How much it cost to hire a restaurant mobile app developer to develop food applications.

A well evident fact, today’s global market has witnessed a cut-throat competition. No enterprise can stay for a long without adopting competitive strategies or ideation. From small scale industries to large-scale industries, we find diversification of business activities. With the current state of transfiguration, it is knitting further opportunities.

Today, due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, new forms of business have spawned. It extends to food services, real estate, hotels, car rentals, etc. Though there is a lot more to decipher about its influence over different sectors, the expeditiously growing role of the online food ordering app is weighed enough to talk about.

The change in how consumers order food has spread globally. In the current marketplace, while every individual is engaged in squeezed time limits, it more significant to see how they quench daily needs. The proliferation of mobile has bolstered up the extension of  Food Delivery App Development. They develop food ordering apps that allow users to search through diverse products, compare costs and order it.

It offers a wondrous convenience to the people. Undoubtedly, the expansion of urbanization and upsurge in living standards, affirms its adaptability. A new shift in consumer demand through online order delivery services plays a key role in consumer sovereignty.

How much it cost to hire a restaurant mobile app developer to develop food applications.

Today, digital technology keeps on growing. It has leveraged the food delivery industry with yielding results. As a result, online food ordering firms have sprouted up in bulk. The fundamental advantage of the online ordering apps and the growth of on-demand app development are the convenience, streamlined process, competitive savings, no hassles, etc. But it more about technology that determines the ease of the customer. It will decide how much cost would be debited. Let’s, explore app development that patronizes a detrimental effect.

Food Delivery App Development – User Panel

User Login: The login process must be nifty and less time-consuming. The user should be able to log in through email or with a single OTP confirmation on their registered mobile number. Furthermore, it should also be well integrated with login through social media channels i.e. Facebook.

Homepage: It will show up the list of restaurants located nearby. It must be clearly and easily showing information otherwise would not be efficacious.

Menu: The prime feature needs to be considered by every Food App Development company. Here, the customer can explore dishes, dish images, user reviews, contact numbers, expected delivery times, etc after selecting their restaurant. It withers away the probability of losing consumer retention. 

Search bar: Placed on the upper portion of the users’ home screen enables them to search by food name, restaurants within seconds.

Refine Search – The best way to making online ordering app so smooth and effectual, enabling filtering while exploring beloved dishes or restaurants nearby.

Location: Here, the user will be shown, all the nearest restaurants with necessary details. The users are allowed to manage their preferred locations.

Pickup location – Here, the customer can set their pick up location on the map, due to enabled GPS feature.

Cart: The section manages the orders requests of the customer, before completing their payment process. The app user is allowed to make changes in their food orders. It will show entire information with all tax details on food items with their price, once final changes are made in the order.

Payment gateways: After finalizing the order, here, the user needs to confirm his order by making payment via all integrated payments gateways on the app. Additionally, there must be cash on delivery facilities for a more convenient process.

Review and comment: The on-demand app development company must include user comments and reviews section with details of every restaurant.

Previous order: It shows the previous order made by the user, which makes future orders easy and quick.

Track delivery boy – It enables the real-time tracking of the delivery boy. It will be made through push-notifications and a one-tap calling button.

Restaurant Panel

Dashboard: The restaurant owners are directed to it, after signing up with all credentials. They can easily track all orders made, completed and pending with detailed information.

Managing Restaurant Account: One of the most important features on-demand app development company should maintain, an account of the vendor. Here, the restaurant owner can set the name, logo, hours of operation, minimum order quantity, restaurant pictures, food images, and further items of their men with a respective price and its delivery time.

Accept or Decline Orders: Here, the orders placed by the customers can be accepted or canceled. The reason might be the remote location, time to be taken more than expected delivery time, etc. It must be also having an option to enable a home delivery option for specific locations.

Payment: Here, it offers a facility to transfer their money either to banks or any other platform as per their preference. It also shows daily revenue Showing daily revenue reports along with all relevant history.

Delivery personnel

Delivery personnel login – The delivery personnel will get login credentials for entering the application by the admin.

Order request– Here, the order will be shown with its respective Order number, customer name, and delivery address. The order will be auto-assigned according to their current location. Additionally, he can either accept or cancel the order.

Delivery of order- Once the order is accepted by the delivery personnel, the order will be delivered to the customer’s location. It will be updated i.e. placed, packed, Way to deliver, delivered, etc.

GPS tracking– It enables the tracking of the delivery personnel location.

Communication:- Once delivery personnel accepts an order, the customer can communicate with him through either a call or an SMS option.

Push notifications– Here, the delivery personnel will get a push notification related to every update.

Google MAP Navigation- The delivery personnel is duty-assigned to deliver the customers’ order. Here, he can search the customer address on the google map and can be easily navigated through it. 

Cost of Development

Now, when it comes to the development cost of the delivery app, technology matters a lot. Furthermore, the more it will be advanced, the more the cost will be. Generally, the entire cost relies depend on features integrated with the app. Food App Development company can use Foursquare’s API for listing all the restaurants according to their location or price. Additionally, for GPS tracking, it’s appropriate to use Google Location API for Android devices and the Core Location Framework for iOS devices.

While integrating payment gateways eWallets, Netbanking, Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, etc are a more secure way. More comprehensively the total man-hours for food ordering apps will be nearly 400 hours and its cost would be between $20000 to $30000. It also depends on the choice of platform that either mounts up or mitigates the total development cost.


In the current phase of the global market, every enterprise is dedicatedly involved in the app development process. It revolutionized the traditional pattern of satiating and placing consumer demand. With the high popularity of food delivery applications, global competition has been intensified. In the coming years, there are a lot more opportunities to explore.

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