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Best Android Application Development Frameworks, Cross-Platform Frameworks

It is a general reflection that mobile app development takes plenty of time, effort, resources and energy. With the rapidly growing market and as the world is now ready to embrace 5G technology, it is important that the process of the app development should be fast enough to cater to the needs of the recklessly emerging market. Android is the platform that is leading the market with 3 million applications available on Google Play Store and the operating system which runs on most of the devices worldwide.

The fact is it is not necessary that every app would need a huge amount of time and money, there are plenty of frameworks out there which efficiently reduce the resources spent. However, it totally depends on the complexity of the app that how much resources it will require. Additionally, most of the businesses and especially startups are not fully equipped to carry forward the complex procedure.

Now there the various frameworks play a vital role in the development process to make it simpler, easier and cost-efficient.

Here are some open-source mobile frameworks which are of immense help to different Android mobile app development companies and assist the developers in producing apps faster and that too at reasonable cost.


Retrofit is basically used for backend interaction that permits the flawless interchange of the data between the app and the client’s server.

The luxury to implement framework is a type-safe HTTP customer for Android apps that lessens the requirement to correct the semantics of the inquiries delivered over the network, specify the parameters properly, deliver functionalities for creating a response, customized headers, file uploads plus downloads and downloading of XML or JSON data from the web API.


ReactiveX has proved to be an innovation in the practical programming by enabling it to be simpler and efficient to collaborate the front-end and backend with the merger of observer pattern, iterator pattern and functional programming.

The built-in mechanism in ReactiveX to systematically overcome faults and errors is quite powerful. It has the control to look for errors in asynchronous computations. As well as the synchronization, low-level threading and concurrency matters can be easily simplified through Observables and Schedulers.


Realm framework is extremely efficient in reducing the time taken for any app development. It has served as a great replacement for the hefty SQLite and Core Data. It also has the ability to save the data in record time enabling the process of app development to be finished in half of the time that was previously taken.

Furthermore, it provides two-way data synchronization, offline experience and real-time association that can be included in just 10 lines of code. These features can manipulate the creating and integrating any complex or difficult to construct features in the top-notch app that too, in limited time.

Your weeks of app development time can be saved and enables you to develop agile apps that cause the best user experience.


The app can crash anytime during the development process and it’s extremely important to recognize where are the bugs that need to be removed in the first place. The Crashlytics framework is an amazing solution which offers detailed and elaborated crash reports to the developers immediately that helps in removing the bugs promptly.

Crashlytes enables extensive visibility into the app’s workforce when integrated. It also provides prominent insights even the line of code that serves as the reason for the app to crash that too without overstuffing the app with excessive and unnecessary data.


Braintree is one of the most popular payment frameworks which expedite the clients to make a transaction and pay via nearly all the payment methods such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Pay Pal, Bitcoin and Venmo in the mobile application.

The framework approves the transaction generally from all the countries and makes sure that the transactions are proceeded in the safest and most secure way and avoid any kind of data theft issues.

Though the money transaction framework is an open-forum after the customers need to make a payment for each and every transaction made via the app.


Appcelerator framework utilizes JavaScript to create, develop and arrange the native apps.  The Titanium SDK delivers straight access to native APIs through JavaScript, which aids in manufacturing and transporting the Android mobile apps with better and enhanced user experience.

Additionally, the visual development and designing of the app become quite practical wherein the blocks of previously built code can be organized by casually dragging and dropping. With hyperloop, inculcating complex customized effects like dynamic animation would become an extremely easy task. The actual analytics for all Android app provides clear visibility enhancing the app’s performance.

Recent research suggests that approximately 10% of smartphones globally work over titanium based applications.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI has turned porting the web app into a mobile app into an immensely easy task. The open source framework combining the abilities of Angular.JS and Bootstrap 3 gives the necessary mobile components for instance sidebars, overlays, switches, fixed position navigation bars and scrolling spaces to enable the mobile phone app developers to create a finer mobile experience.

The framework is quite easy to integrate because there are no jQuery dependencies or large Bootstrap.JS just by influencing a set of Angular.JS directives.

The desktop experience can be converted into a mobile experience together with holding the most of the Bootstrap 3.0 syntax.


Accomplishing the complicated task of developing an Android mobile app doesn’t need to be an expensive or time-consuming process especially with the various frameworks now available easily. These frameworks are dynamic and are continuously upgrading with the emerging new ones. These frameworks are completely equipped with every tool that can turn your app into a state of the art product.

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