is it better to buy Refurbished iPhones

Is It Better to Buy a Used or Refurbished iPhone?

Is it better to buy a used or refurbished iPhone? The answer is simple; Yes.

Apple is the popular smartphone brand that has been introducing highly featured gadgets that are satisfying the requirements of users. The brand has brought many gadgets such as iPhone and iPad with advanced applications and hi-tech features. Some of the latest innovations by the brand is Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X that are available with impressive features.

Along with this, it is a proven fact that iPhones are highly expensive gadgets, therefore, every iPhone fan can’t afford a brand new handset. If you are one of them who want to own an iPhone without hurting your monthly budget or bank balance, used or refurbished iPhones are for you.

Used or Refurbished iPhones are affordable gadgets; they are not new, hence, they look and work like the new ones. This is why buying a used or refurbished iPhone is a smart way to own the desired iPhone model with money saving.

Let’s Have a Look at the Surprising Growth of Used or Refurbished Smartphones

The global refurbished phone market is rapidly growing, approximately 13% in 2017, reaching at least 140 million units. That means the total revenue earned by the wholesale market of refurbished cheap smartphones in 2017 is more than 14 billion US dollars, which is doubled since the last three years.

In this present era of technological advancement, mobile technology is evolving day by day and there are numerous smartphones going to launch with new advanced features every day. Apple iPhones are the most revolutionised gadgets; every new model holds a boutique of latest features to excite people. Generally, one or two new updated versions of iPhone come every year and their fans wish to own them. For those who can’t afford them, used or refurbished iPhones have come in the markets.

Is There Any Difference Between Used and Refurbished iPhone?

Most people think used and refurbished iPhones are same. But they actually have some difference. Let’s take a peek at how used and refurbished iPhones are different from each other.

Used iPhone – The term Used has a more definite meaning; a used iPhone is sold as-it-is. These days, people prefer to upgrade their phones every 11-18 months when new models of iPhone come in the markets. They sell their old phones to get rid them off at the time of upgrading. These old handsets are resold at discounted prices so that e-waste can be reduced to keep the environment healthy and pollution-free.

Some things to keep in mind that used iPhones usually have not been repaired or tested, and do not come with guarantee cards. They are cheaper than the refurbished phones because no value has been added back to them.

Refurbished iPhoneThe terms Reconditioned and Pre-owned are also used for Refurbished. These phones are used ones but they have been reworked, repaired, polished, and repackaged to improve their cosmetic look and functionality. After refurbishment, they have also been inspected by professional technicians so that you can expect the best quality and excellent performance same as the new ones.

Refurbished iPhones also generally come with a warranty. They are cheaper than the brand new iPhones, hence, they are quite expensive as compared to the used iPhones.    

What Does the Mobile Phone Refurbishment Process Involve?

Refurbished phones undergo a comprehensive refurbishment procedure that involves different segments. Refurbished phones have been remodeled, reworked or repaired to fix all glitches. The faulty hardware parts are repaired or replaced with the new ones, as well as all software issues are fixed to make such devices fully functional. Often a cracked or smashed LCD screen has been replaced, phone casing has been changed if it has some scratches or marks, or a new battery is added to replace the old one.

What Benefits You Can Get If You Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

There are some key benefits that you can get if you purchase a refurbished iPhone from a trustworthy dealer or reseller. Have a look at these!

  • Refurbished iPhones are low priced as compared to their new counterparts. So, you can save a lot of money by getting a hold of a refurbished iPhone.
  • The latest models of iPhone are very expensive. If you are dreaming to own the one within in your short budget, you can surely go for a refurbished phone option.
  • Refurbished phones come with a warranty of 80-190 days. Hence, you can get ultimate satisfaction with the purchase.
  • Another benefit you can enjoy with a refurbished iPhone is that it is unlocked. This means you can use your preferred network on your device anywhere across the world.

So, If You Have Decided to Buy a Refurbished iPhone, Here’s What You Look For!

Buying a refurbished iPhone is a really wise decision if you are short on budget and still want to get hands on your favourite iPhone. Here are some tips that you should take into account if you want to get a quality product safely.

  • Calculate your budget and try to find the best deals online.
  • Try to look for a reliable and certified dealer or reseller.
  • Don’t forget to read the detailed description of the product.
  • Must check out all the features and specifications of the product.
  • Ensure the refurbished product is not stolen/blacklisted.
  • Remember to read all terms and conditions of the reseller’s Return
  • Prefer to a dealer or reseller who have good reviews and ratings as well.

What Are the Best Places to Buy Used and Refurbished iPhones?

Below are some of the most popular places where you can find a cheap deal for a used or refurbished iPhone;

eBay It is a very well-known site where individuals and companies sell used or refurbished iPhone via auction bidding. You can search for your wanted iPhone model and find a lot of deals for it. Choose a right reseller and give a bid according to your budget. If they agree on your price, you can proceed further to make a purchase. However, bear in mind there are lots of scammers, so you should keep yourself protected from them.

Craigslist – there are some craigslist websites where you can find used and refurbished iPhones for sale by people from all over the world. People place a free classified ad or post regarding their iPhones that they want to sell and other people looking for them simply make contact to buy the iPhone.

Third-party Certified Dealers – nowadays, a large number of certified dealers have come into presence in the web world. They sell a wide range of used and refurbished mobile phones including iPhones. They generally come with factory refurbished iPhones that are high in quality. Furthermore, they offer very affordable prices for them, as well as supply return policy and warranty too.



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