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A Quick And Detailed Guide To Chat SDK

Most people today are familiar with the ability to chat and message with friends. It comes built-in automatically with every cell phone that you purchase today. However, savvy investors and business owners realize the power of having a chat application that people could download and use for marketing to these individuals.

Building one is somewhat tricky, especially if you have no prior experience in building a chat application. One of the easiest ways to get started is to obtain a chat SDK package that can provide you with all of the components you will need. SDK stands for a software development kit, and there are many that you can choose from, some of which are very easy to use.

How To Locate One Of These Chat SDK Packages?

Before going into detail about using them, it’s good to know how to find one that you can use while reading along with this information. You can search for chat SDK, and you will locate several different packages that you can download right away.

One of the more popular ones is developed for android phones. You can get a chat SDK that can be embedded directly into the phone itself. It will allow you to utilize the devkit functions, provide you with relevant documentation, samples of code that you can use, and an entire library of tools and guides to help you throughout the entire process.

What Are The Most Popular Ones?

Some of the more popular ones you can get, which are essentially fully customizable, include Twilio, PubNub, CometChat, and others. When you can customize one of these per your specifications, you can tap into the millions of people who could use your chat application.

You can integrate it with instant communication features, have purposeful conversations with many people, and also provide support information right away. You can collaborate with them to overcome any challenges they are facing, and you can also use these to market your products and services that your company currently offers.

How To Use A Chat SDK

First of all, you’re going to download one directly to your phone, either for your iPhone or Android phone. Once you have registered, you can enjoy the benefits of using chat SDK by configuring the modern chat and messaging services they offer using the prebuilt components. Some of these components will include the ability to provide video chat which is becoming much more popular today. It is also essential to have an intuitive agent interface so that you can view customer responses, support tickets, and monitor responses in real-time, all from this one application.

You will begin with creating a sample project and adding the chat SDK that you have added to the project itself. This will start the initialization process. You will want to make what you and others will use to create the chat process. It is recommended that you select a project template, click empty activity, and then name and save the chat application that you are creating. Finally, you will run a test build using a phone emulation service to make sure that the first feature is working.

Features That You Will Want To Have On Your Application

There are several unique features that you can add to a chat application. For instance, you could have an open group where everyone can interact and a private group with private conversations. That is why many people will have a public chat room to interact with everyone who has downloaded the application. You can also add many authentication features. This will include giving them the ability to set their password and use their phone number for authentication purposes. If you would prefer, you can allow them to login using some of the major platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks that you can connect with.

It’s essential to give them the option of sending images that can be either a standard image or animated. They should also have an area where they can enter information about their profile, plus the contacts they share your application with can also be stored safely. Finally, you may want to include QR code capabilities. This is something that many of the modern applications have today. Whether you are developing this for android, iOS, or if this will be a web version of this application, you can configure all of these settings in a very similar way.

Final Thoughts Regarding Creating Your Application

Before you start the process, just make sure that you will use a chat SDK with a lot of positive feedback. You also need to determine what platform this will be used on. If any of your users have iPhones or android phones, you can make that determination based upon the information you have about your customers. On the other hand, this may not be to connect with customers at all. It could be an application that you are either doing for purely social purposes or could also be used to attract people who may want to become your future customers.

Creating a chat application is not that hard if you follow the instructions provided. You can easily configure your conversations, pre-chat questions, and also at the options for video chat. Once it is complete, you will need to upload this and make it available for people to download. This will start the process of gaining additional potential clients. Likewise, your customer should be provided with a link to this application so that you can begin to communicate with them regularly.

Remember to consider other advanced options, including multiple message types, which could include the addition of stickers and just audio messages that can be sent and shared. By doing this, you will create yet another avenue by which you can communicate with your customers and make sure that you can market to as many people as possible.

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