Best Strategies for Mobile App Development

Best Strategies for Mobile App Development

If you want to learn the fastest and most efficient way to make apps for iPhone or Android, well in this article you will understand the best three strategies you can use today to build your app ideas. Here you will be knowing exactly what you need to do to build your app. You want to either build an Android app or an iOS app. 

The biggest problem I see in the marketplace is that when you have an app idea or when you want to build an app usually when you do a search online with stuff that you find. They don’t address the difference between having an idea and wanting to learn to program.

so there’s a huge difference depending on what your goal is whether you want to build your app idea or you just want to learn to program. For the sake of it or you just happy just want to have fun writing code or building apps and stuff like that or it’s just your personal interest.

The strategy that you need to pick to build your app is going to be very very different. I’m going to cover all three strategies from the cheapest to the most expensive, from the one that’s going to take the least amount of time to the one that’s gonna make the most amount of time. And you’re gonna be surprised because what I’m gonna show you here it’s gonna open your eyes to a whole new world.

drag and drop services to make app

 First Strategy: Use Drag-and-Drop Services to make an app

Now let’s first discuss what strategies you need to pick if you have an app idea. So if you’ve come up with an app idea and you want to build it but you don’t know how? Then the first strategy that you could pick is to use a drag-and-drop service. 

These are services that you can sign up for for a monthly fee and you can simply sit and build your app. We just drag-and-drop, you pick different elements you add it to your app and you build your app right now.

There is a problem with this approach and the problem is that they are very limited. Most of the drag-and-drop app builders out there they’re bit limited. 

You can’t build every idea Under the Sun that you can come up with. So they’re limited but you can still build a lot of different kinds of apps with them. And they’re super easy to start with, it’s super fast to build your app, and it’s a good starting point for you. 

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Usually, there’s a monthly fee you can start out for free. There’s a trial period that you can use to build your app and test out the platform and see what if you can do whatever you want it to do. 

After the trial period is over, you usually pay something between 30 to 40 bucks a month. So 30 bucks a month for 12 months the cost of maintaining your app on one of these platforms is gonna be around three hundred and sixty dollars per year right.

So that’s going to be the cost for basically owning an app on one of these drag-and-drop platforms on average for a full year. And drag and drop as you can see it’s the cheapest and of course it takes the least amount of time. 

Outsource the app development

 First Strategy: Outsource the app development

The next strategy that you could pick to build your app which is my favorite is to simply outsource. I know a lot of people they don’t have a good experience with outsourcing and by outsourcing a lot of people think that you need to hire someone you to pay them full-time and stuff like that it’s nothing like that outsourcing is my favorite way about building any type of tech product and super fast super easy and it’s super cheap no, of course, there’s a price to it you need to know what you’re doing and you need to come across as a 

professional to learn everything about outsourcing again there’s a link in the description to a course which I highly recommend go ahead watch that course you will learn everything you need to know to master outsourcing and build a truly million-dollar skill because outsourcing is a skill that allows you to build whatever you can think of without any limitation it’s super cheap and let me actually give you an example how cheap it really is if we pay $5.00 an hour to an outsourcer to build the app for us and let’s say that your app is a 

medium-range project that would take hundred hours of work then that’s gonna cost you five hundred dollars total to build and publish your app and comparing it to the drag-and-drop software you can see that that the difference is not very big in this example for its effort for an ad let’s say content out the difference is just one hundred and forty dollars and by the way the second year of your app if you hire an outsourcer it’s going to be free or you’re just gonna spray a small fee to update the app with the latest Android or iOS version but with the drag-and-drop service for the next year you need to 

pay another three hundred and sixty dollars if not more so consider this that with outsourcing it’s a one-time fee and you just pay it once and maybe you pay a small fee maintenance fee and best part is that without sourcing you only pay when the project is done and it’s something that you like so again check out the link in the YouTube cards or in the description below to basically get there to get the course that teaches you everything it’s my favorite course and I recommend it to everyone because outsourcing is a skill if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re going to lose money if you know what you’re doing 

you’re gonna make a lot of money and you’re gonna build apps that are gonna be amazing know if you want to learn to program and if you just want to write code for your own and if you do really enjoy it if it’s a skill that you really want to have or maybe you want to get a job later on or just enjoy recording then what I recommend you to do is to pick a course and follow it but you need to have an idea to start with and when you go along and when you go to the course I want you to work on your own idea so whatever you learn in the course try to have a test 

project that you work on it you apply whatever you learned in the course one of the biggest problems there is when it comes to going through course especially programming courses is when you go to the course and you watch it it all makes sense but if you don’t have a project to work on at that moment while you’re watching the course and learning it then you’re just gonna forget everything and it’s not gonna translate in a skill that you acquire so pick a simple app idea when you go through the course apply 

whatever you learn in the course to your own idea again one of my favorite courses for learning Android and one of my favorite courses for learning iOS development links in the description and YouTube cards as well I highly recommend going through these courses because they’re super well explained you can learn this skill super fast and they have a lot of examples that you could use these are the courses that I recommend to everyone when it comes to learning programming for Android and iOS and by the way, if you do a good job if 

 Strategy: Learning App Programming

you’re dedicated if you spend a thousand hours to learn this skill and sometimes it takes more sometimes it takes less depending on your dedication and how focused you are and if we say that your time is valued at $10 that’s $10,000 off your time being invested in learning programming so comparing to the other methods especially outsourcing and drag-and-drop you can see that it requires a much bigger investment and it’s the slowest as you can see so it’s the most expensive and it’s the slowest 

method that you can possibly pick to build ap s so that’s why if you have an app idea then I don’t recommend learning programming because first, you don’t have the motivation for it because it’s a skill that you need to be motivated and you need to actually like it and second it’s going to be super slow for you as you can see it takes a long time it takes dedication and it’s a very expensive skill to acquire and it’s a very expensive method in comparison to the other methods that we talked about so consider this these three strategies are the only strategies which you can pick so if you come across something else that doesn’t fit in one of these three categories please do ignore it these are the ones that I’ve seen work

and these are the ones that you can rely on now leave a comment and let me know if you have tried any of these strategies and make sure to check out other comments as they’re full of amazing tips thanks for watching this video if you want to access all the resources explained in this video click the secret link button here and don’t forget to subscribe to get the best tips and guides when it comes to mobile apps


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