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Top mobile ecommerce trends to follow in 2019

With the advent of smart devices and smart phones taking over every walk of life, commerce industry has taken a radical shift from eCommerce to mCommerce. Today, e-shopping aka online shopping is an extremely popular segment of eCommerce business with most customer base found to engage via mobile devices thus showing the impact on online commerce industry

Statista forecasts revenue generated via mobile apps will skyrocket and reach new height sand reach a staggering $188.9 billion by 2020. The major reason behind this is buyers comfort level, ease-of-access and the user-friendly experience offered eCommerce apps. People making online purchases via mobile devices has compelled retailers of all kind to shift their focus from eCommerce websites to m Commerce.

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With eCommerce landscape evolving at such a fast pace, meeting buyer demands is of utmost significance. If you are willing to walk the green mile, make your customers experience better and increase sales;here are mobile eCommerce apps trends that you must pay heed to be in a Win-Win situation.

Voice Search

Voice Search can easily make or break your m Commerce business. People in this day and age are using voice commands to search for items online and the demand of voice assistants, at large is greater than ever before.

Voice commands make use of natural language processing to browse through the web for the product you enquired the voice assistant to find for you. In this wake, Starbucks and Amazon were the first to realize the potential of voice search for products and incorporated the same in their mCommerce app.

Today voice search engine is coming with numerous improvements to further improve user experiences and help the users in connecting well with the mobile app

Reverse Image Search

Hundreds of times you must have across a situation where you are browsing through web archives for a specific product whose picture you carry but none of the search results bring up the item you are searching for.

To recuperate exactly this instance bigwig retailers like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay came up with a reverse image search technique (which was first introduced by Google) to ease the pain of flustered customers that wind up abandoning carts when they cannot find the product they are looking for.

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Reverse image search is the latest addition to mCommerce trends and has taken the mobile ecommerce market by storm. Customers today can easily find images that are related to what they are searching for and hence make a decision very easily about their purchases

Virtual & Augmented Reality

If your mCommerce app’s ultimate goal is to engage the prospect buyer and sell-off items on your e-shelves, coupling the power of AR with VR is the right solution for all yoursales and conversion rates worries.

While VR provides immersive virtual world to delve into; AR effortlessly is capable of intensifying Holograms and augmenting objects into real world. Brands like L’Oreal, Burberry and Sephora named these digital features “Virtual Artist” and launched them on their e-Studios present on mCommerce apps.

Such AR and VR studios, are a great catch for e-retailers since the studios are accessible to potential customers from the ease of their homes and enable businesses selling clothing, beauty accessories or even furnitureto let customers virtually augment and try the products before they make the final purchasedecision.

It is now possible for users to explore virtual showrooms in fact. These virtual stores can give experience as close to going to a physical store.

Round Up

With the continuous rising use of mobile apps and more and more people shopping online, mobile commerce inevitably is the future of eCommerce. But with millions of apps listed on AppStore and Play Store, only few make the cut and are successful enough to enjoy space on a customer’s smartphone.


The competition to stand out could be enraging, howeverthere are professional companies that can help you out. Whether you are a small retailer or a bigwig, theseecommerce app development services can help you increase sales and make a leaving impact amongst your customer base.It is now up to you to get the services that are best suited for your business needs

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