6 ways to getting Innovative Mobile App Ideas

6 ways to getting Innovative Mobile App Ideas

According to a recent report, presently there are about 2 billion smartphone users in the world and the forecast says that these numbers are not going to slow down anytime soon and are only going to escalate as days goes by. People use smartphones because of the convenience and functionalities it provides.  As a matter of fact, mobile apps are the main reason behind the rise in the number of smartphone users across the globe.

Mobile apps have indeed simplified our everyday life.  And not only this, Mobile apps has also become a major multi-billion dollar industry compelling start-ups and distinguished  App Development companies to develop and release innovative mobile apps at a rapid pace. If you are one such business that is planning to launch a mobile app of your own, then here are some tips on coming up with new app ideas.

Focus on the Idea

When it comes to developing a new mobile app, the very important thing you need to bear in mind is that it doesn’t compulsorily have to be your core startup or business idea. Many companies develop several apps just to find a solution to some random problem or just pure entertainment. Your app idea doesn’t have to be pinioned to revenue instead you should first focus on creating an app that has some real meaning behind it. Don’t lay more emphasis on money while you are getting started. What you really need is to come up with an idea that promises user engagement. Even supposing that you are a startup, you will need some solid concept to convince the investors to invest in your project.

Identify problems

Many applications are developed with the purpose of solving problems that people face every day. These problems can range from communication to lifestyle to education. Try and identify such everyday issues and solve them with an app. It might be possible that you yourself have looked for some particular app on the app store and couldn’t find it. Take cues from such situations and come up with an app idea.

Analyzing Existing Apps

This is one of the best ways of coming up with new app ideas. Check out the apps that are standard and trending and take some cues from them. There is nothing wrong in doing so because even the established players do that. You can even explore the app store and pick two or three apps to develop an interesting, unique app.

Explore Social Media

Social Media platforms are a great way of coming up with an app idea. People today use social media to voice their thoughts or grievances. You can find many issues or ideas, that might call for an app. Use keywords such as “I want….” to gather data on these mediums.


This might seem like an irrational thing to do, but there are many successful apps in the market which were a product of brainstorming. Brainstorm with your friends, family, and colleagues, tell them about your app idea and ask them for suggestions and remarks. There is a possibility that you might find something more interesting from the discussion.

Thorough Research

Well, developing a unique app is not easy at all and it certainly demands “research” and that too thorough. Researching will not only help you in finding out new app ideas but can also help you in exploring your target market for your mobile application. Once you have found out for your unique and solid app idea, you are all set to proceed in the real development part.

There are so many applications on the Android and Apple play store today and still, there are many apps that haven’t made it to these platforms. Just like other people out there, you can also come with a great app idea. You just have to keep in mind that mobile apps are not all about money it’s about solving a problem.  Remember this and you never know your next app might be top on the charts

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