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Interview With Ramakant Gupta CEO of RG Infotech

Give Us A Brief Introduction To Your Company?

RG Infotech was founded in the year 2007 and recommended for its web development, eCommerce development, and mobile development solutions, by the industry leaders. The company has been considered as a full-service one-stop solution provider for custom software development, mobile application development, web development, and eCommerce Development by thousands of clients worldwide.RG Infotech has a pool of more than 50 IT professionals with an aim “to provide the latest, unique and the best web-based solutions at quite affordable rates”.

More details About RG Infotech.

Company:  Rg infotech

What Are The Services You Offer To Your Clients?

App development, on-demand app, UI/UX development, web development, and software development are amongst the primary services that are offered by us. Apart from that, we also offer testing and QA, maintenance and support.

In This Intensely Competitive Era, What Technologies, Services, And Project Model Can Give You An Edge Over Your Competitors?
To compete with the leaders, we are continuously working on emerging technologies like Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React, Node, Rest API, Laravel, Angular, etc. and that helps us to achieve a desirable place in the market. These new-age technologies also help us to connect with the audience. Coming to the project models, yes, we do follow the standard waterfall and agile models when it comes to a fixed-cost project. In this scenario, our team works dedicatedly on the project to provide the required services.

Along with that, we also encourage our clientele for “pay per work model”, which is basically an hourly model. In such kind of model, the client has to pay for the working hours assigned to their project or for the hours invested by the dedicated member to achieve results.

After Service Is A Necessary Part Of Development. How Do You Provide Customer Support To Your Client?

RG Infotech is highly concerned about customer satisfaction and completely devoted to multi-level customer support through Emails, Chats, Phones, SMS, Skype, etc. and the same is associated with After Service support, which is taken care of by our team on priority. Usually, we cover 30 days after service support with every solution, we deliver to our clientele. Even for a few of our products, we offer a minimum of 90 days after service standard support inclusively. Once it’s over, we tried our best to make the relationship and continuously be in touch with the client.

Well, if the support requirement needs a minute or a couple of minutes, we give it without any cost, but if the requirement goes beyond that, it will be chargeable.

What Latest Technologies And Tools You’re Planning To Implement For Mobile App Development?

The eminence of the app industry belongs to future technologies – AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. And our team keeps their eyes on those trends to inherit them in development to provide the trendiest solutions to our clients.

What’s Your Approach To Creating Interactive And Addictive UX/UI Of Mobile Apps And Websites?

RG Infotech believes in both Flat designs and Material Design with most engaging features that surely express the concept of the business and help them to engage more users, which is the major concern of our UI/UX team.

What Are Various Technologies You Used To Make This App A Reality?

We do develop mobile applications using various technologies like Native iOS, Native Android, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, etc.

How Has Being An Entrepreneur Affected Your Family And Social Life?

That’s a common scenario and everyone felt that. I too feel the pressure of entrepreneurship at starting, which is quite challenging for me. But with time, I learned things and got great support from my family, which helps me to manage things and maintain a perfect balance in personal and professional life.

Who Do You Consider Your Idol Or Biggest Motivator?

My Family, my kids, my mother and everyone, who taught me to do the things right are my biggest motivators. Other than those people, I idealize a few of the industry leaders like Steve Jobs, Jack ma, and Bill Gates due to their extraordinary achievements, philosophy, and approach.

Share Best 3 Applications Which Your Company Created Or Used For Business.

We have conveyed several thoughts through our development and developed several applications for domestic & international clients. A few of them are Real11: Real11 is a Game of Skill that offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge. The app is developed in PHP, Android and iOS and highly addictive for the youngsters.

FantasyPower11: FantasyPower11 is a fantasy sports management game for cricket, operating on standard procedures and processes to make end users earn more rewards. The platform is widely used and admired, developed in PHP, Android and iOS.

NewspaperKar: NewspaperKart is the leading online subscription service for local and national newspapers on the web. They are providing a One Stop Solution for Customers, Newspaper Companies and Recycling.

Have You Raised Any Funding? Or Have Any Plans For The Funding?

At present, we are not thinking about any kind of fundraising, but we can think about it in the future, let’s see.

Give Your Opinions On How Far This App Revolution Can Make A Difference In The Technology World?

The technical revolution takes place in every industry and in App Development, yes, it completely changed the scenario. Now, IoT and AI make all tasks easier for the millennial, just call for a task and it will be done in a second. These trends will surely go far and make changes in the world.

What Are The Challenges You See In The Outsourcing Industry?

Things are changing now, but the major challenge that I personally feel is building trust amongst the global clientele, who are outsourcing work to us. We need to take care of it and that’s obvious as they are going to outsource their projects to an individual or a company that is completely unknown to them. It’s hard to build it, but it can be built through continuous efforts and technical expertise.

Mention The Ways You Use To Introduce New Updates To Your Team.

In terms of technology trends, we used to organize meetups and free research atmosphere amongst the team members to make them aware about the latest trends. Along with that, we always try to schedule communication meetings to discuss trends, and share those on emails, chats, messages, videos, to aware them of new updates.

What’s Your Step To Enter Into Wearable Tech And IOT Revolution?

We aren’t new to the app development segment, but we have been working for a decade and also aware of the impact of wearable and IoT. Although we haven’t started development on such technologies, we will step into it soon by developing some experimental demos to understand the basics first. I hope for the best!

Anything, You Would Like To Say To Our Readers, Upcoming Entrepreneurs Or Startup Companies?

Keep your eyes open and grasp the things to make yourself more adaptable. It will help you to complete your inceptions. There’s no short way, to be focused and treat every single client as a valuable resource. Also, build trust amongst your clients as well as your team members.

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