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SharePoint Intranet Portal Best Practices to Follow for Corporate Workflow

Intranet software is a specialized and restricted communications network that is frequently used to promote communication, collaboration, and participation inside a company.

A SharePoint intranet portal serves as a gateway to external apps or company information, allowing enterprises to more easily manage data, applications, and information through customizable perspectives. It provides a single knowledge source to which all workers have access in order to create a more connected and productive work environment.

Let’s look at what an intranet portal is and how it may help your business.

Why should you be using a SharePoint intranet portal?


  • Centralizing information

Intranet portals consolidate different programs and information into a single portal, thus increasing efficiency and, as a result, worker productivity. An efficient intranet gateway will provide employees with more information in one location, allowing them to accomplish their duties more effectively.

  • Improved communication 

An organization’s success depends greatly on its ability to communicate. Maintaining employee involvement in business discussions is crucial. Your communications may be streamlined and centralized through an intranet gateway, enabling you to speak the appropriate language to the right people and deliver the correct message. This will promote staff involvement and participation, putting you on the right track for corporate success.

  • Improved collaboration

Collaboration within a global organization must be promoted. However, because of the global scope of company activities, effective cooperation can be challenging in large firms. The employees will be stationed in several countries and speak various languages. An intranet gateway can assist with the difficulty of bringing everyone together.

An accessible platform and barriers-breaking intranet site not only promote cooperation but also let your firm have a panoramic view of opportunities. Engage in SharePoint integration services now. 

  • Document management

Access to corporate information is improved with an intranet site. The significance and advantage of centralizing papers become clear when you realize that employees spend about 10 hours each week seeking information. Employee productivity is increased and they are given the tools they need to execute their jobs thanks to advanced search options that enable them to locate what they’re searching for quickly.

Best Practises for SharePoint Intranet Portals

#1 Recognize the benefits and drawbacks of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid computing.

Is your portal cloud-, on-premises-, or hybrid-based? To get the most out of the platform, you must pick intelligently because each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Even firms with similar features (such as size, area, and industry) will operate differently and interact with employees. Knowing the primary purposes of each specific intranet is crucial since organizational demands vary.

#2 Deploy a user interface that is simple to use.

The SharePoint intranet portal should be simple to navigate. In the present digital ecosystem, your users are already familiar with interfaces from a wide range of various platforms. Simplify the customer experience through clear, dependable designs that are both beautiful and familiar to them.

Another important aspect of developing the intranet portal is giving users the tools they need to benefit from the contemporary, digital workplace. Because work may be done anywhere and at any time, it’s critical that the intranet be accessible and simple to use on all devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs).

#3 Use a Well-Designed Strategy to Increase User Adoption

Other than making an intranet site helpful and straightforward to use, what is the greatest approach to persuading users to really use it? Without contributions from the users, even the most well-funded intranet portal page would not succeed.

Links to systems like expense reporting, HR monitoring, and learning management systems should be included to improve the user experience. Use the chance to develop or relaunch corporate platforms that will promote more employee connections. In addition to leveraging it as a medium for business-related activities, integrate applications like Instagram and make them everyone’s go-to pages.

#4 Provide personalization for staff to boost relativity 

Not every piece of information will be pertinent to every worker. In fact, if employees are constantly bombarded with unimportant material, they may unintentionally ignore critical emails in their inbox. To avoid this, create a customized experience for each member. Include commonly frequented links for fast access on the homepage as a quick and easy way to do that.

Wrap Up 

Now that the benefits of using SharePoint integration services for a simplified business process are evident, you should do it. Only if you have a strong development team on staff can you take advantage of the advantages offered by the intranet. The best practices described above indicate enduring patterns in how your organization should run, so it is crucial that you follow them.


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