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Webflow vs Wix: Which is better for your website?


Do you know that around 23% of businesses consider a website as an efficient portal to conduct business? On the other hand, more than 43% of small businesses are considering investing in shifting their business online for scaling performance. Webflow and Wix are two of the best website-building platforms that make the shift easy. 

Webflow and Wix, both the tools offer plenty of benefits in their unique way, yet it’s hard for business owners to decide which is better for them. In this blog, we will evaluate their benefits and compare their features, prices, and functionality to land a strong verdict.

Webflow and Wix: A Tale of Two most popular website builder platform

Website builders are an easy go for businesses who are exploring the early stages of online expansion. They are convenient, have plenty of resources, and can provide you with great suggestions too. 

One of the most common traits between them is that they are user-friendly, you can design your website with less to no coding. However one should take note that every business has different needs and demands, this affects the level of user-friendly functionalities of the builder. 


Webflow is a design and development platform that can help you make a website using drag-and-drop features. The simplicity of the platform is its “no need for extensive” coding ability. Once you have a vivid idea in your mind you can seamlessly build your own website using its CMS and visual editor features. 

The web builder is heavily used by multiple business experts belonging to different industries. Webflow was highly popular when it was first launched. People were in need of a professional looking website, but they did not want to get trapped in the midst of extensive coding. Webflow can help you to achieve professional websites and much more with accurate simplicity.


Wix is a cloud website builder platform. The builder allows you to make your own professional website with simple drag and drop functionality. There are plenty of resources available too. Resources like templates, features, design ideas, assistance, everything you need. Just like Webflow if you lack the extensive knowledge of coding for fabricating a website, you can rely on Wix. Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or a personal individual blogger, Wix has the ability to build a website that can seamlessly cater your demands.

Both Webflow and Wix are highly used by every other website development company. They have pretty similar abilities on surface level, but most of the time people are eager to leverage their maximum potential. Benefits, advantages, cost effectiveness, and advanced principles, that is where webflow and wix draws a line of differences. So let’s dive deep and learn the strengths and weaknesses of your contenders, so you can make your decision without thinking twice. 

Design Freedom

During the period of web development, design freedom matters a lot. Design freedom refers to letting the creative ideas flow according to your plan without technical limitations. 

Webflow Knows no Boundaries

  • Web flow offers an intuitive drag and drop interface for seamless integration of elements.
  • You can drag elements on a custom layout. A user can directly manipulate the HTML and CSS code to personalize the design. 
  • It has plenty of animation options for keeping up with the trend of micro animations.
  • Webflow is highly responsive and since due to the interconnectivity of devices responsive design is the new need of any user. 
  • The web builder knows what your users require; animations, responsive design, interactions, trendy templates, hence it takes the throne when it comes to design freedom.

Wix Knowns its Limitation

  • Wix is comparatively quite limited in resources and capabilities.
  • The builder too has a drag-and-drop visual editor but offers less design flexibility. Still, the templates are professionally pre-designed and it has a wide range of options available.
  • Any expert working at a website development company will state that “You cannot try to be unique with Wix, it does not offer much for advanced users”. There are design constraints with Wix, which is why we consider webflow comparatively better. 

So with learning about the design freedom let’s look at the score.

Design FreedomWebflow – IWix – I

Ease of Use

Ease of use is an umbrella term that canvases everything related to features that benefit users. A platform should be easy to manage and provide good accessibility to the user too. Platforms with high complexity are ignored by average users and pro developers too. 


  • Webflow as a website builder for a tech novice is slightly troublesome.
  • The builder does require coding knowledge upto some extent, if you really want to unlock its full potential pool of benefits.
  • You also need to spend more time learning about the builder and its functionalities.


  • Wix takes the lead here, it’s the master  of simplicity and can provide users with a minimalist intuitive interface.
  • The tutorials and comprehensive courses are not as complex and you don’t need to be a skilled website developer. 
  • It has readily available templates that are designed by professional UI/UX designers and web designers. 
  • Wix strictly follows the “WYSIWYG” (What You See is What You Get) rule and users can preview their website in real time.
  • This widely used website builder has been simplifying the process to create a highly-functioning website for business to any scale. 

Again let’s look at our scoreboard.

Design FreedomWebflow – 1Wix – 0
Ease of UseWebflow- 1Wix – 1


When we talk about functionality we are referring to how well the website builder can help your business to scale. You need to play for the long term and cannot think just for the face of your business, you need the website to perform business related operations. 

Business related operations like integration of APIs, tools, blogs, forms, e-commerce capabilities, and marketing as well as SEO features. However, here we observe that it’s a draw between both. Wix and Webflow possess distinctive functionalities that help them to stand out in the market.


  1. Custom Code integration: You can add advanced code integrations for top-notch functionalities.
  1. E-commerce capabilities: The builder allows you to use e-commerce capabilities with advanced options and customizable functionalities. Can adapt to any business scale and industry domain.
  1. CMS Features: A more robust and advanced content management system that could allow you to add functional depth into your business. 
  1. Extensions: Integrates with popular third-party services tools and native applications. Highly flexible.
  1. Hosting : Provides external hosting for users too and on the other hand hosting is included. For experienced web developers it gives control and flexibility, performance, and ownership.


  1. Custom Code integration : Does not allow any sorts of advance code integration.
  1. E-commerce capabilities : The builder allows you to use e-commerce capabilities narrowly. Good for new businesses and best for personal use.
  1. CMS Features: A basic content management system for your personal use or small businesses.
  1. Extensions: Has a Wix App marketplace for third party applications integrations. Good for centralized performance centric processes.
  1. Hosting : Hosting a part of the platform making it convenient, scalable and cost-effective.

Let’s have a last look at the score shall we; 

Design FreedomWebflow – 1Wix – 0
Ease of UseWebflow- 1Wix – 1

It’s a draw-between functionality so that ties up the score, so this is the time we unveil our tiebreaker. 

Pricing Structure

Free Plan✅ Basic website creation, 500MB storage, limited bandwidth✅ Limited features, Webflow branding, 500MB storage
Connect Domain$4.50/monthN/A
Combo$8.50/month$12/month – Basic
Unlimited$16/month$16/month – CMS
Business Basic$23/month$36/month – Business
Business Unlimited$27/monthN/A
EnterpriseCustom pricingCustom pricing
Storage500MB – 25GB500MB – 20GB
Custom Domain✅ (Connect Domain plan and above)✅ (Basic plan and above)
CMSLimitedUnlimited (CMS plan and above)
Form SubmissionsLimited100 (CMS plan and above)
SEO FeaturesBasicAdvanced (Business plan and above)
E-commerce✅ (Combo plan and above)N/A
Ease of UseDrag-and-drop interfaceCode-based approach
Design FlexibilityGoodExcellent

The table provided tells alot about the pricing structure of both website builder platforms. One should note that the best pricing structure depends on your needs. 

Our Final Verdict

In the quest to find the best website building platform we have reached a verdict that both are best. Considering there are so many factors involved that one cannot overlook, we cannot pick a winner so we call a tie. But but but !!!! you can be the judge, honestly there is so much information and data lying around maybe we can leave the decision upto you. 

Depending on your business’s requirements you can choose the perfect fit for you and grow successfully. Business requirements and demands do change with market trends and may impact your decision, so how about hiring a best website development company. They can make the decision for you, on top of that they can provide you with a cost-effective, scalable, and robust website for your business.

Is Webflow as good as WordPress?

You should use Webflow if you want to set up a basic website for your business and have custom designs that reflect your business’s brand vision. Meanwhile, you should use WordPress if you have a high volume of e-commerce products that you need to get operational quickly.

Is Webflow easier than Wix?

Wix is for folks with limited design skills, and though both offer drag-and-drop options and templates, Webflow allows for a lot more design customization, animations, and responsive design. Webflow is based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript principles, making it more powerful and flexible than Wix.

Is Webflow better than Wix

Wix is a popular choice for people who want to create a website without any prior coding experience. It has a shallower learning curve than Webflow, which makes it easier to get started. However, Webflow offers more features and customization options, allowing you to better express your creative ideas.

Is Webflow better than Wix for SEO?

Both builders have built-in SEO tools which can help you optimize your website. However, Webflow offers lighter code and CMS integration that will make your website more likely to pass core web vitals.

Is Webflow really free?

Compared to Wix, it’s a bit harder. Learning Webflow you will need to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. To give a similar example it’s the same difficulty as learning WordPress, which is the most used website building platform for now.

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