the mass. Technology has changed anime culture like other industries. 

The Time: Computer-generated Technology Has Come

Pixar and Walt Disney made the first feature-length animation with the help of computer-generated – Toy Story. After the success of the animation film, the technology became implemented in the animation culture.  

With the new technology, new features, tools and data were needed, and animation studios required upgraded software and had to be large data space. 

Tech companies provided new software and computer-generated studious. As a result, graphics make the animation film reality. For example, Tiger is featured in the film Life Of Pie. Tiger was the hero of a film that was made with computer-generated technology and software programs. In this way, the film industry also adopted this technology to improve their filmmaking process. 

Still, animators and filmmakers are researching to discover new technology to develop the making of animation films. 

Illusion of Animation

3d is the computer-generated technology that brings the audience to watch the animation movies in the theatre. It is one of the great achievements of animation technology. Many filmmakers used this technology to make their films unique. 

Animators explain the sequence in 3D and play the sequence. Maya and 3D Max are the two software that has been at the top of 3D animation. Animators can make their imagination believable by telling how to present themselves with this animation software. For instance: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Animators can decide the position of every character and object using this technology. 

New Technology In Animation Industry

There are versatile technologies that have been engaged in the animation industry. Here are some of them:

3D Printing

3D printing is one of the best technologies that has been used in both the animation and film industries. It provides advanced levels of print size, finishing, and details and adds efficiency to work. 

In animation, 3D printing is used for stop motion animation. It seems like real figures. You may see such animation films that use this technology. For example, Shaun, the Sheep. It can reduce the time to create the model. Animators used 3D printing to access more detailed figures. It allows you to make every model at a time rather than individual ways. 

It is used only in animation and film and is also beneficial for the gaming industry. First, it helps to showcase all the iconic features in the realistic field. It increases the audience experience. 

Virtual Reality (V R) In Animation

Virtual Reality (V R) In Animation

This technology offers new experiences to the audience. It can break the barrier between the audience and the screen. This technology is used in both animation and film. Over the last few years, the gaming industry also adopted this technology. 

Nowadays, many software can create VR. For example, Google has made a Daydream Lab that offers you to animate 3D models inside the digital software. With this technology, the iconic character and the object are more visual to the audience. 

You may understand that it creates an incredible project; that’s why every visual entertainment industry uses this technology to make their project more interesting. 

Cloud Workflows

Teamwork is an essential part of every business. Technology creates digital communication that offers teamwork in a remote place. It makes the communication process very easy, and that’s why everybody has come up with new ideas in the animation and tech industry. 

During the pandemic, we understand the value of technology in various fields. Without technology, communication and visual creation are quite impossible. 


The use of VFX has revolutionised the animation industry. VFX creates the animation more realistic and attractive. Audiences love to see VFX animation. 

Animation is a digital product. Many famous animation films have been made with the help of animation. For instance, Lion King Series, zinmanga home, Spirited Away, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The lego Movie and more. 

VFX artists use new technology to produce computer-generated doubles, crowds and creatures. Apart from this, the gaming industry also adopted this technology to create live-action footage for creativity. 

Final Words: Inside The Animation

Animation is based on technology. Without software and computer-generated programs, creating a single animated character is impossible. 

Eventually, technology makes many possible things that improve the animation industry worldwide. Now the animation industry has spread its target audience and geographical location. Again, it is possible due to tech. 

Do you know how technology changed the traditional way of animation? Just like other forms, tech has contributed a lot of things to the animation industry.

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your demands. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section. We’ll be there to give the answers to your questions. 

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