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How to attract an entertainment booking agency

If you have an entertainment act and are looking for bookings, you may want to hire an entertainment booking agency. Below is more information about these organizations and how to find a good one.

First, doing your music or entertainment act live is essential to be successful as a performer. So getting a good entertainment booking agent can make all the difference to your entertainment career. A good entertainment booking agent can get you in front of a good crowd at a good venue to help you increase your fan base and make more money.

Here are things you should do to find the best entertainment booking agency.

First, do some research and locate your best entertainment booking agents in your area. One of the consistent mistakes people make is to start calling every booking agency in the area. This is a waste of everyone’s time. It also makes you look like an inexperienced entertainer.

Rather than throwing your act at anyone who has ever booked an event or tour, make up a shortlist of agents you think would be best for your type of entertainment.

Who books groups that are like yours? Who books entertainment shows in the places you want to perform? When you are more particular about who you approach, you will save money and time rather than throwing your entertainment act around to every agent in your zip code.

Second, do live shows often. Nothing will get the interest of more entertainment booking agents than an act that has a good record of doing a lot of events with growing audience numbers. Why? Having a popular act makes the job of the agent easier, and more agents will be attracted to you.

Even if you do not yet have an entertainment booking agent, you still can book small events yourself to start to establish your reputation. The relationships you grow as you book your own events will make your case better with possible entertainment booking agencies.

Third, try to be the opening act as much as you can. Being the opening act in an entertainment show puts you on the radar for a lot of agents and other entertainment groups. Make sure the venues you play know that you want to be the opening act, and you are more likely to get one.

Keep these ideas in mind and you will be sure to attract the best entertainment booking agency.


Jassica Dean

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