Artificial Intelligence For 2021

Successful Applications Of Artificial Intelligence For 2021

Update  – 26- May 2021

2021 is a year in which artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to gain ground. Nowadays, a large number of applications use this technology for different purposes and are very well received by users. The report presented by the Gartner for this year, mentions the technological trends that will be more prominent and, of course, the AI is one of them.

Artificial intelligence is already part of the daily life of thousands of companies and people who have the simplification of processes among their priorities.

Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence

Various organizations employ artificial, assisted, automated, augmented or autonomous intelligence to improve their operations and processes.

  • Assisted: Collaborate with people to execute tasks better and faster. It is frequently applied in assembly lines and general management software (finance, billing).
  • Automated: Certain routine and non-routine tasks are executed automatically. The AI application helps us to build our work agenda, managing the invitations and the availability of all parties.
  • Augmented: Raises people’s decision-making capacity, continually learning from this interaction and external results. When Spotify recommends you the songs that you might like, it increases its search capacity. Every day it surprises you with suggestions that, alone, you would not have found.
  • Autonomous: Artificial intelligence systems can make decisions without human intervention. Autonomous vehicles, as well as drones or ships, are beginning to be protagonists in world logistics.

Base Elements of Artificial Intelligence

Here are some of the elements of AI and why they are important:


The AI can decipher information without the intervention of a human. Thanks to this ability, it can learn from these data through some automatic techniques such as anomalies detection, data segmentation, among others. For example, the technique of topological analysis allows it to detect and represent complex phenomena. This results in a significant advantage for companies to obtain solutions and answers to unimaginable problems. You can meet with app development companies when you want to develop an app with AI features.


The previous element flows into this. The discovery of significant hidden relationships between the data allows obtaining essential information that can then be used to predict future situations. In this case, a series of strategies are implemented such as classification, ranking, and regression.


AI applications must be able to generate explanations of their operation and diagnosis of errors produced in it. This will make it compressible and manageable by people. The application must be interactive, and for this, it must be able to justify its mechanism in a simple language. Thus, if it is damaged, it can suggest information about its repair.

Security is an important factor when creating an AI application. It is one of the most critical challenges it has. It is very common that this type of technology is used in areas of great importance such as medical, recruitment, finance and automotive. It is easy to imagine how important it is to make the right decisions. In these activities, an error could generate a large number of severe and unfair situations. Therefore it is necessary to know what caused the wrong decision, to be able to correct and avoid mishaps in the future.


The implementation of the smart application brings with it some changes in companies. These organizations must be aware of which functions will evolve, automatically or with intervention. It is important that this evolution be compatible with the rhythm and the requirements of the users, as well as of all the participants. You can meet with app development companies when you want to develop an app with AI features.

Continuous improvement

The applications and intelligent systems must have the capacity to learn continuously. They must be prepared for their evolution and to improve with the passage of time. In the industry and organization, the constant proliferation of structured and unstructured data has generated great transformations in the field of artificial intelligence. Processing this data has allowed the enrichment of applications, which have been trained for adaptive learning and self-repair.

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It is important to have clarified the previous points since nowadays everything is called artificial intelligence. Once these elements are detected, then we can speak specifically of those smart applications that promise to be or continue to be a boom of success this year.

Chatbots or virtual agents

It is an artificial intelligence software that executes a series of automated tasks, without human supervision. Chatbots are often used to order food, obtain support, buy products or to share information. This is achieved through the simulation of a conversation and is part of most messaging applications.

Its primary objective is to meet the needs of people, exercising functions of customer service or sales. Many companies are implementing chatbots and virtual agents. They do it to strengthen and create better relationships between the brand, the organization, nd the client.

It is a form of interaction never before used at scale and which promises to continue to bring many benefits, both to organizations and individuals. Chatbots have revolutionized the way to advertise and generate increasing income to large companies in the world.


It is an intelligent technology that detects, identifies, measures and analyzes the physical and behavioral characteristics of the individuals. This makes the interaction between applications and people more fluid and natural. It includes the recognition of touch (finger), images, the tone of voice, retinas, and expression or body language. It is undoubtedly another type of application that is revolutionizing social interaction and with machines.

Biometric applications have replaced other access methods, such as passwords, and continue to gain ground. In a study carried out by IBM, 67% of mostly young users prefer biometric technology to access their applications. In effect, high security is given to access to personal information.

This data should not go unnoticed, because the millennial generation that is having the most presence in the business and consumer sectors is setting the pace and generating a significant impact in the sector.

  • Text analytics and NLP

NLP stands for natural language processing. It is used to communicate with machines and their software. It uses text analytics to decipher the structure of statements, their meaning, intonation and even the understanding of what they mean. The above is obtained through machine learning and some statistical methods. It is used in a wide variety of automated systems, including security applications and fraud detection.

Text analytics and NLP promise great growth in the business field. They will continue to add value in the automation of processes and the quality of responses offered to the user.


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