Interview With Ruchir Kakkad CEO & Co-Founder at WebOccult Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Que. Give Us A Brief Introduction To Your Company?

Ans. After a modest beginning in the year 2015, WebOccult Technologies has never looked back. Today, we are one of the leading enterprise software developers in India. We have served over 300+ clients across different industry verticals globally to date.

WebOccult Technologies offers services in the domains of the web app, mobile app, web design, IoT app, and AR/VR app development. I am happy to have experienced developers who can quickly get adopted to technological advancements.

Que. What Are The Services You Offer To Your Clients?

Ans. WebOccult is a complete IT solutions provider. We give 360-degree technology solutions to global corporate clientele with high-quality and excellent performance. We are not just a mobile app development company. Our array of services includes

  • Web Application Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • AI App Solutions
  • Blockchain App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • AR and VR-based App Solutions

Que. In This Intensely Competitive Era, What Technologies, Services And Project Model Can Give You An Edge Over Your Competitors?

Ans. As technology evolves rapidly, innovation and adaptability are two pillars that help us stand ahead of the curve. Highly competitive software development domain, however, we do not believe in competing with other development companies. Our core focus remains on delivering client-centric solutions while keeping the end-users in mind.

At WebOccult, we follow the agile methodology and supporting approach for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike. As a leading IT solution provider, we like to stay updated with technological advancements. We have recently started providing blockchain app development and IoT app development services while integrating advanced features of AI, AR, and VR technologies

.Que. After Service Is A Necessary Part Of Development. How Do You Provide Customer Support To Your Client?

Ans. Since inception, we believe in maintaining relationships with our esteemed clients, and therefore, we emphasize on providing high-quality after-sales services. We take care of every aspect related to maintenance services. This is one of the major reasons why we have achieved over 90% repeat business.

Que. What Latest Technologies and Tools You’re Planning To Implement For Mobile App Development?

Ans. At WebOccult, we strive to meet the diverse and complex business requirements of our corporate clientele. We have forayed into blockchain and IoT app development along with AI-based app solution development. In the coming years, we would like to integrate the advancements of these futuristic technologies. It is our endeavor to implement the latest techniques in developing enterprise software solutions.

Que. What’s Your Approach To Creating Interactive And Addictive UX/UI Of Mobile Apps And Websites?

Ans. At WebOccult, our developers keep the end-users in mind while developing customized mobile apps and websites for modern enterprises. Our time-tested agile methodology and eye on every detail enable us to create highly interactive UI/UI of mobile apps and websites alike. We also perform usability testing to ensure the performance of our web and app solutions.

Que. What Are Various Technologies You Used To Make This App A Reality?

Ans. Apart from traditional Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development, we have integrated advancements of futuristic technologies like Blockchain, AR, VR, and AI. Here is a list of technology stakes we use to transform our client’s brilliant ideas into reality.

  • For Web Design and Development – Laravel, Node.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, Adobe XD, HubSpot, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
  • For Mobile App Development – Ionic, Android, iOS, React, Flutter
  • For Blockchain App Development –ICO Launch, Smart Contacts, Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • For AI App Development –Damage Detection, Smart Kiosk, Digital Query Assistant
  • For IoT App Development –Smart Kiosk, Smart Supply Chain, Sensor-based technology

Que. How Has Being An Entrepreneur Affected Your Family And Social Life?

 Ans. Being an Entrepreneur consumes a lot of your efforts/time at initial stages. Having strong support from family and friends, I have managed to find the right balance of life and work. Of course, there are more e-gatherings now with my friends but never missed a chance to get involved in the fun talks we do on a regular basis.

Que. What Are Your Hobbies? What Do You Do In Your Non-Work Time?

 Ans. In this generation, you have to be alert and updated with the latest news/trends. In my free time, I like to analyze different verticals and find how can I give my inputs to make any particular thing better and better. Other than that, I like playing Chess on a regular basis.

Que. Who Do You Consider Your Idol Or Biggest Motivator?

Ans. Swami Vivekananda. No matter where you come from or what resources you have, be yourself. You will always find a way to succeed.

Que. Share Best 3 Applications Which Your Company Created Or Used For Business.


  • An internal system that combines HRMS and PMS features reducing the overall burden for management and employees
  • Face based Attendance System along with temperature, mask & emotion detection
  • A Natural conversation ChatBot that learns by its own

Que. Have You Raised Any Funding? Or Have Any Plans For The Funding?

 Ans. We are currently planning to raise funds for various products/solutions that serve different industries . This tech mostly uses Artificial intelligence at it’s core and are the life-changing solutions for our community in a 100% constructive way. 

Que. Give Your Opinions On How Far This App Revolution Can Make A Difference In The Technology World?

 Ans. We live in an app-driven world. The level of app complexity is going to increase amid growing competition and ever-changing user expectations. We can certainly say that the app revolution will last for a long time and advancements of emerging technologies will make a significant impact on the app development process.

Talking about the difference made by the app revolution in the technology world, we witness the paradigm shift from individual apps to the enterprise app solution. We cannot rule out the advent of more advanced apps with innovative features in the near future. IoT, AI, wearable, and AR technologies set to rule the mobile app development domain.

Que. What Are The Challenges You See In The Outsourcing Industry?

Ans. The outsourcing industry is thriving, and the corona outbreak has simply made it more important than ever. However, still many companies find it difficult to select the most suitable outsourcing partner amid the increasing number of stereotype outsourcing solutions providers.

Time-zone difference, integration of technological advancements, etc. are other big challenges in the way of outsourcing. What’s more, it becomes more necessary for companies to arrange in-person meetings to get a clear picture of the outsourcing company. It is also challenging especially when the US-based company wants to outsource its project to an Indian company.

Que. Mention The Ways You Use To Introduce New Updates To Your Team.

Ans. At WebOccult, I am happy to get a team of experienced yet enthusiastic professionals who are always ready to learn new techniques and updates. However, we follow the procedure for introducing any new update. I first share it with my directors, and they will share the same with project managers and developers. However, there is no rigidity in implementing the new update in the development process as we welcome our developers’ innovative suggestions to develop user-friendly and innovative solutions.

 Que. What’s Your Step to Enter into Wearable Tech and IOT Revolution?

Ans. We’ve already forayed into Wearables and IoT app development. Right now, we provide smart connected products in this domain. We are also actively present in the prototyping of the IoT app. We aim to deliver enterprise-grade IoT and wearable solutions to enable entrepreneurs to make the most of their existing IoT network.

Que. Anything, You Would Like To Say To Our Readers, Upcoming Entrepreneurs, Or Startup Companies?

Ans. First of all, I would like to thank App Story for publishing informative and interesting posts. Readers can easily stay informed by reading your blog.

With this, I wish entrepreneurs all success but cannot resist myself from mentioning that there is no secret sauce for success. Ethical ways and dedicated approach can lead you toward success. Startups should never expect the name and fame overnight. It is possible that if you focus on raising funds without making a roadmap or establishing your business, you may end up in a mess.


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