Android vs. iOS: Which is the Right Platform for Your App Development?


When you are creating an application, developing for Android or iOS is the one foremost choice you should consider. When your aim can be to release on both platforms together, it’s risky as well as expensive to create an app for both platforms (Android and iOS) together. 

As a substitute, some developers are choosing to create an application for one platform to begin and then release the app on the different platforms later – when the first release of the application is reputable and effective. 

But the question is – how you choose whether to release your application on iOS or Android in the first place?

There are some pros and cons for both app development platforms, yet eventually, the decision has come up with 5 factors:

  • Desired Features
  • Audience 
  • Budget to maintain your application
  • Timeline 
  • Revenue Goal

Developing an Application for iOS or Android Depends on Your Users

There are some differentiation in the audience of iOS and Android. 

  • For instance, Android gadgets have the largest market share. But, Apple leads the App Store for the consumer budget. 
  • Know your target users’ demographical and geographical characteristics while choosing the platform to create first. In case you are targeting the biggest worldwide users, Android will be your best partner. 

Moreover, if your users are in North America or Western Europe, or in case you are an enterprise or e-commerce application, Apple will be the right choice. 

  • Android is the Best Option for Users in the Market
  • Android is foremost in the global markets in consist of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 
  • The most android audience is working in technical jobs. 
  • Somewhat some users prefer android instead if iOS. 

IOS is Best for Rich and Young Users in Australia, Western Europe, North America

  • iPhone users appear to be more wealthy and affluent, earning more than 40% of the average users of android. 
  • IOS customers tend to be younger along with the broad share of around 18 to the 24-year-old marketplace. 
  • Women are likely to utilize the iPhone instead of Android. 
  • Apply the audience is more educated instead of Android. 
  • Apple audiences are mostly in managerial and professional jobs. 
  • IOS has lots of penetration in the business market, thanks to a reputation for high-end security. 
  • IOS is leading in the region of North America, Australia, and Western Europe. 
  • Apple customers tend to be engaged alongside their gadgets and spend a lot of applications. 
  • IOS customers are mostly shop and make transactions using their Smartphone devices. 

Building an Application for iOS platform is Faster and Affordable

  • It’s easier, faster and affordable to create for iOS – few estimations put the time of development at 30 to 40% longer for Android. 
  • One of reasons why an iOS app is easy to create is all about the code. The android applications are written in Java language, which includes writing numerous codes rather than Swift that is an official language of Apple. 
  • Another cause is that Android is a kind of open-source program. The absence of standardization implies more components, devices and software fragmentation to record for. 
  • Apple’s clear infrastructure implies that you are building for some standardized gadgets and OS or operating system. 
  • It means the Apple Store has severe guidelines and quality potentials and a broader process of review. So, it can take longer for applications to get approved. 

Building an Application for Android Helps More Flexibility Along With the Features and Functionalities

  • What functions will you provide through your application? Since Android is an open-source platform, there are lots of flexibilities, which helps to customize your application – creating great features that your users require. 
  • Obviously, this open-source means android is susceptible to a lot to pirate applications as well as malware. 
  • Apple is usually perceived as more source. Because of its closed infrastructure that is the reason why iOS holds a big number of users in the business marketplace. 

Maintaining Your Application on Android or IOS Is Much Simpler When Users Update the OS

  • Building for android means to spend huge time guaranteeing that your application stays compatible alongside the platform and avoiding errors, crashes, and bugs for people running an older OS. 
  • Users of android are much slower to accept new OS. According to research – more than 50% of an android audience using an OS over 2 years old. 


Apple Users Would Love To Upgrade Their OS.

Monetizing Your Enterprise Application Depends On Possibility to Buy On Android or IOS Devices

  • In case your goal is app monetization, there are several distinctions to take care of. 
  • Indeed, the Apple Store produces twice the same revenue as Google Play Store, in spite of having half as multiple downloads. 

Few Other App Monetization Distinctions Involves the Following –

  • Apple users are mostly preferred in-app purchases and spend a lot of them. 
  • Apple users are likely to invest and pay for applications, except in single domain-utility applications. Android does better when talking about utility applications. 
  • Shopping applications produce the most profits, and North America is leading in sales. 
  • Asian audience is spending more than 40% on in-application purchases, and China is the largest driver of IOS profits. 
  • Both Apple and Google are pushing subscriptions and providing developers a bigger cut of the profit. 

The Key Point: In case you wish to monetize your application without advertisements, either subscription, in-app-purchases, Freemium models, then Apple can be your ideal bet as the similar should be applied to the enterprise applications. 

But, profit from Android applications is rising. Even though Apple is likely to remain the foremost Google Play, Apple App Store, and third-party stores are proposed to surpass in terms of profit. 

Apple Vs Android – Pick One Platform to Create In The First Place

Where your users are living? Who are they? What functionalities they need and your development timeframe and budget? Evaluate whether you need to create an enterprise application for iOS or Android first. 

  • When you want to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) effectively and inexpensively, then iOS can be the best option. 
  • Generally, in case you want to make some money with your application or develop an enterprise application, look for iOS. 
  • But, when you are targeting an emerging marketplace, especially in Latin America and Asia, or if your application includes features and functionalities, which Apple won’t support, at the point Android is the right option. 
  • Whatever platform you pick, when you have worked out the sorts and create a user-base on your first platform, you can find your users on the numerous platforms start clamoring for a variant of your application. 
  • When it occurs, it’s a mark that it is the time to create a different version of your application for the other platforms. 

Wrapping Up

If you are thinking about to create your business application, then you can find the best iOS app development company that can guide you better and provide you in-depth information. They will help you in choosing the right platform to make your app and grow your business. 

Anshul Sharma

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