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6 easy ways to convince investors to invest in your startup

“The only way to make someone believe in your idea is by showing your belief and confidence in what you think”

Your investors are not going to waste their hard-earned money behind the ideas that don’t please them, well it’s in your hand how to take the ball in your hand and make them want to be the one covering the journey from a start-up to a big brand.

The elevation of the idea that you create in front of them at the pitch day will make or break the deal, so it’s better to be prepared by learning the art to convince the investors and build trust in your brand to have a longer-lasting professional deal.

So let’s jump into the segment where at the end of the article you will get to know some tactics to win the heart of your investor. Start-up owners its time to dive in.

 Be ready with your market research

Don’t be a vague newbie who doesn’t know what he is here to do and what is he supposed to answer the people in front. Be ready with your market research. Facts, ideas, execution, gain as much knowledge as you can about the area you are going to pitch.

Research well about your investors too, find information about their past investments, how genuine they are in terms of commitments and what way you could adopt to make them understand your point better.

Knowing the audience will make it easy for you to explain what you mean as you know their background well.

Pitch your story

Pitch is the most crucial part of an investor meeting. In order to convince your investors, real-life stories act as the best weapon.

Make your pitch around how you faced a problem that leads you to the solution that you are planning to give to your customers. Play around the customer-centric approach of the idea and how your idea can solve many problems that people in real life face. Believe me, adopting this approach will surely do magic.

 Use some smart sales tactics

After the pitch, it’s time to use your experience and knowledge towards selling this idea to the investors. Highlight what is unique about the product and make them understand where their money will be used in the whole process.

Once you are settled with explaining your sales points and the use of the money starts moving towards the revenue-generating part.

Show your confidence with a realistic revenue model in hand

Investors tend to invest in ideas that can bring back a huge profit amount along with brand awareness. Be ready with the documented full proof plan of execution.

Show them the realistic view of the idea and the revenue model you are going to use for your business to give them the assurance about the money they are investing is worth the investment.

 Be very precise about your words and commitments 

Don’t commit if you do not have the power to fulfill the commitments. Many times the business owners and their teams talk a great deal at the pitch time and the investors get ready for the investments, but as soon as they fail to deliver, BOOM..! 

The investors take a backfoot and break the deal, So while you are presenting your idea, say only what you can deliver. This shows your honesty and the chances of getting the deal done to increase.

The way you present is very important 

Your investors might be meeting hundreds of people in a month, so how can you be different in those terms make the difference for them to think about investing in your business.

Be authentic in your pitching style, the way you present your idea will take away a good or a bad impression for the person sitting in front of you. Use new ways to present, apart from your powerpoint slides.

Be very clear, concise and audible about the words you are speaking, well if they don’t understand your language then there is no way you can crack the deal.

Summing Up

Getting your investors to think about your ideas is a humongous task to be achieved for a business owner. Many of them might be risk-takers, but most of them would not be agreed if they don’t find you convincing.

So pull up your socks for your next pitch, use the above tactics and assure yourself to come back with an investor for your business in hand.



James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant , and manager at getting Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions


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